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A Wardstone is a magical object made of alloy capable of empowering wards, thus preventing any magic within them except that of dragons and their riders.

Wardstones naturally possess limited protective boundaries, but with additional magic and alloys, these boundaries can be extended.

There are currently two known Wardstones: one located at the Basgiath War College to protect the Vale and another in Aretia.

To activate the wards, the Wardstone must first be imbued with magic. Only specific signets have the ability to imbue these stones. Once the stone hums, the collective power of all seven dragon breeds is required to fully activate it.

The Wardstone in Aretia was powered by only six dragon breeds, which means it is not fully functional and will eventually begin to deteriorate.”

I hope this helps while maintaining your British English writing style. If you have any further requests or need more assistance, please feel free to ask.

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