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Cornelia Sahalie

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NameCornelia Sahalie
RankRider, Lieutenant
QuadrantRiders Quadrant
Appears inIron Flame

Physical Appearance

She has short brown hair, sharp, birdlike features, and a thumbprint-size scar on her jawline.

About Cornelia

She is characterized by her short brown hair, sharp, birdlike features, and a distinctive thumbprint-size scar on her jawline.

Violet talks to Cornelia while Xaden fights to earn a pass and to be taken off the patrol roster at Samara.

“Good job, Riorson,” Lieutenant Sahalie says to Xaden. “I’ll tell the
major to take you off the patrol roster for forty-eight hours.”
“Twenty-four,” he corrects her, his eyes on me. “I only need twenty-
four hours. Jarrett can have the other twenty-four.”


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