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Fourth Wing Theory: Less dragons, but more powerful signets

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Written by: Cory

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I’ve got a fresh theory about signets brewing. Have you noticed how in the book, each signet appears to be stronger than the last?

Take Xaden, for instance. He’s got the most potent signet of them all – ultra-rare and ultra-powerful. I’m convinced that Sgayel is utterly bored with venin and wyvern and is the mastermind behind the revolution. I mean, even her previous rider hailed from Tyrrendor, and those folks seem to have a better handle on things than anyone else.

Rhiannon Matthias is a summoner, a signet of a kind not seen in a century. Brennan Sorrengail, of course, is a mender, ultra-rare.

Our protagonist, Violet Sorrengail, is a veritable killing machine who can scorch people from afar. With Tairn backing her, she’s the perfect weapon to obliterate anything that flies (bye bye, wyvern, she rules the sky).

Then there’s Imogen, who can erase recent memories. And I’ve already shared my strong suspicion that Xaden is Inntinnsic (without the power of touch, unlike Dain Aetos).

Naturally, Andarna has the stunning gift of stopping time, a power that’s been repeatedly stated to be unique in the world. She lost her gift, as we know, but now she has something else (still figuring out what…) which she’ll be able to channel.

Andarna also mentioned that nature likes balance. The delightful (and slightly creepy) Professor Carr explained what this means for someone like Violet (she’s fragile, yet her signet is the most powerful).

Together (thanks again, Professor Carr), Violet Sorrengail and Xaden Riorson make the most lethal weapon. He can shroud everything in darkness, yet, because of her connection with Xaden, I think she’ll be the only one able to see in his darkness. This allows her to char the enemy like overcooked fried chicken without them even knowing what’s coming. (I’m predicting this will be more of a grand finale type of battle in the 5th book)

In conclusion, I might be rambling, but it seems fewer dragons want to bond because they’re fed up with the corrupt leadership and the escalating battles against an increasingly powerful enemy. In other words, more and more dragons are growing fearful yet confident that the kingdom will keep the precious Vale safe.

However, the dragons who do bond are stronger and fiercer. And since nature likes all things in balance, the signets are becoming more powerful to be able to defend the grand evil that’s coming…

Thanks for coming to my FWT talk.

Chapter 22, Page 282

“I haven’t read about a signet power like that in a century.”

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13 responses to “Fourth Wing Theory: Less dragons, but more powerful signets”

  1. I wonder if there are any rebellion dragons now bonded to new riders. Neither Sgayel or Tairn were on that side of the rebellion. It would be… interesting. They would surely know what really happened.

    1. Oh, that is interesting – I would have thought that they would be put to death by other dragons for ‘betraying the Vale’ as that is what they were protecting. As General Melgren’s dragon is the largest and therefore, I would assume, the leader of the dragons he would have been the one to kill them, however, after finding out that the curse of being marked is actually a gift I am starting to wonder if Melgren’s dragon is actually helping them and therefore if Melgren is too.

      1. I think Melgren is a baddie thru and thru. But I also think that according to Tairn, the most sacred bond (after that of mated dragons) is between human and dragon right? So technically Codagh can’t say anything to the rest of the dragons. That would be a breach. But that doesn’t mean Codagh can’t find some loop holes and act against his rider. That’s what I’m thinking.

  2. It could be that were led to believe Melgren is a baddie… but maybe he’s not. Maybe the person who appears the nicest has an evil alter ego. Maybe Professor Markham (who btw had the easiest access to knock off Violets dad). Maybe Colonel Aetos, who is so polished and friendly?

  3. Okay… not to 🐷the discussion, BUT 😉

    If Colonel Aetos is a baddie, he may have influenced Dain to get Violet back to the scribes, which is the real reason he was so unrelentless about moving her there. Dain may be aware… or not.

    Why get her to the scribes? They want the research from Violet’s father and know Vi will likely work on that over there… and once the research is complete, she’d be murdered just like her dad. And this is likely why Lilith forced her to the riders as her best chance of survival and to block the bad guys.

    1. I 10000% think Colonel Aetos is a baddie. Given he was asking about that research. I think he knows also that Vi’s father was onto them…

  4. Just finished reading Fourth Wing and I’m so happy to have wandered into your (well thought out!) page.

    This may be blasphemy, and totally wrong, but I keep coming back to the idea that Rhiannon is going to one of the bad guys (sorry, Rhi!). I haven’t worked out details as to why, but the whole scene where she just HAS to go to her sister/new baby felt very sketchy to me. And immediately after, that exact station was attacked?! I was so certain we were going to find out she had passed private information along to her family.

    I like the idea of Rhiannon being the ultimate BFF, but I just can’t get over how random that entire scene at her home felt. -especially when violet mentions that Mira and her give her “a private moment” at the end of the visit. Thoughts?!?

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Ok, so I thought about it too. Yarros does seem to like to mess up with us. Liam? Ugh, I still have PTSD from it. But I don’t think she would do that to us, right? RIGHT? Would she? I see what you’re thinking and why you’re thinking that but I honestly hope Rhi will turn out to be good. She seems like a nice person and I feel there was a very strong connection from the start. Mind you, it could go your way too. Ultimately, that’s what theories are for right?

      1. I like your thoughts that there will be more to Rhi’s story. I agree she knows too much about the old stories and I think that will definitely come into play. I interpreted the scene to be more of a nice warm backdrop for Mira and Violet to share family background information and give us a peak into family dynamics though.

        I do agree that there may have been more to that visit but from Xaden’s appearance. What caught my attention was later on on page 344 “…Xaden waits, his own pack slung over his shoulder. It looks considerably smaller than the one he arrived with, and I don’t want to even think about what he’s left behind in order to force me out faster”. And then a “dozen gryphons envelop the keep” on 346. Did he bring something to the keep for them to pick up?

  5. But are there really that much fewer dragons willing to bond? I mean, take Brennan’s dragon for example. In the statistics, he or she should appear as unbonded with their rider being dead, but as they didn’t show up to bond again, they are one of those dragons where nobody knows why they don’t bond again. Well, we know! Their rider is alive, so naturally they don’t bond another rider.
    Which got me thinking – maybe the revolution includes more riders that are supposedly dead/ missing and declared dead. So their dragons all are still bonded, so that’s why they don’t bond again.
    Come to think about it, all the dragons probably know about this second revolution going on and also about wyvern and venin. Xaden must have spent a lot of time in Aretia, so Sgaeyl was there a lot as well, which makes me wonder if Tairn disappeared the last five years to Aretia to be with Sgaeyl. And if Tairn knew… unless there’s a second revolution among the dragons, they all know. Most of them probably just don’t care the regime is lying to their citizens, as long as the barrier is still up and the Vale protected.
    Also, and now it becomes really hypothetical, Naolin supposedly died trying to save Brennan. But if Brennan never really died, maybe Naolins “Saving him and dying in the process” was also part of the show to fake his death and become part of the rebellion. I mean, now he’s obviously dead, with Tairn bonding again, but who says it’s already been those 5 years since his death? Maybe it was less than that, and first Sgaeyl was in Aretia all the time because Tairn was there and bonded to someone she knew didn’t mind spending a lot of time in Aretia.
    I don’t know. But it’s just too convenient that Tairn wasn’t seen at all the last five years since the revolution, it got me thinking.
    Anyway, that’s my thoughts on it… Thanks for this wonderful page!

    1. No, but I love these Brennan/Naolin theories. We sadly don’t know enough to be able to really understand what happened there but I really really want to know. I’m sure we will…eventually.
      Welcome to the community <3

  6. Found your page and did a re-read!!

    I’m not sure if this is floated anywhere else on your page but I have a theory all the marked can carry multiple signets. And I also have a theory that it is the dragon behind the marks that is the revolutionary. The start of Chapter thirty two talks about the rebellion relic being transferred by the dragon who carried out the Kings justice. And I don’t think we ever learn what dragon that is? And obviously Xaden has at least two powerful signets. And during the outpost fight, it’s mentioned that Liam can wield spears of ice, when we know his signet (including the only one he shared with Melgren and the King) is farsight. Not to mention Xaden talking about his rebellion relic being a gift rather than a curse. If that is true, then Violet will need a similar mark before she is able to channel both Tairn and Andarna (as fully grown)?

    1. You are spot on with this. We have a thread about this on this site on one of the theory pages discussing exactly this and we’re 100% with you! I also think they have more than one signet and I also think that Melgren’s dragon Codagh is fighting on the venin site but threading a fine line between being loyal to his rider and being loyal to the dragons.

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