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Fourth Wing Theory: There is a reason why Liam Mairi doesn’t fight Dain on the mat

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Chapter 22, Page 264 – Violet’s inner thoughts about Liam

“He’s already taken everyone but Dain down the mat, and part of me thinks that’s only because Daub refuses to be bested by a younger rider.”

Comments: I disagree, I believe Liam is intentionally avoiding Dain until he learns how to shield himself. As a first-year student who has just bonded with his dragon, who is now channelling, Liam wouldn’t have had the opportunity to learn how to block Dain Aetos before. Now, he’s avoiding Dain at all costs until he figures out what to do. Interestingly, a little later in the book, he actually confronts him on the mat.

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8 responses to “Fourth Wing Theory: There is a reason why Liam Mairi doesn’t fight Dain on the mat”

  1. 100% this.
    It’s clear at this stage Vi doesn’t really know what Dain is actually doing with his signet, so it is clear she is not going there.
    I do believe that Liam is totally avoiding Dain, and well done to them for thinking about it.

    Also, in general, even if I liked Dain and we were friends, the amount of times he touches her, even post the kiss that did not go so well, I think I would ask him to stop. I don’t like people putting their hands on me, it’s something that was a lot more natural to me when I was 14-15, being handsy with my close friends, but after not so much. They are all basically adults there, Vi is amongst the youngest at 20, so I don’t know. Super sus, even without knowing that he had ulterior motives.
    “He always touches me like that” should have been a red flag waaaay before she said it.

    1. Some friends are more touchy than others. I didnt see that as much of an issue.

      But I am thinking now that maybe Dain read Liam and never Violet. Or maybe nothing like that at all and just leadership wants to get rid of Xaden or some big plot twist for why Xaden was sendt to Athbene (i dont know spelling, have only listened to audiobook… probably 20 times now xD)

      1. hehe, welcome to the club, I’m also reading and re-reading this book like crazy!

  2. Chapter 24: “at least Liam has been given the time to go train himself a couple of mats over against Dain – a first.”

    Am I crazy?? Is this not them “fighting.”

    1. No, no, you are right. But it’s chapter 24. She’s been mentioning that Liam NEVER taken on Dain, until the paragraph you mentioned yourself. I honestly think this is because they were training Liam how to resist Dain’s ability. I find it interesting that Yarros specifically makes a point that Liam never taken on Dain and then LATER on, “Liam has been given the time to go train himself a couple of mats over against Dain – a first.”; like they make it into a thing to point out that it’s finally a first.

  3. Agree with both of y’all! 👍🏻

  4. Dain helps Vi escape the party *ah-hem.. and Liam* for Liam to leave Vi at the parapet.

    Then in the morning Vi asks a disheveled Liam, “good night?” And he blushes. The next line someone is asking, “has anyone seen Dain?”…
    Even back when Xaden assigns Liam to fourth wing, he says to Dain, “he’s all yours Aetos”.

    I’m convinced they started a relationship and when Liam is whispering something to Xaden that Vi can’t hear, I believe he’s telling Xaden that Athebyne is his fault because he let Dain in..

    Everyone else seems convinced otherwise or think Liam was with someone else (Jesinia) but this book pushes towards every single sentence and placement has meaning and wouldn’t be there if it didn’t.

    1. Wait so you think Liam and Dain were in a relationship?

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