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Hi, hello, and OMG. Rebecca Yarros just confirmed the release of a new special edition for Fourth Wing. Err, are you excited? Because I’m super excited.

As someone who has missed on the special edition black splayed edges, I am so so grateful that I can get one now, that will match my Iron Flame.

And yes, let’s talk about the Xaden special chapters. Dear Rebecca, we love Xaden, thank you for fuelling our Xaden addition. Because of course we want to know his POV.

I’m thinking his POV will be for the steamy scenes on Fourth Wing. I mean it’s usually how it goes, right? I’m thinking we will get to finally know maybe how the first kiss went? Or how the actual deed was from his perspective when let’s face it, he was trying to be so damn “honourable”.

I’m also thinking something else…again, grab your tin foil folks. Do you remember the scene when Xaden was on the bed and Violet removed his boots? Who am I kidding, of course you remember the scene. And if I didn’t know you better, I’d say you’re literally rushing to pick up the book to read the scene all again. (Oh, women, don’t I love us).

Alright, so the scene. She’s going towards the armoire right? But he says “you can leave them there”. To which she replies that she wouldn’t snoop not like she hasn’t seen it all. So I’m wondering if we will get to know what he was thinking in that moment? Like, would we know a little about his internal struggle? That he’s not telling Violet about the weapons and how he’s helping flyers fight against venin?

Or will we get POV for the first time he sees her? Or when she’s hiding in that tree? Will we know how he’s reading her mind? Because you know my theory already, I think Xaden is inntinnsic. Oh wow. It’s clear that I just basically want a Fourth Wing written from Xaden’s POV.

What are your guesses? What would you like to see? C’mon, we’ve got one month to gossip about and throw ideas here.

Either way, back to the Fourth Wing can order it from Amazon US. Unfortunately, us UK people need to wait a bit as I’m not finding it on Amazon UK. Some parts of the world can get it for a delivery fee on November 8th. For example, for an extra $13 you can even get it to Japan. Can we please please get it in the UK asap too?

I cannot wait to hear your thoughts on this one.

UPDATE: If you are reading this from the UK, please check the comments. One of our lovely Fourth Wing members here posted some updates for us with links from Waterstones that work.

If you are reading this from other parts of the world, know that Amazon US still has copies but you might need to pay a delivery fee for the special edition. Ok, Great! <3

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9 responses to “New Fourth Wing Special Edition”

  1. Hi Cory – Ok – I have a bit more information on the UK version. The only official UK version is to be sold by Waterstones. It is printed by Little, Brown Book Group (the official UK publisher for the series) and not by Red Towers and unfortunately, even though it does have the two bonus chapters it will not have the black sprayed edges. On the Waterstones website, for some reason when you search for either Fourth Wing or Rebecca Yarros, the special edition does not show, however if you look under Books>Fantasy Romance it does. Also there is a direct link on Waterstones twitter/X feed. At the moment it is still available for pre-order.

    For Amazon UK – they did have the Red Tower version on sale for pre-order last week (as Untitled Red Towers 2023 Release), however this sold out very quickly once it was thought to be a Fourth Wing related book.

    Onto the two bonus chapters – this was on Waterstones twitter/X post.
    I wonder what moments they are? 🤔 – “Find out exactly what Xaden was thinking during TWO fan favourite moments.”

    I can probably think of one moment 🥵

  2. Sorry – posted before I read your full post. I am wondering what they would be – when he sees her cross the parapet or maybe when he is watching her and Dain (when Dain tells her to run). Or maybe after she kills Jack!!! Or maybe when he is sparing with Garrak or when he and Vi first kiss and Tairn and Sgaeyl are mating!!! – why do I keep coming back to these parts 🤣

    Yep definitely – I need to read the book again – trying to imagine the best bits – they are too many. But a full book from Xaden’s POV would be good 😀

    1. A whole Xaden POV would be amazing. I’m thinking the first kiss…and the first “encounter” 😛 Hey, a girl wants what a girl wants… haha

      1. I’m thinking these two:
        1) First kiss for sure!
        2) Internal struggle scene. Like maybe in one of the battle briefs? Or during Threshing when it was 3 against 1?

        Planned on waiting to re-read Fourth Wing until it was closer to Iron Flame’s release date… but don’t know if I can last!! I’ve listened to the audio book once and read the book twice already 😆

        1. That’s what I’m doing. I think I will start on November 5th and then pick Iron Flame immediately on the 7th.

  3. The scene with the armoire never sat well with me! He was definitely hiding something, but I was too caught up in their chemistry to care lol!

    I also saw Rebecca will have the Xaden POV scenes on her website “no later than the new year” for those who don’t order the special addition/already have their favorite copy 🙂

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  5. Hi all.
    Thank you for this site, Cory! I love it!!!!

    I asked this question on another post, just to immediately find this specific one.

    I’m in the UK and just finished reading Fourth Wing. And found out that there’s a version with 2 additional chapters? My book has 39 chapters with the last one being from Xaden’s POV.
    Does anyone knows if the the book with bonus chapters has been released already in the UK?
    I cant believe I’m missing out on this. Please help!

    Thank you 🙂

    1. I replied to the previous one as well. Didn’t see this comment until now. So this is the link for the UK special edition -> Altho it appears to be sold out? I ordered mind a while back but it’s not due for delivery until the end of November anyway. I had to borrow the book from a friend in the states just to gain access to the special chapters. They are good but they are not essential before reading Iron Flame. They give us a little more insight into Xaden but honestly they don’t bring the story forward per se. Just cute. Rebecca Yarros said she will release the chapters to the public, for free, sometimes this winter.

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