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A Luminary is a powerful and rare artefact with the unique ability to intensify dragonfire to extreme temperatures. This heightened heat is crucial for smelting special alloys to forge the only known weapons capable of defeating Venin. Within the series, two Luminaries are acknowledged: one resides at the Basgiath War College, and the other is in the possession of Viscount Tecarus in Poromiel.

The Assembly, understanding the critical need for such weapons in their fight against Venin, sets their sights on acquiring the Luminary. However, securing it proves to be a complex task. Viscount Tecarus, the owner of the Poromiel Luminary, stipulates a challenging condition for its release: he demands to witness Violet Sorrengail demonstrate her ability to wield lightning.

Despite Xaden’s disagreement with this proposition, Violet decides to take on the challenge and approaches Tecarus, only to find that the terms are even more daunting than anticipated. Tecarus requires her to battle a live Venin using her powers as proof of her capability.

Ultimately, Violet’s efforts are successful, leading to the acquisition of the Luminary. This shifts the balance of power, as the two existing Luminaries are now located at the Basgiath War College and, following the relocation from Poromiel, in Aretia.

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