Syrena Cordella

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NameSyrena Cordella
Political statusSecond in line for the throne in the Kingdom of Poromiel
FamilyCatriona Cordella (younger sister)
Viscount Tecarus (uncle)
Drake Cordella (cousin)

Syrena Cordella is a very accomplished gryphon flier from Kingdom of Poromiel. She worked closely with Xaden Riorson who smuggled weapons through her to aid the Poromish citizens against venin.

Syrena warn Xaden Riorson of the uncoming venin before the Battle of Resson.

Syrena is the second in line for the throne of Poromiel after her uncle Tecarus. She has a sister, Catriona Cordella who was previously engaged with Xaden Riorson.

Physical Appearance

She looks like a veteran flier with a dark brow. Syrena has a straight nose, full mouth, lithe build, and glossy black hair that contrasts her fair skin.

After the Battle of Resson, she has a new scar down the side of her neck that disappears into her uniform.

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