Battle of Resson

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The Battle of Resson stands out as a pivotal moment, when Violet sees that venin and wyvern are real. Violet with Xaden, together with other marked ones, engage in a battle against four venin and their wyvern to protect innocent civilians in Resson.

The Strategic Importance of Athebyne

Athebyne, a military outpost situated on the border of Navarre and Poromiel, is described akin to the Montserrat fortress – a simple square design with four towers and walls just robust enough for dragon deployment. This outpost serves as a crucial base for Xaden Riorson and his team of marked ones, who play a pivotal role in fortifying Poromiel’s defences by distributing specialized weapons known as flyers.

The Battle of Resson

Xaden Riorson was sent to Athebyne for War Games. As a wingleader he was told to assemble his own team. Naturally, he picked the most trusted, including his love interest Violet, Garrick Tavis, Bodhi, Imogen, Liam Mairi and a few other marked ones. Upon arriving to Athebyne, he reads a missive left for him from Colonel Aetos who tells him that his mission is to survive is he can. His choice is to abandon the outpost and join the actual War Games or die trying to protect the enemy.

Adjacent to Athebyne lies a small, bustling city called Resson, home to approximately 300 civilians. Resson belongs to Poromiel, thus considered “enemy territory”.

The Battle of Resson, fought just beyond the borders of Athebyne, is a fierce confrontation involving venin and their flying wyvern. The battle is characterised by its intensity and the high stakes involved.

One of the most heart-wrenching moments of the battle is the death of Liam Mairi.

Additionally, the near-fatal wounding of Violet Sorrengail, stabbed with a poison-coated dagger, adds drama and suspense. Her urgent need for medical attention leads to her transportation to Aretia, where her brother Brennan employs his healing abilities in a tense race against time.

Official statement

According to Markham, Resson was levelled by Poromish unrest, and not venin, even thought this is not accurate or true.

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