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Professor Markham

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Colonel Lewis Markham, dressed in cream Empyrean Series by Rebecca Yarros
NameLewis Markham
OccupationHead of Scribes, Professor, and Historian
AffiliationsBasgiath War College
QuadrantScribes Quadrant
RoleCurator at Scribes Quadrant, Mentor and Authority on History and Current Events

Interesting Quotes: “How does someone like Jesinia graduate to become whatever Markham has evolved into?

“That’s Markham,” I say quietly. “You think only riders can be vicious?Words are just as capable of eviscerating someone as a blade, and he’s a master.”


Colonel Lewis Markham, a prominent figure at Basgiath Academy, is esteemed as the Head of Scribes and a professor of history. Known for his shrewd and discerning nature, Markham is characterized by a strict and expectant mentorship style, aiming to shape his students into legacies of his teachings. His interactions, especially with his pupil Violet, reflect his high expectations and deep disappointment in unmet potential. Respected and sometimes feared for his authoritative stance, Markham’s personality is complex, marked by an unwavering commitment to his role and a disapproving attitude towards insubordination.

Notable Events and Contributions

Markham’s influence is most notably seen in his mentorship of Violet, whom he envisioned as his star pupil and potential successor in the Scribe Quadrant. He wrote an important book called “Navarre, An Unedited History” that talks about big events like the Great War and dragon-rider bonds. He also plays a big part in the academy’s military plans, giving advice on secret information and controlling what news gets out, shaping how people see current events and history.

Controversies and Speculations

Amidst his accomplishments, Markham’s tenure is not without controversy. He is often shrouded in secrecy, thought by Violet to have manipulated information and kept venin a secret. There are also speculations and suspicions about his involvement in darker aspects of Navarre’s operations, including allegations of his possible involvement with venin.

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