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Professor Devera

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Written by: Cory

Professor Devera Empyrean Series by Rebecca Yarros
RankCaptain, Professor
SubjectBattle Brief


Known for her serious demeanour and no-nonsense approach, she is an authoritative and respected figure among the cadets. Her role primarily revolves around educating and preparing the riders for the challenges they face, both from within and outside their borders.

Physical Appearance

Short hair and has a bright purple Flame Section path on her shoulder and several medals pinned to her chest. Professor Devera’s black brow is a few shades darker than her deep brown skin tone.

In Iron Flame, Devera’s hair is a little shorter. She has a fresh jagged wound along the rich mahogany skin of her biceps.


She is known for her stern and serious nature. Devera is not one to indulge in jokes or light-hearted conversation, especially in professional settings like the lecture hall.

Character Development

While Devera started out as responsible for delivering Battle Briefs to the cadets at Basgiath War College, she jumped at the opportunity to join the resistance, fly to Aretia with others in order to fight venin and protect innocents.

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6 responses to “Professor Devera”

  1. Cory, which signet do you think she has?

    I remember that in the first Battle Brief of FW Chapter 5, Violet whispers a question to Rhi, but;
    “Good job,” I whisper.
    “It is a little high for a planned attack,” Devera says. “Why don’t you tell me why that’s bothersome, Cadet Sorrengail? And maybe you’d like to ask your own questions from here on out.”

    There are like 680 riders in that room.

    IF Chapter 56:
    “There’s no one else in miles, and there are no sound-seekers in Aretia capable of hearing across miles of distance like Captain Greely in General Melgren’s personal unit.”

    (Sound-seekers that she knows.)

    1. Could be Devera, actually. She could be a sound-seeker. I often wonder what’s her signet because I do think it will be incredibly useful for the upcoming books.

      1. As I was researching Devera, I came across this interesting thing that Markham said “My apologies, Professor Devera. I must not be at my best today. Too little sleep in the last few days.” Odd.

        1. Maybe experimenting or doing venin stuff

  2. Cory, crazy thought.
    Could it be possible… that Devera is Xaden’s mom?

    FW Chapter 5
    “And that right there is why Riorson is a wingleader. You need more than strength and courage to be a good rider. ”

    Iron Flame Things:
    —She told discreetly that Xaden was wounded.
    “…a faded scar marring the warm skin on her upper arm.”
    “We won’t stop you,” Devera says to Xaden, then shifts to where her own dragon perches beside the parapet. “In fact, some of us have been waiting to join you.”
    “Really?” Bohdi grins.
    “Welcome to your first official Battle Brief as traitors.”

    And in Fourth Wing, all of Xaden’s speech:
    “No one cares who your mommy or daddy is here. Even King Tauri’s second son died during his Treshing. […] Because you’re not untouchable or special to them. To them, you’re just the pray.”

    And Xaden has warm tawny skin and dark brows; there aren’t a lot of characters mentioned with dark brows. Devera is one.

    Maybe Xaden knows. Maybe it’s another of his secrets.
    It’s a crazy thought.

    1. I mean anything is possible at this point, but I don’t think Xaden would have kept that a secret. I mean, dude keeps all the secrets, but it was made sound like he hasn’t seen her in forever.
      “She left when I was young. Their marriage contract said an heir had to survive to the age of ten, and then she was free to go, which is what she did. I haven’t seen or heard from her since.” His voice sounds like he dragged it across broken glass.”

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