Iron Flame Verdict: Andarna’s colour Theory Proven or Disproven

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Iron Flame verdict - Andarnas Colour Theory Proven or Disproven

Spoiler Alert: This contains insights from Iron Flame that may reveal key plot points.

In the world of Empyrean, the colours of dragons are not just for show, they mean something deep about their backgrounds, lineage, their skills, and sometimes secrets yet to be uncovered. The golden dragon Andarna is at the heart of a big guessing game. Everyone was waiting to see if, in Iron Flame, Andarna’s colour might change, and what that would mean for her future.

The Question of Dragon Colours

Most agree that a dragon’s colour tells us about what they can do and where they come from. Andarna’s rare golden glow has got people talking. In my original theory, I thought it might just be a temporary thing before she changes to a more common colour like brown or orange. This idea seems likely because of certain hints in the story, like when Violet thinks Andarna looks like a young brown dragon or when Sawyer wonders if she’ll turn orange as she grows.

Clues from the Main Story

Violet, who is the daughter of General Lilith Sorrengail with her brown dragon, might have been a clue about Andarna’s future. It was a fair guess that somehow, Andarna might have turned brown, just like her mother’s dragon.

Readers had loads of ideas. Some believed Andarna’s golden colour points to an old and very special dragon family, maybe even the original dragon creators. Others suggest her unique powers and her parents’ tragic end make her different, a dragon of great importance and wonder.

The series’ book covers added to the mystery. Fourth Wing shows a lot of black and gold, like Andarna, while Iron Flame mixes black with a gold-copper tone, which could hint at a change coming. The cover pictures are important because they often give us clues about the story’s path.

Could Andarna Be Dragon Royalty?

There’s also a fascinating idea that Andarna might be dragon royalty. Her pure gold colour and unknown family history might mean she comes from a line of dragon kings and queens. Her name which means Second Honour, might be a hint at her high rank and her future as a leader among dragons.

The Verdict

In the thrilling revelation of Iron Flame, we discover the truth about the enigmatic Andarna. Early on, we’re led to believe she’s a black dragon, similar to Tairn and Codagh, with her scales hinting at a familiar lineage. Throughout the book, Andarna’s scales catch the eye with their unique sheen and the way they seem to play with the light, reflecting the environment in unusual ways (basically Andarna is iridescent). Violet speculates that this could be due to Andarna being an adolescent, her true colours still emerging.

However, the twist comes in Chapter 64, flipping the script entirely. Andarna is revealed not to be a black dragon but belongs to a seventh dragon breed, standing as the matriarch of her own den. She’s an ancient being, having waited 650 years to hatch, which speaks volumes of her uniqueness and the pivotal role she’s destined to play.

What’s truly fascinating is that Andarna’s actual colour is iridescent.

Iridescent colours are colours that change with viewing or illumination geometry.

Her scales seem to have a chameleon-like quality, adapting and camouflaging seamlessly with her surroundings. This ability marks her as an extraordinary creature within the dragon world.

The final verdict shatters previous theories, including my own. While I, and indeed many others, assumed Andarna to be just another colour we know of, the story takes a surprising turn, showing that she is much more.

What do you think?

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20 responses to “Iron Flame Verdict: Andarna’s colour Theory Proven or Disproven”

  1. I dont know if I just wanted her to be unique or I did agree with the theories of her being something… special.

    Anyway. What I find weird is that… They … did think there were 7 breeds all the time because they knew about Feathertails. So… weird about them talking now that like, oh, there are 7 breeds, not 6 😀 but, yeah well.. 😀

    There are many other more upsetting things in the Iron Flame, than the one about the number of breeds….

    I am though much more excited about the signet Violet is gonna get… because.. I hope, based on what she needs now, it is gonna fix it 🙁 Because, despite me never before being worried about Violet and Xaden, I am now… I really am now.. 🙁 soul crushing… nothing before was an actual problem for their love..

    1. Oh for sure she will need a new signet that helps with their current predicament. I think so too. I see what you are saying. Because technically yeah, they were saying not much is known about feathertails etc etc and they were considering that Andarna is a feathertail and not a baby dragon as they, of course, didn’t know that. The editing work needed just a little extra.

      1. Well you have to remember according to everyone out there, they only knew of 6 colors at the beginning and I believe that’s what they thought they needed for the ward. At least 6 rideable dragons, because feather tails are unrideable and therefore would never have a dragon rider, until violet came along. Once Violet found out that feathetails are pretty much kids, she thought her colour would change to one of the 6 they knew of once she matured and therefore thought it was the six colors of the already known colors.
        Plus the only one who would know that there are 7 different color dragons that are rideable is most likely the king, and that’s if he knows how to read the language of the books.

        I also hope that Violets second signet helps in the third book, but her dreams felt so real that I could only think that might also come into play in the third book as it did with Xaden in the second book.

        1. I think that her “dreams” were actually Xaden’s being projected into her mind, like when he was able to share his desire with her during the scene with the throne. They’re the exact same dream, exact same wording as the glimpse of the dream we get shared at the end of the book in Xadens chapter

          1. Yeah, this is what Kat is now saying and it’s getting crazy crazy crazy! (and so awesome I cannot breathe!)

    2. But the 6 breeds are the different colors, not the types of tails. It sounds like they had not actually seen a feathertail because they were kept hidden, so they easily could have assumed feathertails came in the same 6 colors, just with that type of tail. If I’m remembering correctly, they were surprised when Andarna showed up at presentation and was gold.

  2. So hoping she gets a new signets that helps. Also the dreams may be related not the same. I think the Vernon wants Xaden to somehow force Violet to do sth she would not do otherwise. A way of blackmailing her for her to use her power in a way. Remember 4th wing and the battle when the Vernon would talk about violets raw power and how she did not know what she got. The whole you could bring the sky down thing. Maybe they want her to use to it do destroy the wards for good.
    I am very looking forward to much info on what really happened when Xaden turned. His dragon part on it and her part from now on. I am sure Violet would go to pomomiel to look for books on vermin and try to find a way around this mess.
    The short fragments before each chapter there was one when nolon told Violeta mum that there was no cure only control. And what the bell with jack? Who would have try to mend him? But could not Brennan try that with Xaden as it was not power he was seeking but I am assuming getting enough power to survive and kil the Vernon general? Gods. So many questions. I feel like there are holes throughout and cannot wait to have the next book. I hate when I get a great serios while is being written. I get all anxious for the next one and damn does it not remind me when I was a teen and I was waiting on each Harry Potter book. Book hangover indeed.

    1. I just wanted to say the same. When I was a teen waiting for the next Harry Potter. It reminds me of that, for sure. I am gathering all the questions to formulate theories here ASAP. At first read I didn’t really get the dreams. I thought they might not be the same, but kinda? So I want to dig into that to see what’s going on. I do wonder if Brennan will try to mend Xaden’s soul. Clearly leadership was onto something. What I don’t get is…did they know Jack is venin? Then why let him roam free around the school? That sounds insane. And if Nolan knew he’s venin, why the hell did he turn against Violet. That’s mad.

      1. I believe Nolon knew Jack was a venin and he was an experiment. Nolon has been mending Jack and developing that signet numbing serum to keep him in control or well limit his abilities. I think that was why Jack was allowed to roam but with Varrish’s death, I am not sure he was still receiving the serum.

        Considering the opening quote in Chapter 66, it could just be about Jack but I also think Violet’s father was a venin too. Lilith knew and protected him until she had to choose between her children and him.

        1. That’s a wild one. I do wonder if indeed he was venin somehow and he has some research about it. It would be crazy. The author confirmed that there are staged to turning venin so his issues started 2 years prior to his death right? Who’s to say he wasn’t turning and decided to just give up for the safety of the family.

        2. I actually thought the same thing about violets father. I actually thought the Sage was either violets father or xadens. It’s not really far fetched considering that Jack-f’**g Barlow is back.

          1. Jack-f’**g Barlow bleah! We were all so damn happy he’s gone, honestly! But looking back, I do realise it was all too easy and clean cut.

    2. I guess I am confused on what dreams you are talking about? Was the whole war a dream? I don’t understand when xayden a chapter he was saying he was looking at her in bed… what is happening here?

      1. I think she is talking about the dreams about the sage.

  3. Love this site Cory! I just finished the book today and I’m so shocked!

    I get why Violet had the though to reach to the ground whilst she was enbuing because that was what xaden was doing, and I wonder if her 2nd signet will be a type of inntinnsic too now we know there are types? I wonder if she will almost be like a seer? I feel like the sage will use Xaden as an ultimatum for Violet as he said she’ll willingly bring down the wards 😬 also scared Xaden will give in to the call of power, I think everyone is going to have to work together!

    I’m not 100% on the dad being vernon theory but I do think he did a lot of research into them and that they’ll find the mum actually kept it all hidden as she said she’d do anything to save her kids so I don’t think she’d be foolish to burn it 🤷🏼‍♀️

    I love the theory that Andarna comes from royalty, she’s so special! So excited to see more of her in the next book now she can breathe fire and has been open with Violet and I think Tairn at the very end.

    I’m also feeling sad and disappointed for Sgaeyl, I feel like even though it’s Xaden, there’s no 100% trust now as he’s going to be fighting a massive internal battle to not drain anything again which I don’t think he’ll win yet 😅

    Ahhh sorry to dump all this info but I have so many thoughts and what ifs!?

    1. Shocked is the right word for it! UGH, we now need to wait? NO, thank you. We need answers now!

      1. I also think that Violet is a type of inntinnsic. I’m working on writing that theory now that I’m on my second read. So I’m with you on this one.
      2. Maybe Xaden will have to be killed one way or another. “You will be the death of me”. Working on that theory too!
      3. I think maybe Violet’s dad is some sort of venin. But I think the scribe we know of, is not Violet’s real dad. Maybe even the General “weakling daughter of their general”. -> (more about it here)
      4. Anything about Andarna being special and I’m here for it. I love it that she’s a 7th breed and so so special. I also love it that she’s so powerful despite her physical issues. She is awesome and she is so strong!
      5. It’s interesting, isn’t it? It’s almost like Violet has the mind and power of Tairn, and the heart and weaker body of Andarna. In a weird way, the dragons picked her but they were almost destined to be. As for your comment, Sgayel did a bubu here! I cannot believe she kept it a secret from Tairn of all dragons!

      Please please dump all the info and the thoughts. This is how we’re finding the next clues! And I think there are so many in this book!

      1. Giving Violet the same signet as Xaden is pretty useless I think.
        Also, the author confirmed the signet has manifested. If seeing Xaden’s dreams is because of Xaden’s signet (like he made her see herself on that throne), then there is no clue for her being a seer.
        But: Did you notice how people around her managed to do things they did not do before? Rhi gets the dagger from her and through a wall to keep her safe. Mira who cannot MAKE wards, only extend them, pulls up a ward in the theatre. So what is her biggest weakness according to Varrish? She wants to keep people safe.
        A signet is a manifestation of what the rider needs.
        Can she borrow or enhance signets?

        1. I think so. I reckon it has something to do with amplification, potentially!

  4. I’m completely heartbroken by the ending of this book and sick with worry. I hope we don’t have to wait too long for the third book. I love reading everyone’s theories and I have one of my own I’d like to share.

    I believe that Andarna is the only dragon of her breed and she is reborn, similar to a phoenix, when she is needed.

    Warricks journal says to raise the wards you need “The breath of life of the six and the one combined”
    The one being Andarna because she is the only one of her kind, which again is why they can only use one wardstone.

    1. I am heartbroken too, I completely understand. Rebecca Yarros did say it will be a bit slower for the third book but yeah, hopefully not too long. We need so much information.
      I haven’t considered the reborn idea. What makes you say this? Because of the 6 and the one? Andarna is definitely something really really special, given that no other dragons know about her breed except her elders, right? It makes me feel she is some sort of royalty or even more. After all, many like her would have been born throughout the centuries. And yet, it’s only her.
      Being similar to a phoenix would also reiterate that her fire is special. After all, she is the only that can kill venin with fire.

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