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Fourth Wing Theory: The initial storm on the parapet was Lilith Sorrengail’s doing

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Having read the book three times in a row, I now firmly believe that the storm, which conveniently occurred just on time for Violet to cross the parapet, was her mother’s doing. We know that Lilith is a storm wielder. We also know that the storm started just before Violet’s turn to cross the parapet.

On chapter 3, page 29 – Violet’s remark about the storm

“The rain eases into a drizzle, as if it had only come to make the hardest test of my life even harder…but I did it.”

UPDATE – As Iron Flame is now out, I have the verdict for this theory! Please be mindful as, of course, there will be Iron Flame spoilers.

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12 responses to “Fourth Wing Theory: The initial storm on the parapet was Lilith Sorrengail’s doing”

  1. Interesting. If you believe Lilith is evil, then yeah. If not though, makes no sense.

    1. So I struggle with this a bit. On one level, I think maybe the wind was there to…help? Somehow? But I also feel it must have been…her. But I don’t think she’s evil. I really don’t know. But something tells me that was her doing.

      1. I dont think Lilith is evil, but she is determined to test Violet the most out of all her children, and she also states that Violet is the strongest of her children due to violets daily struggles.
        Maybe she created the storm to test Violet, but also to help her by making things more difficult for other cadets?

  2. I agree. Lilith is a storm wielder. If Lilith is good, that storm was deliberate, although no idea how. Maybe Melgren and Lilith are both secretly good and Melgren foresaw something…???

  3. I think Lileth worried Violet would discover the truth about all the things if she stayed as a scribe, and figure out who the bad guys actually are. I think she may also know Brennan is alive and doesn’t wish to have another of her children betray her. She wants Vi dead. I think the storm was her mom.

    1. THIS! Violet is insanely smart and she’ll start questioning why a kingdom with 600 years of history only had 400 of those years covered.

  4. I strongly believe that it was her mother’s doing. My lingering questions is WHY she’s doing it. Whether she wanted to spare her daughter the inevitable war coming by unaliving her or she was truly evil and knew her daughter was too much like her father and would eventually betray Navarre. I want to believe the former but I also want to think something else.

  5. Note, this commented was edited to avoid major spoilers.

    Theory is XX by iron wing – violet said her mother […] 🙂

    1. I’m writing an article for each to avoid spoilers for those who haven’t read Iron Flame but still come to the site for Fourth Wing theories to discuss.

  6. I am curious what you think about this now after reading Iron Flame

    1. I need to update all my theories! Violet said it flat out in Iron Flame. This was answered too.

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