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Iron Flame Verdict: Was the parapet storm Lilith Sorrengail’s doing?

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Written by: Cory

Was the storm on the parapet Lilith Sorrengail's doing? I have the answer

Spoiler Warning! Heads up, Iron Flame fans – I’m about to dive deep into some major plot points. If you haven’t read the book yet, you might want to bookmark this for later!

Alright, let’s get into it! Ever since reading Fourth Wing (like, five times), I’ve been obsessed with this wild theory: Did Lilith Sorrengail, the storm-wielding queen herself, conjure up that gnarly storm at the parapet for her daughter Violet? It’s the kind of twist that makes you sit up and go, “Wait, what?!”

So, Here’s the Theory:

Violet’s about to face the most dangerous moment of her life, crossing that super sketchy parapet, and bam! – this massive storm rolls in. Coincidence? I mean, come on. We know Lilith can whip up a storm faster than you can say ‘magic’. And Violet’s comment in Chapter 3, Page 29 – “The rain eases into a drizzle, as if it had only come to make the hardest test of my life even harder…but I did it.” – pretty much feels like a nudge-nudge, wink-wink moment, right?

But Wait, There’s a Twist!

Just when we’re all convinced Lilith’s behind it, Iron Flame throws us a curveball. Violet drops this bombshell that her mum, despite being super powerful, isn’t the type to use her storm powers to off her own kid. She’s like, “Clearly you don’t know my mother. She wouldn’t call the storm to kill me like a coward but she sure as hell wouldn’t stop it to save me either.” That’s some heavy family drama, and it totally flips the script on our theory!

The Verdict: Theory Disproven!

So, what’s the deal with the storm? It turns out it’s not some sneaky maternal sabotage but more like a symbol of Violet’s own battle – against the elements, her fears, and yeah, her complicated family stuff. It’s like the storm was there to show us just how tough and independent Violet is, not just a plot device by her mum. (which means, I may actually be right with my theory on…Lilith Sorrengail is not evil)

In conclusion, Lilith didn’t whip up that storm at the parapet. It was all Mother Nature doing her thing.

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