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Iron Flame Verdict: Did Scribes alter the history?

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Written by: Cory

Fourth Wing theory verdict thanks to Iron Flame - Did Scribes alter the history

Spoiler Alert! Hey Empyrean Series aficionados! If you’re not up to speed with the Iron Flame book yet, you might want to hit pause on this read – I’m about to spill some major tea!

The Theory Unpacked:

So, we’ve all been mulling over this juicy bit from Iron Flame: Did the scribes, those seemingly low-key yet uber-important characters, actually mess with history?

Initial Clues:

First up, in Chapter 4, Page 57, we get this gem: “Without accurate depictions of our front lines, reliable information with which to make strategic decisions, and – most importantly – veracious details to document our history for the good of future generations, we’re doomed. Not only as a kingdom but as a society.” This line sets the stage, making us question just how ‘accurate’ and ‘veracious’ these depictions really are.

Then, in Chapter 18, Page 220, Mr. Sorrengail chimes in with, “It’s the scribes who have all the real power in this world.” That’s like waving a big red flag saying, ‘Hey, look here for the real puppet masters!’

And let’s not forget Emery in Chapter 25, Page 316, who basically calls them out: “Scribes freak me out. Quiet little know-it-alls, acting like they can make or break someone by writing something down.”

The Verdict:

Buckle up, because it turns out this theory isn’t just a theory – it’s the real deal! In Iron Flame, it becomes crystal clear that the scribes aren’t just recording history; they’re spinning it to suit their needs. They’re hoarding key information, keeping some books under lock and key, and what’s worse, they’re editing and redacting stuff as they transcribe them!

We see this play out with Professor Markham, who’s like the poster man for ‘shady academic.’ This guy is all about keeping the truth under wraps, and it’s obvious he’s part of a bigger scheme to keep everyone in the dark.

Then there’s this bombshell: Violet and Jessinia discover that books are indeed missing from the Archives. They even explain how they can tell The Fables of the Barren are indeed missing…And the ones that are there? They’ve been tampered with – transcribed just 200 years ago with some serious edits. It’s like a massive cover-up operation!

So, What’s the Big Picture?

The verdict? Yes, Scribes did alter the history. It’s not just about battles and magic; it’s about who controls the narrative. The scribes, with their sneaky ways, have been pulling the strings all along, shaping history to fit their agenda. UGH!

In short, the scribes didn’t just alter history; they crafted it to their liking to keep everyone in the dark. And even Lilith Sorrengail tells Violet that Professor Markham wanted her to be the one who continues with this sham.

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