Fourth Wing Theory: Violet didn’t get the Book of Brennan from Mira

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Here’s a theory I’ve been mulling over after my third read-through of the book. It might seem a bit out there, but bear with me. Violet only receives the Book of Brennan after she’s seriously injured. Yes, Yarros explicitly mentions that the note was in Mira’s handwriting, even highlighting the difference in writing styles when Violet begins to read the journal.

But there’s more to it. Why didn’t Mira hand over the book to Violet when they crossed the parapet? She gave her the protective vest, so why not the book at that moment? One reason could be to avoid burdening Violet. Another could be to prevent the loss of Brennan’s book if Violet were to die on the parapet. But that doesn’t quite add up, as Violet could die at any point, yet Mira still gave her the book.

I find it hard to believe that any scribe would have access to the Riders Quadrant dorms. They’d have no reason to be there, and someone would surely have noticed. It’s a peculiar risk to take. Given Mira’s trust in Dain Aetos, it would make more sense for her to ask him to deliver the book, rather than a random scribe.

The timing of the book’s delivery is also odd, arriving after Violet is severely injured on assessment day. It almost feels like someone else was evaluating her and her abilities from a distance and wanted to lend a hand.

Moreover, Mira, as Violet describes her, is as stern as her mother. Since the belongings of the deceased must be incinerated, this book shouldn’t exist and I find no reason for Mira to keep the book. Especially considering Brennan died five years ago and Violet was training to be a scribe at that time. Once Mira became a rider, there would be no need for this book.

However, as we discover later, Brennan is alive, providing a cliffhanger at the end of the book. I suspect some of his possessions were preserved and returned to him. Could Lilith Sorrengail be involved? I think it’s likely. Is it possible that Mira, after her first year as a rider, returned the book to Brennan? That’s also a possibility. Either way, I believe it was Brennan who wanted to give this book to Violet.

This theory might seem a bit far-fetched, but I can’t shake the feeling that someone (cough, Xaden Riorson, cough) slipped this journal to Violet to aid her. I’m not entirely convinced, but it’s a hunch I have.

Chapter 4, page 74 – When Violet pulls out a small book in Mira’s handwriting

Violet, I stayed long enough to read the rolls this morning, and you aren’t on them, thank gods. […] He’s want you to live. Love, Mira

UPDATE: Was I right about it? Please note that spoilers will follow and you should read Iron Flame first! Iron Flame Verdict: Violet and the Book of Brennan Theory from Fourth Wing

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12 responses to “Fourth Wing Theory: Violet didn’t get the Book of Brennan from Mira”

  1. I don’t think Mira asked Dain, because A) as a rule-follower, Dain may not have done it, or B) he would have at least scanned it and we saw no sign from him.

    More likely Lilith did it via an intermediary, because I think she’ll eventually be revealed as trying to defend the world from the Big Bad and she had to appear to be uncaring. But secretly helped her daughter the only way she could.

    1. So I think it’s either Lilith indeed or actually Xaden. And I think it might not have been Mira who gave her the book? But Brennan via Xaden somehow? I really want this explained properly. I can’t imagine any scribe being bribed, especially now that we know they are the baddies in the story.

  2. Interesting theory on Xaden… except if he knew of the book, I don’t think he would’ve told Vi in the last scene that HE is guilty for what happened with Liam et al, because if he had, Violet had the intel to help them fight (which is the book plus her supposed brilliance…). Wordsmithed there but that’s what I thought he meant.

  3.*'t.know.that Avatar*’t.know.that

    What if nolan was it? I mean he did heal her one time or is this not the situation? I dont remeber but is it possible that lilith maybe gave it to him to give it violet?

    1. hahaha sorry but your name here is just the best hahaha
      To reply to you…hmm…it’s possible right? Anything is possible with the book. Basically there was never a confirmation on who gave the book to her.

  4. ObsessiveDragonLover Avatar

    So, the beginning of Fourth Wing has an intro quote:

    “The following text has been faithfully transcribed from Navarian into the Modern Language by Jesinia Neilwart, curator of the Scribe Quadrant of Basgiath War College. All events are true and names have been preserved to honor the courage of those fallen. May their souls be commended to Malek.”

    There are several points I take from this quote:

    1. Navarian isn’t the common language anymore. The other country we know had its own language because Violet gave Dain a book on it before he joined the Riders Quadrant and he had the book in his room when she went into it after Parapet. So, the Modern Language I would assume is a mixture of the two (or they would have just kept it in Navarian or translated it to the other main language). Therefore, I would assume that the revolution is successful and the two countries are unified.

    2. Just as Father Sorrengail stated, we have to consider the source of information. It is written by Violet (since it’s first person) then translated by Jesinia (a friend of Violet, who passed her Scribe entrance exam bc of Violet studying with her). If Jesinia has survived a revolution, remained a curator and since she vouches to the veracity of the text and that it’s transcription is meant to honor those fallen, then I don’t think that we should assume all the scribes are evil.

    So, I think it’s totally possible that Jesinia passed Violet the Book of Brennan for Mira, either herself or through another intermediary.

    1. I love the optimistic look at the beginning quote. It’s usually seen in a very dark light so it’s nice to see some lovely spin to it.

  5. I’ve seen a lot of talk about how belongings must be burned when someone dies and how Brennan’s journal was foreshadowing him being alive. Or above where Mira wouldn’t have kept it so they don’t think it was really her who gave it to Violet. I just want to point out that technically the journal isn’t Brennan’s, it was just written by him but then he gave it to Mira, making it hers, thus no reason to burn it.

    1. I can see that. My only question is why not give her the book right away to cross the parapet with? Because only the items that she crosses with are legally hers. Mira doesn’t seem the type to break the rules. She seems to be the type that likes finding loopholes.

      1. I.sit.on.shadow.daddy's.chair! Avatar

        I still think Xaden gave it to her since he was tasked to keep her alive, as well as seem her enemy.
        I personally feel like if the book was in Mira’s possession during her time and the quadrant, then she would’ve given it back to her brother (The renown healer) before she went to the front line. Because she wouldn’t want the weight of a book in her pack. And I feel like it was far enough into Violet’s time in the quadrant for Xaden to report back to Brennon. not to mention, Xadan had books in his room, and can we shadows to sneak books into her room.

        1. I love this theory! I cannot imagine Mira bribing a scribe. But then again, she did acknowledge it. I’m not sure now.

        2. P.S. your nickname haha

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