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Fourth Wing Theory: Every rebellion relic carrier knows the truth

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In Xaden’s initial meeting with the first years, a student inquires about handling Battle Brief. Xaden’s advice is to simply keep their knowledge to themselves and parrot what the professors say. This, I believe, is our first subtle hint at the existence of venin and the fact that all rebellion relic carriers know fully well what is going on. Of course, the significance of this passage only becomes apparent in retrospect, after finishing the book. It’s then that we understand the Tyrrish revolt was actually a response to the Kingdom of Navarre’s silence and their tacit acceptance of the suffering inflicted on those beyond their borders by venin and wyverns.

Chapter 7: Page 82/83 – Conversion between Xaden and the first year student

Battle Brief […] It’s not that I can’t keep up but the information…”
“That’s a touch one”, Imogen responds, turning to look at Xaden.

“You learn what they teach you […] Keep what you know but recite whatever they tell you to.”

Chapter 8: Page 94 – Dragons also know the truth and are afraid of venin

“Attacks on the eastern borders are increasing, according to every Battle Brief, and yet there are fewer dragons willing to bond in order to defend Navarre.”

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8 responses to “Fourth Wing Theory: Every rebellion relic carrier knows the truth”

  1. I think that Melgrin is in charge of the Venin and using them as a weapon against the other country to defeat them. Melgrin ‘s evil nature is so apparent to Violet, which is why I suspect him most. The fact that the wards keep them out, and their existence has been erased from history is very suspect. Even more so, the Venin that Violet fights and kills said they were summoned to that location. They had to be summoned by Melgrin or another leader, who purposely sent the group there.

    1. I fully agree with this, possibly extending this to Dain’s father, even if I would hope not.
      My ideal would be for the father to end up being disappointed in the son, when eventually he finds out that Dain was so fixated on the rules because all he wanted was to do well with Leadership and have a career. I kind of feel like Dain is a full believer, he already drunk the cool aid, while his father could still be someone that really did not know, and was kept in the dark to be easily manipulated.
      But of course, they could both be true believers in the superiority of their kingdom on the others, and that their internal safety is more important the mutual support and finally overcoming the Venin. I guess, being that all fables and folklore always have a lesson to be learned in them, the fact it was originally 3 brothers might exactly mean they can only restore peace and the magic of the Barren lands by “brotherly” teaming up with the other territory, which is what the rebels are doing already.
      Why leadership doesn’t want to, is still beside me. Like, yes, Melgren is very likely helping/using the Venin to get rid of the others, but to what end? To eliminate all opposition and conquer the other territories? But then, they will still have to defeat the Venin, in the end, without any other help, which is clearly not as easy as they think… there is something more we obviously don’t have enough clues to understand, yet.
      The king is also into this, he is aware and scheming with them, of course.

    2. I agree with the original post, but also Stacie’s assertion that Melgren is leading the venin, and is the Big Bad. Violets first impression of him was that he seemed like he would rip off his mask, etc., and Yarros is good with these foreshadowings. That said, it’s pretty darned obvious so I speculated (on a different thread) that it would be interesting if the big bad is actually Colonel Aetos. I guess we’ll know in 4 weeks 🎉or maybe they’ll just lead up to it (either way) in the final Book 2 denouement à la Brennan 🤪

      1. 4 freaking weeks…can you believe it????

  2. Question! I don’t get the wards / borders part. How far out do the wards go? Like which villages aren’t protected by it and therefore Navarre

    1. It doesn’t specify exactly where does it stop. But it is my understanding that it stops at the Navarrian borders. Athebyne is a military outpost strategically positioned on the border between Navarre and Poromiel. And it seems to be just out of bounds.

  3. Dont judge me but I dont think Melgren is on team Venin.

    BUT, the Dains fathers smile slipped when he instructed Xaden to Athbene. I do not think he is evil either. Why they were sent there is a question. I do not believe Dain read Violets memories, nor much that Melgren send venin to there. More like maybe Dain read Liam while sparring. It is not said that Dain still needs to touch face, maybe power has grown, and it is ony only face touching that lets him read memories. Or Liam did not manage to block. Anyway. 2 weeks.

    1. Less than 2 weeks now. Who’s counting, anyway 😛 I don’t judge. I love it that we are all thinking so many things about Fourth Wing and what will happen!

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