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Fourth Wing Theory: Did Naolin resurrect Brennan

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Written by: Cory

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Another one of my crazy tinfoil theories but in chapter 8, Professor Kaolin talks to Violent Sorrengail about how Naolin died trying to save her brother, Brennan Sorrengail.

Is it possible that he actually succeeded?

Chapter 8, page 97

“Resurrection isn’t possible. Why would he essentially kill himself when Brennan was already gone?”

To which Professor Kaori replies:

Chapter 8, page 97

“After all bonding makes you a rider, but resurrecting someone from the dead? Now that makes you a God”.

I’m still developing the theory as to how. I feel there is more to this story.

Chapter 18, Page 209

“I’ve never read of a single rider losing their soul to their power. The dragons keep us from that.”

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15 responses to “Fourth Wing Theory: Did Naolin resurrect Brennan”

  1. Hi again! Thoughts on Naolin and the God-power– I am betting the staffed-venin they fought, the Sage, is Naolin. Violet’s emphasis on the fable’s lesson centering on the dangers of wanting too much power (before she knew them to be true) connects too well with this God-power reference, and it’s the only instance in the book where Yarros provides an example of an actual character being tempted by power. Plus, if (as some suggest) Naolin and Brennan were lovers, it would make for an epic reunion.

    BTW, I love this blog- great work.

    1. Hi Liz, honestly, I can see where you’re coming from. While I feel Tairn was sad to lose Naolin, I wonder if he was devastated because, well, Naolin turned into something dark. They do say in the fable that too much power can corrupt the soul, right? I do think Naolin and Brennan were lovers for sure. Because I mean, to sacrifice yourself for Brennan is a big deal, right? I love the theory. I hope it stands.

      P.S. Thank you, lots of work went into this, I’m so, so happy to see you like it.

    2. I agree with the theory of the General being Naolin and they were lovers with Brennan, there is so much emphasise from the General that Xaden would turn for love, it’s almost obsessive. If it is Naolin and they were lovers, it would make sense!

      1. It all makes sense. the only issue I have with it, is the age gap. So if Naolin became a general, how old is he? Brennan is around what? 30 something right? So how can Naolin become a general? Unless he is much much older? This is the only part that confuses me a little.

  2. What if Xaden’s mom is the sage??? The only mention of her is from Xaden saying “not going there”. What if his mom went to the dark side and that’s why Fen was so invested in the fight? Maybe completely out there lol but I just couldnt shake the thought!
    Love the blog <3

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I mean, your theory would be WILD. It would be interesting to know more about Xaden’s mum!

    2. Personally I thought it might be the dad! But iron flame mentions there being multiple sages, not just THE sage. But the one with the staff from Resson.. He appears again.

  3. Love this blog too, Cory! Thanks for doing this 😊

    This Naolin theory is a good one. I’ve suspected Naolin is still alive, but if Tairn is sorrowful then this theory makes sense. Since it’s obvious that Naolin and Brennan were lovers, maybe Naolin is being hidden with Brennan. Brennan seems happy when we finally see him. Although of course he’d be delighted to see Violet, it seems like he would have a withdrawn appearance or something if he lost Naolin to the dark side!

    1. And I’m here for your comments! Thank you for your kind words! And for your help in coming up with new theories!

  4. I have a theory a little bit different. About ressurection. I think the one who is going to be able to do it is Violet. Lightning power?! I mean i can almost see Xaden (for example) being killed and Violet wielding her signet to bring him back. In almost a century no one wield that signet and i think She is going to be almost like a goddess. Or maybe i just need to re-read 🤷🏻‍♀️

  5. There was something in the end about sister. I struggle to understand. Does Xaden have a sister that is a flyer, like, from Poromiel? That would explain why he was “not going there” about his mother?

    1. Uhm, I think the author just wanted to created tension and let us know that there is a lot to know about Xaden’s mother but we “are not ready to find out yet”. So chances are, this is material for the upcoming books.

      1. Yes, there was something about a sister… Like either Garett or Bodhi asked Xaden about his sister. But Xaden had both thought and said he didn’t ever lie to Violet and earlier when she asked him if he had any siblings he said no, so in that case maybe it was one of the other guys sisters.

  6. “I v met better poison masters”

    Brennan poisoned himself? And never was dead?

    1. It’s possible that he indeed used a poison to make everyone believe he was dead.

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