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Iron Flame Verdict: Violet and the Book of Brennan Theory from Fourth Wing

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For me, a captivating mystery in the Empyrean series revolved around the Book of Brennan and its unexpected arrival in Violet’s possession. The initial theory posited that Violet received this crucial book under unusual circumstances, raising questions about its true origin and the intentions behind its delivery.

Initially, the circumstances surrounding the book’s appearance seemed laden with intrigue. Why didn’t Mira, known for her stern demeanour akin to Violet’s mother, hand over the book earlier, especially when she provided Violet with a protective vest? The decision to wait until after Violet’s severe injury on assessment day was peculiar. It suggested a strategic move, perhaps to protect the book or to time its delivery with a significant moment in Violet’s journey.

The involvement of a scribe in delivering the book to the Riders Quadrant dorms was another (unlikely) twist. Given the restricted access and the unlikelihood of a scribe’s presence in such a secure area, this aspect of the story raised eyebrows. Could it have been a calculated risk by Mira, or was there another unseen hand at play?

The Revelation in Iron Flame and Fourth Wing Special Edition

However, the revelations in Iron Flame shed new light on this enigma. The discussions between Violet and Brennan (Chapter 2, Page 11) about the book provide crucial insights. Brennan’s casual mention of the book’s usefulness to Violet unravel the earlier theories. In addition, the Fourth Wing Special Edition, featuring Xaden’s point of view, reveals his surprise when he discovers that Violet has deduced who her opponent will be on the mat. This detail suggests that Xaden did not have prior access to the book. Had he been involved in delivering the book to Violet, it is likely that he would have read it, given his character and the potential threat Violet posed to him at the time.

The Verdict

These new details from Iron Flame suggest that Mira indeed played the pivotal role in delivering the book to Violet. The initial theory that someone else, possibly Xaden Riorson, might have been involved is effectively debunked. The book’s delivery after Violet’s injury and the involvement of a bribed scribe appear to be strategic decisions by Mira, aimed at ensuring Violet’s readiness and safety.

In conclusion, the mystery surrounding the Book of Brennan, while initially pointing towards a complex web of involvement and hidden motives, ultimately reveals a simpler truth. Mira’s actions reflect a combination of strategy and care, ensuring that Violet received the book at a crucial juncture in her journey, without overburdening her on the parapet.

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