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Fourth Wing Theory: Scribes altered the history

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Written by: Cory

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Chapter 4, page 57 – First time we learn the “importance” of scribes

“Without accurate depictions of our front lines, reliable information with which to make strategic decisions, and – most importantly- veracious details to document our history for the good of future generations, we’re doomed. not only as a kingdom but as a society.”

Chapter 18, page 220 – Mr Sorrengail telling Violet about the Scribes

“It’s the scribes who have all the real power in this world.”

Chapter 25, Page 316 – Emery states interesting facts about Scribes

“Scribes freak me out. Quiet little know-it-alls, acting like they can make or break someone by writing something down.”

UPDATE: With Iron Flame out, I now have the verdict on this theory: did scribes alter the history? Please be mindful that the article will contain spoilers.

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6 responses to “Fourth Wing Theory: Scribes altered the history”

  1. Did you ever come across the theories about how Vi’s dad was likely killed, and possibly it could have been someone in the scribes, like for example Vi’s favourite teacher?

    1. I actually have not, but check this out! Me and my friend has a zoom meeting about it haha and we discusses something similar. We’re thinking that Violet’s dad was def killed but we’re thinking that during the pregnancy Vi’s mom might have been attacked by a venin. Or she is somehow part venin because she has weak bones and the colour of her hair is faded at parts. You know how venin drain? We’re thinking she is being drained because of some venin thing she’s got inside of her 😛 I know…wild.

      1. I think the attack during the pregnancy is quite established as a fan theory. I need to go back to the book to be fair, someone mentioned there is one single passage in the book that has a very light reference to it, I think in chapter one. But of course I don’t actually remember LOL

        I don’t know how the part-venin thing would work, but of course, it makes sense that their consumption can fit her own way of being weaker. I am still hoping they do more with it, like… how can the fact of Vi being part Venin can become an asset in the future? I am thinking from a writing perspective, I really want this series to continue to be this good!!! 💗

        1. Ok, I went to check. The passage the fandom refers to is just the sickness one, so there is really no connection to anything, if not us knowing that they have been hiding stuff since at least 400 years, and that the family must have had a change of heart at some point, and the timeline is just perfect. She gets attacked, her kids are all small, so she is scared. Her husband starts collecting information and folklore, but they obviously get ordered to shut it down, so Lilith becomes the perfect representative for Leadership, to keep her family safe, while her hisand thinks he is doing all he can to be safely hidden. Eventually he gets killed, so Lilith ends up doing the only thing she thinks will work, taking a page from Xaden’s book: she chooses the possibility of death against the certainty. And sends Vi to the Riders Quadrant… It all fits! Ahahahahah! Well, at least this would join the “Lilith is good” and “Mr Sorrengail was killed” theories…

          1. I adore the investigative skills here. It’s just so addictive, isn’t it? The more you read, the more gems you discover and the more invested you become.

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