The Isle Kingdoms

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The isle kingdoms consist of five large and thirteen smaller islands that surround the Continent in every direction.

The Isle Kingdoms were allies in the Great War, as mentioned in a book detailing the complex relationships of the First Six and their experiences during this conflict​​.

There is an indication that the Isle Kingdoms have been somewhat isolated, with limited news reaching the coastal areas and a halt to trading vessels from these kingdoms​​.

Queen Maraya refused every proposal from the Isle Kingdoms and named her distant cousin, Viscount Tecarus of Cordyn, as her heir, hinting at complex political dynamics involving these kingdoms​​.

While the Isle Kingdoms do not trade with Navarre anymore, they continue to have a trade relationship with Poromiel involving rare and exquisite items, such as Deverelli silk​​.

The Isle Kingdoms have restrictions on visitors, specifically not accepting people from Navarre​​.

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