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Rebecca Yarros Book 3 – Onyx Storm January 21st, 2025

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Rebecca Yarros Book 3 - Onyx Storm January 21st, 2025

The third installment in the Empyrean Series by Rebecca Yarros is called Onyx Storm and will be released on January 21st, 2025!

It’s official! Rebecca Yarros has just announced the title of her Book 3 via Good Morning America, and it’s called Onyx Storm.

I am so excited about this, you cannot even imagine. In fact, I know you can because, of course, you want to read this book right now.

However, we need to wait a little longer. The book will be officially released on the 21st of January 2025. Gosh, it feels so good to finally have a date, even though, we do need to wait quite a bit for this one. Are you also counting? I’m counting the months. Omg, you guys, Violet and Xaden are coming home!

Preorder it now

But did you know you can already pre-order the book? That’s right, it’s already available as a pre-book title, so make sure to order yours right now!! Yes, I’ve already ordered my copy and I wish I could somehow already read a preview or something. But I know Rebecca Yarros will soon give us so much more.

The deluxe edition features gorgeous sprayed edges with stenciled artwork, as well as exclusive special design features. This incredible collectible is only available for a limited time while supplies last in the US and Canada.

Here some useful links for you:
Amazon US – Standard | Deluxe Version
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We don’t have a cover yet, but I’m sure we will get a cover reveal within the next few months. In the mean, Rebecca Yarros is super busy because let’s face it, she’s working on finalizing the book, and she’s working on a TV series for us in partnership with MGM Amazon Studios with Michael B. Jordan’s Outlier Society.

The title of Book 3 Empyrean Series (speculations)

And now can we talk a little about the title? Why is called Onyx Storm? I have some ideas and theories, so let’s dive right in.

Xaden’s Eyes

Onyx, onyx…what’s the first thing that comes to mind when I say onyx? Well, Xaden’s eyes. And I already have a theory that smells and eyes are super important in recognizing venin and dragons corrupted by venin.

So onyx storm might be the book about Xaden. How he will struggle, and his beautiful onyx eyes with gold flecks, will become hazy and opaque, much like how we saw it in Baide. Storm, indeed, especially in the struggle for keeping himself under control.

I can already see the struggle, how Xaden wants to get more power, yet needs to stay strong for Violet.

Onyx Runes

Reason number two for being called onyx storm is related to wyverns. In Iron Flame Chapter 57, Violet and Mira cut open the wyvern and what do they find? A polished chunk of onyx. Remeber? Here is the quote:
“Mira draws back a polished chunk of what appears to be onyx, marked with a complex rune.”

So is Onyx storm related to a bunch of wyvern? Related to runes in general and we’re finally learning more about them and how venin use them? Or is it literally about Xaden and his struggle, since he’s now venin?

Storms… hello Lilith?

Could this have anything to do with Lilith? I mean mama Sorrengail was the storm wielder was she not? Could it be that we’re getting some answers about her? Could it be that we’re finally learning who she was? Rebecca did mention that there will be politics in the book, and old enemies, so maybe it’s time we learn more about what happened in the past.

Onyx Storm teasers

Thanks to Instagram we have two teasers already, one posted on Rebecca Yarros’ official Instagram and one of her publishers.

“She needs to prepare herself. And so do you. There’s every chance this mission will kill us.”


“First he was her enemy. Then her lover. Now… She must save his soul.”

What will Book 3 be about?

Well Rebecca Yarros herself said that it will have politics, new adventures, old enemies and, of course, dragons!

Those are good hints right there. We’ve already discussed predictions for Book 3, and we already figured we will learn more about Andarna and her heritage, venin and I think we will even learn more about Violet’s parents too.

I’m sure there are so many theories running through your head, and I cannot wait to talk to you about it in the comments section below!

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4 responses to “Rebecca Yarros Book 3 – Onyx Storm January 21st, 2025”

  1. I thought the title had something to do with Xaden eyes (onyx eyes flecked with gold), and Lilith’s storm wielding abilities. Or could it mean in a different sense that a storm is brewing, not a physical rain and wind storm but like a sort of difficult mental hurdle (if that makes any sense?! I felt chills when I watched the commercials this morning (michealeok’s voice for Tairn is absolutely amazing!!!! Cannot wait for more!)

    1. So obsessed right now! Listening to it on repeat I swear!
      I’m so so so SOOOOOO excited!
      Ooooh I love the storm is brewing idea!

  2. I think the way to save Xaden’s soul will be with onyx stones embedded with some super complex ruins. Quick search states that Onyx is a black crystal that is known for its protective properties and helps release of negative emotions and past traumas. It promotes self-control and discipline which can help ease addictive patterns and heal. So my theory is that it’s super rare and that Violet will have to go to venin land to find this rare healing stone and then Cat will have to help create some ruins for it to make it more powerful and the two of them together will save Xaden’s soul.

    1. I worry that Cat will play a role in this and weirdly enough, I don’t want her to…

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