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Predictions for Book 3 Empyrean Series

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Written by: Cory

Empyrean Series by Rebecca Yarros Book 3 Predictions

We can all agree that we need Book 3 in the Empyrean Series to be out like…right now! But we also know that we need to wait a little while before it will be published. Initially, the release date was for the end of 2024, but sadly, the date was removed from Goodreads so we now have nothing official to go by.

That shouldn’t stop us from reading the books over and over, creating theories about the books, and figuring out in advance what the books will bring. We already know that it’s going to be a wonderful third instalment full of adventure, dragons, and looooove!

I’ve now read the books like 20 times and I’m not even joking. I believe I can discuss what’s going to happen next in Book 3. Given that we have 3 more books coming, there is a chance that some of the things I assume will be discussed might be touched upon in book 4, or even book 5.

If you are searching for the best of clues, my recommendation is to check the Fourth Wing and Iron Flame epigraphs. They are not just relevant for the upcoming chapter, but are full of Easter Eggs as well.

Alright, so what are my predictions for Book 3 in the Empyrean Series?

Violet’s second signet

The same way I knew that Xaden is intrinsic in Fourth Wing and it would be revealed in Iron Flame, I also known for a fact that Book 3 will be all about Violet’s second signet.

So, do I know what it is? Somewhat. I discussed with all the fans in great detail in my previous theory and we can all agree that it is something similar to amplification, shields, or a type of intrinsic.

If you are to believe my theory that Violet and Xaden are gods (more on this below), then her second signet could be similar to Aegis. Zeus’ shield, the Aegis, was another symbol of his power. It was said to be indestructible and capable of instilling terror into the hearts of his enemies. Could it be related to this? Sure! I mean, Zeus was also a shapeshifter, but I just don’t think we’ll see this in the Empyrean Series.

Violet’s time gift

I honestly think that we were told on many occasions in Iron Flame: Violet can slow down time. I don’t know if she can stop it entirely like how it was when Andarna had the gift, but she can definitely slow it down enough to assess everything she needs.

She’s done it on the battlefield. She’s done it for Sawyer.

We will learn how Andarna “accidentally” passed her gift to Violet.

Brennan x Naolin

We need to know a little more about what really went down with Brennan and Naolin. We will learn about Brennan’s rune on his palm. We will learn why Tairn almost died back then.

My theory is still that Tairn severed his bond with Naolin because Naolin somehow turned venin. I honestly thought we would explore this in Iron Flame, so I was surprised to see that we barely discussed it. Not to worry, I think Rebecca Yarros wanted to keep us on the edge of our seats. So chances are, we will reveal more in Book 3.


Iron Flame was the book for Sloane, so I think Book 3 will be for Aaric. We will learn his super signet, which, let’s face it, we all think will be distance wielder. We will learn more about his relationship with the Royal Family and get some more insights about how it all works.

I reckon we will also learn a bit more about Halden. Maybe a little romance between Cat and Halden? She is hungry for a crown, is she not?


We will learn so much about runes. I think Book 3 will even have a rune-related title. Runes seem to be everything in this series. Basgiath was built on runes. Brennan has a rune on his palm. The rebellion relics are actually the result of a protective rune. Everything has something to do with runes, and even wyverns have runes in them. Creepy, right?

Book 3 will explain how to use runes for a lot of protection. And maybe Sloane will get some information about her mother, Colonel Mairi thanks to Liam’s letters. I believe there has to be more to it. And since Cat is best at runes, she will play a very important role here.


Our dearest, annoying Catriona. Is she a good person? I don’t think so. She appears to be a very narcissistic woman who cannot accept that someone is better than her. She’s not a villain, but she can be.

Did she help Violet? Yes, which was surprising. Is Catriona becoming good, or is she playing a game to win Xaden? Will she stop caring for Xaden now that he’s venin and go for others (Aaric, Halden?).

I think Cat is here to stay, and as much as I wish she’d disappear from the narrative, I think we will have more of her in Book 3. She is talented with runes and her mind work, and chances are, we do need her as she is a good fighter. In fact, riders and fliers will become closer and closer.


There is so much to unpack here. But you know what? I don’t think we will. I think Xaden will continue to be a bit of a mystery in book 3 as well. Which is not ideal. Will he join venin? Maybe. It’s possible he will do it to protect Violet.

I do think the romantic interest will continue in Book 3, as after all, we do have a romantasy here. But, I also think there will be a looot of drama. And I think maybe Sgaeyl will not be so happy about it all.

Violet knows Xaden is venin, and yet, she is sharing the same bed with him. So this really begs the question: How the hell?

Book 3 will probably follow the fall of Xaden Riorson in a weird way. I’m not saying he will become the villain, but I do think he will make some more questionable decisions.

Xaden’s mother

We will learn some more about Xaden’s mother but not enough, I don’t think. I know many fans here speculate that she is somehow General Venin, but I don’t think so either.

While I did speculate that Dad Sorrengail was General Venin, I now know for a fact that this theory was and will be disproven. Hey, I can’t be right about everything, now (although I wish).

I do think that the best theory so far about Xaden and Violet is that they are Gods, or at least children of Gods. That would mean that Xaden’s mum is also a Goddess. My guess? She is Dunne. But either way, I don’t think Book 3 will fully reveal the gods thing, so I reckon this will be more like Book 4.

Which is why I think we will learn more clues about her but not enough in Book 3. But then again, Rebecca Yarros might surprise us all!

Old Books and Journals

Lilith is gone, Dad Sorrengail is gone, Violet only has her siblings…and many, many journals, books and correspondence to rely on.

Now that General Lilith is gone, Violet will need to remove all her belongings from her old room. And I think she will discover plenty of clues about her parents. I think we will get this info as books, letters, and more.

I think we will get clues about who Dad Sorrengail really was and his books on feathertails. I mean, I honestly thought we would discuss this in Iron Flame, yet again, Rebecca Yarros cleverly put it on the backburner.

New general

General Lilith is gone from Basgiath, which means her role is up for grabs. Now let’s remember, in Fourth Wing, Panchek was after her job. Will he get it? Maybe. But my money’s on Aetos.

And that would be bad news, right? Because Aetos is a villain. And he definitely has relations with venin. I reckon whoever it is, Violet will probably have a hard time with everything.

Dain and Cath

Cath vouched for Dain. But Cath is not without his faults. He smells bad, doesn’t he? And you know that I already have a theory about smells. I reckon there’s something dodgy going on with Dain and Cath.

It could be that Cath is just too close to corruption. Or perhaps Dain isn’t the good guy we think he is. I’m certain we’ll see more of Dain’s arc in Book 3.


We’ve opened up the map to Poromiel, and now it’s time to extend it once again. I reckon we’ll visit the Isles, and if not, we’ll at least learn a lot about them. Why did they turn from allies to enemies?

Could it be that there are dragons on the isles? I think so. And let’s not forget, there are plenty of theories about Andarna’s breed being on the isles somehow. Yet, Andarna was left behind with a purpose.

Moving forward, I think we’ll need the 7th breed of dragons to raise up wards everywhere – in Poromiel, other parts of Navarre, etc. But this might be a thing for Book 5, showing how the whole continent and isles will unite (if we’re talking happy ending).

Aretia Troubles

Sadly, the wards are already failing. Eventually, they’ll become nothing, right? That’s what Lilith said. Without the fire of the 7th breed of dragons, Aretia has no protection.

I assume some big battles will happen in Aretia, and riders/fliers will need to protect it somehow. The wards can only be extended so much. So, how will they overcome this issue? I tell you, with another 7th breed of dragon – from the isles…


Beautiful Andarna! We’ll learn so much more about this wonderful dragon. She’s smart, awesome, kind, and different, just like Violet. She’s special through and through, and we’ll learn her story and her special gifts.

I really hope we’ll delve into her ability to foresee the future. Rebecca Yarros did say we’d learn a lot more about her in Book 3, so that’s what I’m hoping for.

New Hatchlings

We have two black hatchlings. My theory? Tairn and Sgaeyl have had hatchlings. I think we’ll learn more about that.

This will be a huge problem for Tairn, given that the mother of his hatchlings is bonded to a venin. I reckon there will be lots of drama, not just between Violet and Xaden, but between Tairn and Sgaeyl.

I think Tairn will do everything in his power to intervene, and I reckon Violet and Sgaeyl will be upset, leading to a whole lot of drama.

Sgaeyl’s Struggles

Finally, I think Book 3 will highlight how nature likes balance. Andarna will be our shining new dragon, while Sgaeyl will succumb to the shadows. She’ll have to deal with a lot, and we’ll follow her struggles. I think there will be much suffering on her part, and Sgaeyl will start to smell bad, making Tairn increasingly upset and frustrated with the whole situation.

Other Characters

These are my predictions for Book 3 of the Empyrean Series by Rebecca Yarros. I’m sure there’s much more to the book. We’ll have Jesinia and Sawyer – will Sawyer be okay? Can he still be a rider? Rhiannon will play a more important role in Book 3, now that she knows the truth.

I’m also intrigued about Imogen. Is she good or bad? I’m concerned because she’s bonded to an orange, and so far, every single orange has been bonded only with villains.

I think we’ll discover that Varrish was venin in the end, and Violet remains pure at heart, having only killed (or attempted to kill) venin (Jack and Varrish). Finally, we’ll get some info on Jack and Nolon.

I don’t know what to think about them, but something tells me that Jack will escape. Or Xaden will let him go for a price. Who knows?

Will we introduce new characters? Absolutely, I think we’ll meet new characters from the isles. We’ll also introduce Halden and Drake Cordella and, as always, a host of supporting characters to move the story forward.

Overall, I’m obviously really excited and just cannot wait to see what Book 3 has in store for us. But one thing is for certain: there will be a lot of adventure, struggles, discoveries, and agony. And I am here for it all!”

Want to immerse yourself more in the Empyrean Series universe? Check out all the theories below!

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15 responses to “Predictions for Book 3 Empyrean Series”

  1. I think that Violet’s signet will be more about resurrection, they mentioned that no one could do it. I think she will be able to. Specifically I think she will be able to pull souls back. I think that is what she really did with Liam, that she did not imagine him but rather called him to her. If that is true and venin are soulless then her power would be the cure for venin, for Xaden ultimately.

  2. Has anybody discussed possibility of Xaden’s mom being venin. That’s why his father had that valuable chest for the deal with Tecarus? Why else would his father have/need a chest that holds up and can’t touch the ground?

    1. OH. I LOVE this theory Sole!

  3. Regarding dad’s books definitely. His research around feather tails needs to come to light in this next book.

  4. but what if Xaden goes with the venins just to destroy them from the inside? to protect violet from himself and to win the war

    1. Well that would be really sad 🙁 and we really want a happy ending!

  5. I have four main theories on what we’ll find out in the future, potentially the third book. Unfortunately I don’t have the wherewithal to become a member, which is probably the only way to submit fan theory posts, but I’d really love feedback on these:

    1. Andarna knows a lot more than she’s been acting like she knows. In FW, when Violet tells Andarna that she was trying to save her during Threshing, Andarna replies something along the lines of “Maybe I was trying to save you.” That says to me that Andarna was the one who manipulated Threshing by deliberately putting herself in danger so a) Violet could prove herself and b) Tairn would get involved because it’s obvious that Tairn and Sgaeyl have a kind of mentorly bond with the little one. She knew he would have to intervene since Sgaeyl couldn’t.

    2. Dain is going to turn out to be venin. I totally agree that the rotting smell thing is a sign of venin, and that Jack and Dain have feeding from their bonded dragons to keep their cover. Yeah, Dain left with the group, but after he helped Violet figure out how to *create a ward* is conveniently when the venin staged their attack to bring the main ward down. I don’t think they knew how to before, but now they know a lot more about how it’s done.

    3. My personal theory about Naolin and Brennan is a little complicated. From Mommie Sorrengail’s sacrifice, we know that a rider can channel not just themselves to burnout and death, but the entirety of their and their dragon’s life force energy. Obviously Lilith and Aimsir were in agreement so the ward could be rebuilt, but what if Naolin tried to do the same to save Brennan? I’m imagining a kind of Full Metal Alchemist scenario where Naolin tries to siphon pure life energy from himself and Tairn into Brennan (hence the rune to anchor the spirit to the body again) but Tairn didn’t want to sacrifice his life that way. From here, I have three competing ideas for what went down:
    a) Naolin somehow powered Brennan’s lifeforce/soul with his own and Tairn had to break the bond to protect himself.
    b) Same as (a) except Sgaeyl killed Naolin to save Tairn
    c) Same as (a) except once Tairn broke the bond to save himself, Naolin basically went insane and turned venin to finish the job of saving Brennan’s life. Insanity is my guess here because there is no recorded case in the books of a bond being broken without death. So we don’t know for sure if a dragon can choose to break a bond, or what that would do to their bonded rider if it was possible.

    4. BUT I do think that we are going to learn that Tairn knew or suspected that Varrish was venin. We don’t learn until the end that Jack can survive Baide’s death, but when Tairn threatens to kill Solas, he tells Varrish that without a dragon, he will not be a rider. And only riders can be in charge of the quadrant. Not, without a dragon, you’ll be dead, which should have been the threat. I thought that was an odd threat the first time I read it, and then later seeing what happens with Jack, it made me think a lot more about it.

    1. You can send me your full theories via email and I can publish them for you with full credit of course! You do not need to be a member to submit these.

      1. She def does. She’s acting all innocent and cute but honestly, SHE KNOWS. a) I agree.
      2. Ugh, do you think? I am not trusting Dain but I;m not 100% he will turn venin. But it does make sense. He was vouched for by his dragon who smells bad…who has been corrupted. Dain is a bad one, I agree 🙁
      3. a) I do think 10000% that Tairn had to break the bond himself which must have been so horrible, and it almost killed him in more than one ways. Like, almost killed him because well, dragons are not meant to do this. And also because facing the elders, chances are, he was put on trial for this. b) Oh I kinda like this. It would make sense actually. c) This is similar to a theory I have on the site here. So I am inclined to go with this one as it’s most viable (to me).

      4. I agree. Tairn did know. He made it clear in Book 2 and it’s annoying that he allowed Violet to be so close to him. It’s making me feel weird that dragons know and yet they are not getting involved to protect their own riders. IT feels like this bond between them? It’s not as strong and awesome as we initially thought?

      With your permission, I can send you an email so you have my details and submit your own stuff here <3

      1. That would be awesome! I would love to be able to help support the site, but at least contribute because I only just recently found these books and read them in record time. First books by this author at all. I can’t believe it’ll be years before the whole story is told.

  6. A couple of things that I wonder if we’ll get to learn more of in Onyx Storm:
    What else can we learn from Jack as he’s prisoner? Do they share a mind/intinsic capabilities?
    How did Xaden knew they were waiting for him? What theories do we have around this?
    What will happen to the hatchlings in Aretia? Will they have to do a mission to fly those behind over to Basgiath to save them?
    Will a hatchling from Tairn and Sgayl mate Andarna to make the other wardstone work?
    How much more will Violet learn to manager her signet to command the skies?
    Is Violet pregnant? They have not been at Basgiath, did they have the pills at Aretia? Will she be able to ‘understand’ her mom when she has her kids?

    1. Someone did point out that maybe venin have a hivemind. That would be very intriguing indeed. And terrifying!
      The hatchlings in Aretia are crucial right? I do think they will be in a lot of danger. Especially now that they are fully exposed. And Rebecca Yarros herself did say that the increase in temperature does make sense.
      Hatchling from Tairn and Sgaeyl won’t make it work! Hatchlings’ colors are hereditary. Our only hope is for Andarna to find a mate.
      Or for another dragon like Andarna to be convinced to come back to Aretia! And I think that will happen!

      Violet is a Goddess! I’m certain of it. Like in the literal terms. I think she is the daughter of Malek. I have a whole article about it, please do check it, I think you’ll love it.

      I think this is a new adult story and I honestly do not think we will have any pregnancies between her and Xaden. At least I would be disappointed in it personally.
      Given that the books seem very hedonistic, it would be such a shame to throw such a heavy adult context into a new adult fantasy. No hate to the author is this is what she wants to do, but totally not my jam.

  7. I’ll be reading the Vi godess tonight!
    About the theories above on Tairn from Aerin. What if Naolin was venin? That’s why Tairn could severe the bond without dying?

    1. That’s what I’m thinking! I have a theory about it too somewhere on the site. I think Tairn “almost died” because he severed the bond not because of a broken heart 😀 I mean it’s Tairn. He’s a mushy soul on the inside but c’mon…

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