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Onyx Storm title meaning Empyrean Series Book 3 Rebecca Yarros

Why is the third installment in the Empyrean Series called Onyx Storm? I’ve got some thoughts, and theories. And I even went back to check quotes in the book to make sure I’m not missing anything.

Let’s discuss and speculate together. And don’t forget to check the Onyx Storm predictions I’ve covered.

Xaden has onyx eyes

When I think of onyx, Xaden’s eyes immediately come to mind. Gorgeous Xaden has onyx eyes with golden flecks in them. You know who eyes has golden eyes? Dragons. And stay with me because I think this is super relevant.

You remember my theory that eyes and smells play a super important role in recognizing venin and the dragons they affect. I mention Baide and her eyes being hazy. Then the author points out that Baise has opaque eyes instead of golden.

Could it be that Xaden’s onyx eyes are going to change from those golden flecks into some purely opaque onyx eyes that look all hazy?

“Onyx Storm” could really be about Xaden’s journey, how he struggles, and how his striking onyx eyes might become clouded, similar to what we’ve seen with Baide.

It’s definitely a storm, particularly in his battle to maintain self-control. I can already picture the struggle, Xaden desiring more power while also trying to remain strong for Violet.

Onyx control

In Iron Flame there is a point where Violet refers to the connection between her and Xaden.

“Shimmering onyx wraps around my mind and everything intensifies.” (Chapter 48)

So this Onyx Storm we’re thinking of, could it be that it’s related to the connection between Violet, Xaden and their dragons? Violet always refers to her connections in the library with colors.

Let’s go back to my theory that Varrish was venin. Given this, you remember how Varrish said that he can control his dragon. And we saw that first hand with Baide at the end of Iron Flame.

Which means, that Xaden has direct access not just to Sgaeyl but to Violet and Tairn which is now pretty terrifying. They need to save his soul or else they are all in big trouble. Could it be that the onyx storm is all a metaphor for Xaden’s onyx connection with them all?

Perhaps, but let’s remember that so far, Rebecca Yarros didn’t do metaphors. Fourth Wing was literally about Violet being in Fourth Wing in Riders Quadrant. Iron Flame, was very much about raising the wards and setting a massive slab of polished iron ablaze with dragon fire.

Onyx Runes

Another reason for the title could be its connection to wyverns. In Iron Flame Chapter 57, Violet and Mira discover a polished chunk of onyx inside a wyvern, marked with a complex rune.

Here is the quote:
“Mira draws back a polished chunk of what appears to be onyx, marked with a complex rune.”

Could Onyx Storm relate to a group of wyverns, to runes more broadly, and to finally learning more about how the venin use them?

Could it be that we learn about runes more and how Violet herself can create a mega storm? Beyond her lightening wielding abilities?

Lilith was a storm wielder

Is there a link to Lilith here? After all, Mama Sorrengail was known as a storm wielder, wasn’t she? Perhaps we’re about to get some answers about her, learn who she really was. Rebecca mentioned politics and old enemies in this book, so maybe it’s time to delve into past events.

Xaden unleashing a shadow storm

This one was brought to my attention by one of the readers here. Someone called FederalPotato2664 (cool username btw) said something along the lines:

The speculation is that Xaden’s shadows are out of control and because he is stealing power from Basgiath, there is an increase in his signet ability, which was already super strong. He might become a literal force of darkness.

The name Onyx Storm might be about a powerful ability a shadow wielder can unleash at their strongest. Now that is a cool theory I could totally get behind!

Political power?

What if we consider the elders a little? The two mighty black dragons on the continent: Tairn and Codagh. Rebecca Yarros did promise us politics in Onyx Storm, so what if this is a political power storm between the two black dragons?

The only thing is that technically Rebecca Yarros has never refered to Tairn nor Codagh as onyx. Just black dragons.

What are your thoughts? Do you have new ideas about it? I cannot wait to hear it all. And please don’t forget to preorder your Onyx Storm copy today!

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13 responses to “Rebecca Yarros Book 3 – Onyx Storm Title Meaning”

  1. Corey, I am wondering if Andarna’s color is “Onyx”. My thoughts behind this are varied…
    1. She is not any of the known breeds, but one they don’t know of
    2. She is “black” but her scales take on the hues around her (shimmer)
    3. Brennan’s, while explaining how he survived, “there ARE other dragons here”. Yet we never read of these “other dragons”.
    4. Andarna was able to “scorch” the venin; whereas venin are immune to the fire produced by the other dragons.
    5. Andarna has been waiting for 650 years, longer than the period since the end of the Great War.
    6. Book 3 is supposed to delve into a significant history/knowledge of Andarna.
    7. Yarros refered to “politics”; could the politics she refers to be in regard to the empyrean? Possible “Onyx Dragons” left because they did not agree with the politics of the Empyrean?

    Could the “Onyx Storm” possibly refer to the missing breed of dragons? Their re-emergence from hiding? Could they be “hiding” in plain sight, or in Aretia? Could they, with Violet be the weapon Brennan and the “committee” be looking for? Could a “Storm of Dragons” be about to come forth?

  2. I’ve wondered for a long time if Tairn and Sgael and possibly their riders will end up having to team up to take down Codagh and Melgren. The resulting battle would certainly be classified as an Onyx storm.

    1. And an epic one at that!

  3. I think that Onyx Storm will have more info on Xaden as the onyx part and then a storm of iredesent dragons will come for Andarna. My brain has tons of theorys so this might not make sense but work with me.

    At the end of IF Andarna helped with the wards. Then dragons on the Isles feel the energy and come for Andarna so thats the storm.

    And then Xaden, he has onyx eyes and when Violet talks using their conection he is onyx. Now the fact that Xaden is venin he has way more power which means that he won’t burn out as soon as he normaly would. So when the storm of dragons come (if my thoughts are right) he atempts to block them thinking that it’s a threat and his shadows will look like a wall of onyx fighting the storm.

    I have more thoughts this was just the thoughts that I need to get out 🙂

    1. Onyx part is def Xaden I also agree. Let’s go with the rest, I’m loving new theories about “storm”. It would be epic if storm would be related to dragons to be fair. I LOVE your theories. My god, they need to be turned into full on theories for all of us hungry-for-the-next-book folk. haha

      If you ever want to expand on them >
      I can take them and add to them my own takes as well for everyone to read and comment on. But I can so see the storm as you explained it and I think it’s epic!

  4. I sent an earlier post on my theory that Onyx Storm is going to be a complete Xaden POV novel. I was also considering that Onyx Storm could refer to the wyverns they found with the onyx at their core. Just love this site! Such a nice place to peruse and see the other maniacs sharing their ideas and theories. So fun! Thanks for all your work!

    1. I’ve been very slow at approving comments, sorry! I think that’s a very valid reason to call it onyx storm as well. So far the whole community is thinking Xaden tho <3 Because well…XADEN!

  5. Onyx is the colour Xaden describes his bond with Tairn in the Xaden POV chapter

    1. Writing about it! I have a theory indeed

  6. Could it be that since Xaden has turned venin, he could potentially share those powers with Violet, Tairn and Sgaeyl, maybe pose a bigger threat to those he has a connection with? Leading to a storm that could turn others into venin as well?
    I also have a theory that Violet’s second signet combined with runes found by Mira could be the key to fighting the venin. What are your thoughts on this?

    1. I am currently writing a theory about the connection within the four of them. I am not sure if others could turn venin because of the connection tho. What do you think her second signet is? I think those runes are very very important clues!!!

  7. I been thinking. If the word “onyx” isn’t for Xaden and is talking about Tairn? I mean he is black and he can be furious with Xaden and Sgyeal. I remember he was angry with Sgyeal because she doesn’t told him something. I think “onyx Strom” can reference with Tairn.

    1. Could be right? He might be utterly upset with just about everyone. And in one of my theories I do say that he has had baby dragons with Sgaeyl…which means he’s double upset.

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