Iron Flame Theory: Aaric’s blue clubtail to become Andarna’s mate

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Iron Flame theory - Andarna will mate with Aaric's dragon

I’ve got something really special to share with you today – a brilliant fan theory created by one of our own! It’s not my own creation, but when they asked me to post it here to see what you all think, I just couldn’t say no. This theory is all about diving deeper into our favourite story, and I can’t wait to hear what you think. So, after you read it, please drop your thoughts in the comments. I know the fan (Afsheen) who came up with this would absolutely love to hear your take on it. In my opinion, this would make for an interesting fan fic. Let’s get into it!

New possible love connections: Aaric + Violet and Andarna + Aaric’s blue clubtail

Do you recall Violet’s mesmerising description of Aaric’s Dragon in the book? She paints a vivid picture: “A Blue Clubtail approaches with sapphire-hued scales that contrast the changing colours of the sunset sky, and he is beautiful. Aaric dismounts from the Blue Clubtail like he’s been doing it for years, with an ease that reminds me of Xaden and Liam.” Intriguing, isn’t it?

Consider this: blue dragons, known for their rarity, rank third in the hierarchy of rare dragon types, with black dragons just above them. And then there’s Andarna, unique in her den and unmatched in rarity. So, what if the plot thickens, and Aaric’s dragon turns out to be Andarna’s mate? Imagine a parallel to the powerful mated pair of Tairn and Sagaeyl, both rare in their kind. As Andarna matures and gains power, her pairing with this blue dragon could bring an intriguing twist to the tale.

Such a development could weave a complex web in the upcoming story arcs. It could mirror the connection between Aaric and Violet, akin to that of Violet and Xaden. Given Aaric’s history with Violet, stretching back to childhood, this revelation could forge a compelling new love triangle.

Moreover, there’s the looming involvement of Violet in the King’s political games. Recognised as a formidable asset, the King would undoubtedly leverage every opportunity to keep her under his influence. The potential bond between Violet and Aaric, especially with Aaric’s princely status, could become a strategic tool in the King’s arsenal.

Now, let’s consider Aaric’s evident admiration for Violet, as showcased in the book Iron Flame. His choice to protect her over his own mother, despite the latter’s strategic importance in war, hints at deeper feelings. Could this be the beginning of a romantic inclination?

Afsheen also proposes a theory about the Venin. What if they are akin to vampires, drawing energy from the land rather than blood from individuals, in their quest for power? Their abilities seem to mirror traditional vampire lore, with control being the only solution, not a cure.

The end of Iron Flame leaves us with a cliffhanger – Xaden has become a Venin. There is fear he might distance himself from Violet in the upcoming book, echoing the storyline of ‘New Moon’ in the ‘Twilight’ series. Will Aaric step in, much like Jacob did, altering the dynamics of their relationship?

The lingering question is how Rebecca Yarros, the author, plans to extend this saga over three more books. These theories might just be the key to unlocking the future twists and turns in this captivating series.

My take on the theory

So what do you think? Personally, and now this is my take on it, I love the idea that Andarna could find her own mate in Aaric’s dragon. It does sound interesting and let’s face it, Rebecca Yarros does not include pointless information in the book. If she asked us to essentially pay attention to that beautiful blue clubtail, it is because we desperately needed to take note of it! And while I do love the idea of the love triangle between Aaric, Violet and Xaden, something tells me that the love in the human realm will actually be between Aaric and Sloane. There is so much emphasis on their eyes, and the author always points out Aaric’s green eyes and Sloane’s gorgeous blue eyes. I don’t know why, but I feel they are destined for each other (to create super beautiful blue-green eyed babies in a post-venin world). I feel we’ve established that Xaden and Violet are strong as a couple, and they’ve evolved past Dain and even Cat. But then Yarros does like to throw us off course, as we’ve learnt so far, so I have no doubt we’re in for a lot of twists and turns when in comes to this love story. Either way, this theory got me smiling because it’s truly unique.

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37 responses to “Iron Flame Theory: Aaric’s blue clubtail to become Andarna’s mate”

  1. This theory scares me, but I agree!

    If Aaric’s dragon mates with Andarna, he could communicate with Violet the same way she does with Xaden—mentally.

    Andarna has like three years old, right?


    It seems that Aaric dgaf for his father, and he mentioned his brother’s name: Hadden. So I guess we’re going to see him soon.

    In Fourth Wing, Syrena and ‘her sister’ were mentioned to be okay after the combat in Resson, and they started to appear in the next book. This could mean that RY introduced Aaric and Hadden for the 3rd book.

    In IF Chapter 65:
    (Violet is looking for Xaden, the wards are up)
    “In the front”, Tairn tells me, and I head in that direction, passing the negotiations between Melgren and Devera and pausing when I hear him laying out terms for our RETURN. […] It’s only a matter of hours before every Navarrian citizen knows they’ve been lied to. No wonder they want us to RETURN.

    Calldyr is where the king resides, if I’ve understood correctly.
    When Violet was being tortured by Varrish, Lilith was in Calldyr and Markham was still there with the king when she arrived.

    My best bet is that Violet, Xaden and probably lots of the cadets that participated in the Venin War I are going to receive medals or titles as a result of the king trying to maintain control. They’re going to offer aristocratic power back to Xaden.


    General Sorrengail has died, and it seems that Colonel Aetos has an alliance with the venin. The big guy that attacked Violet in the sparring mat had red eyes.

    In IF Chapter 5, Aetos said to Violet and Xaden:
    “Secrets make for poor leverage. They die with the people who keep them.”
    And IF Chapter 10, the Jack Barlowe Junior said:
    “Secrets die with the people who keeps them”, he whispers, bringing his nose an inch from mine. His eyes are light brown but rimmed in red as though he’s on some kind of drugs. Aetos.
    And then she later tells to Imogen:
    “Aetos sent him.”

    Colonel Aetos was the aid of General Sorrengail, the commanding officer of Basgiath. And Brennan says this in IF Chapter 1:
    “You’d be amazed at how fast you get promoted when everyone above you continues to die.”

    My other bet is that Older Aetos is going to come back and be named as the commanding officer of Basgiath. We’re probably going to have a scene of Dain fighting with his father, and maybe another scene of Aaric fighting his family for being a rider and supporting Xaden, the person who killed his brother.

    And Navarre is going to make an alliance with Queen Maraya, Tecarus is her heir, and Cat is the third-in-line to the throne; she could go to Calldyr as a representative.

    [Maybe, if Aaric doesn’t end with Sloane, he could end with Cat, or maybe Hadden ends marrying Syrena.] Unifying both kingdoms, ending the four hundred-year war between Navarre and Poromiel.

    I agree that Xaden is going to distance himself. Brennan-Mira-Violet are probably going to manage politics in the 3rd book, mom and dad are gone, and even though they’re morning, Xaden would give all his power decisions to Brennan and Violet. Mira could represent all the graduated riders that left Navarre, she was named by her mother as Captain Sorrengail, she’s not a lieutenant anymore.

    Xaden is going to be busy handling the madness and being drugged to lose the connection with the venin hive. Tairn will want to kill him after seeing that Jack killed his own dragon, and Sgaeyl won’t let that happen. An inntisinnic-shadow-wielder-soon-to-be-venin? Scorch him, Sgaeyl can survive it.

    Xaden cannot be near the warstone for obvious reasons.


    Violet is going to be in the front of the decisions now that Xaden cannot, they’re going to change places, and what we can guess is that Xaden at some point is going to lose control. But he can’t kill her, because for a person with hungry-power-madness that would mean killing himself.

    If Violet doesn’t relay in Rhi or Dain—who now has a gray mark on his chest—she’s going to relay in Sloane and/or Aaric. One is going to feel guilty for siphon the energy of her mother to the warstone and the other is going to be near.

    In IF Chapter 9:
    “I glance down the tiers to where Aaric sits beside Sloane in the row with our squad’s first-years.”

    I also remember that in the Parapet, Aaric appeared just before Sloane, maybe they talked while climbing the turret just like Violet, Rhi and Dylan—the one who died first.

    Aaric’s blue clubtail is mentioned as beautiful with a very detailed description, but Violet seems to pay a little attention to Sloane’s dragon too:

    “A midsized red the shade of a strawberry flies in, and whipping her daggertail behind her when she lands in the middle of the field. “A Red Daggertail,” I whisper, relief flooding my veins as Sloane clumsily dismounts, clutching her shoulder. “Just like her brother.””

    And I know, Violet says that Aaric’s height is between Xaden’s and Dain’s, but maybe Aaric’s dragon could also mate Sloane’s repeating the dynamic between Xaden and Violet, now that the ship could be absent in the next book.

    A marked one and a prince. A red dragon and a blue dragon.
    Red and blue are a classic combination of colors.


    Maybe they’re going to negotiate the punishment for the marked ones to get back, Sloane’s the daughter of Colonel Mairi. No more obligatory dragon rider’s quadrants; no more marks.

    If Aaric likes Slone, or even if he likes her a friend, he will support that idea.

    Melgren would see them in the battlefield if Codagh removes the marks after not liking not being able to see the Venin War I in Basgiath. They need to work together. But ofc, Aetos is going to be there meddling.

    There’s a letter from Panchek to Lilith where he says that Mira was attacked in Chapter 10:
    “I’m sorry Mira was targeted but proud to say she dispatched the threat quickly. You have enemies, General.”

    Could it have been sent by Aetos too? He tried to kill Bohdi, Imogen and Eya, that’s how the last one died. It’s a modus operandi.

    If he hasn’t allied venin, we can say that he approved the experiment with Jack and the creation of the serum. Lilith sent him far away, so he needed Varrish to take care of the venin issue.

    If Xaden makes public the fact that he’s turning venin, which I doubt, they are going to experiment on him if Jack escapes or dies.


    They also mentioned the Isle Kingdoms, they sent proposals to Queen Maraya. Maybe the family of Andarna is there—at least information, books, something to find another dragon of the 7th breed to breathe fire in the warstone of Aretia to protect part of Poromiel.


    I just noticed the fact that Tairn left Marbh babysitting Andarna in the Venin War I. He trusts in him; probably both of them and Sgaeyl were close 5 years ago before Naolin’s death. If Andarna is like an adopted daughter, Marbh is like the uncle.


    In Iron Flame, Violet lost control—her center, getting jealous thanks to Catriona.
    In 3rd book, Xaden would lose control. It’s his turn to get jealous, and maybe to know more about his own mother too.

    1. This theory scares me too but it would open up the world of politics a bit more. Which is something that I think we need to do.

      >> If Aaric’s dragon mates with Andarna, he could communicate with Violet the same way she does with Xaden—mentally. Exactly! Which I wonder if would be an asset or a hindrance. Because nobody wants a third wheel into their relationship, right? But if Aaric becomes a distance wielder, then we would have an extremely great asset, whether awkward for their love life or not.

      >> Andarna has like three years old, right?
      Yes! According to the info provided so far, it’s fair to assume she is 3.


      We are def introducing Halden. The issue is that he is pro Navarre and keeping it all a secret. So I think he is a goodie at all.

      >> I have to agree, I think they need to offer Violet and Xaden some serious leeway to be able to make them return. I’m thinking the possibility to extend the wards to Aretia? I am wondering if that would be one of their clauses for their return.

      My other bet is that Older Aetos is going to come back and be named as the commanding officer of Basgiath. We’re probably going to have a scene of Dain fighting with his father, and maybe another scene of Aaric fighting his family for being a rider and supporting Xaden, the person who killed his brother.

      >> I also agree with this. I think Aetos is going to come back. And Violet has no General to protect her in any way. I think it’s going to be a little more difficult for them at Basgiath.

      >> Aaric and Cat would make sense but not for the right reasons. Cat wants power and she is desperate for a crown. Her going after Aaric would make a lot of sense but also, it would feel like it’s not honest and exciting. I am wondering if Aaric and Sloane will develop a great relationship somehow and Cat will want to intervene. Or Aaric would be promise to Cat the same way as she was promised to Xaden. But I don’t know. It feels a touch too political to be fair. After all, Aaric doesn’t care about the throne or his father at all…so why would he agree to a union with Cat? It’s Halden that is second in line anyway.

      >> I can see the tension between Tairn and Sgaeyl right away. It’s going to near break them for sure…and if we are right and those black dragons are somehow theirs…that’s extra pressure. Protect the rider or protect their babies?


      “A midsized red the shade of a strawberry flies in, and whipping her daggertail behind her when she lands in the middle of the field. “A Red Daggertail,” I whisper, relief flooding my veins as Sloane clumsily dismounts, clutching her shoulder. “Just like her brother.””

      >> Indeed. It feels to me like the two of them will have more in common. It feels to me like they are destined for each other more. And their dragons too.

      A marked one and a prince. A red dragon and a blue dragon. -> Poetic, right?

      >>I cannot imagine that a mark can be removed. After all it was put there by dragon. Of course, logic dictated it could also be removed but I don’t think that will be the case. But I do think some of the cadets will argue that the marked ones should be able to pick the Quadrant for themselves. And I wonder if that would be the leverage for the King to get Aaric to agree to some of this political moves. I promise to remove the decree by which the marked ones go to Riders Quadrant, in exchange for agreeing to marry Cat etc etc To throw a wrench in Aaric and Sloane story too.

      If Xaden makes public the fact that he’s turning venin, which I doubt, they are going to experiment on him if Jack escapes or dies.
      >> I very much doubt it. I but do think some people will find out because some of that serum will be disappearing. Unless we’re turning Breaking Bad and with Violet and Brennan ability to understand poisons, they could replicate it themselves for Xaden.

      They also mentioned the Isle Kingdoms, they sent proposals to Queen Maraya. Maybe the family of Andarna is there—at least information, books, something to find another dragon of the 7th breed to breathe fire in the warstone of Aretia to protect part of Poromiel.

      >> the Isles will be such a big one in book 3. I can already see it! And I do think some of Andarna’s line will be there. Or at least more info about it… I personally think that’s where the elders went and left her behind in the Vale.


      I just noticed the fact that Tairn left Marbh babysitting Andarna in the Venin War I. He trusts in him; probably both of them and Sgaeyl were close 5 years ago before Naolin’s death. If Andarna is like an adopted daughter, Marbh is like the uncle.
      >> I noticed that. I still have questions about Naolin and the connection with Tairn. Could it be that Naolin is just dead and we’re overcomplicating the arc? Or is there more to it? Because if that’s the case…Marbh is the only other dragon that would know this…


      In Iron Flame, Violet lost control—her center, getting jealous thanks to Catriona.
      In 3rd book, Xaden would lose control. It’s his turn to get jealous, and maybe to know more about his own mother too.

      >> 1000% he will lose control. We know from Fourth Wing and Iron Flame that Violet always found Xaden’s control so enviable. She wanted it so much. He was always cool as a cucumber no matter what. And I think we are about to see him losing that. Just not in a good way…

      Love your comments to much, Diana. I absolutely adore talking to you about your thoughts. I cannot wait that we need to wait a whole year for book 3.

      1. What do you think about an arranged marriage between Hadden and Syrena (Cat’s older sister)?

        1. Oh that I can totally see happening. But Hadden seems to be a bad apple. He knows about venin but doesn’t want to fight against it. He’s happy behind his wards. Syrena is a fighter. She wants to fight venin. So it could create a lot of commotion.

      2. I love that someone else wants Sloane and aaeric to end up together. In my fantasy happily ever after to this series I’m praying happens though at this point I have my doubts we get happily ever after, I was thinking united continent with xaden/violet ruling tyrendor, sloane/aaric ruling Navarre, and either Serena or cat ruling poromiel with a partner I hadn’t figured out yet. Ridoc seems to be the one not paired up yet but that just doesn’t feel right….

        On the sloane/aaric blue and red dragons thing – red + blue make purple – close enough to the color violet to mean something? I saw someone above say maybe aaric is the distance wielder. Might make sense. With violet wanting to be IN and PRESENT for the action, wielding from hundreds of miles away doesn’t make a whole.lot of sense. But if aaric has to rule a kingdom b/c dad and older brother were taken out somehow, it might make sense.

        On the sloane/aaric eye color thing. Violet talks about the golden flecks in xaden’s onyx eyes a bunch and also about andarna’s eyes and brennan’s too. Are we getting to an “eyes are the entrance to the soul” kind of thing? Even with the venin, it’s the red eyes that are the first give away.

        Another sloane/aaric thought. Do they get together and are part of the solution to putting magic back into the Barrens and that’s where they rule?

        I’m not sure about the aaric being a violet love interest. Yarros has made pretty clear violet and xaden are in this series for the long haul. What I am wondering is if aaric’s older brother was a pre-riders quadrant love interest for violet so that’s where some of the conflict (xaden vs halden with xaden being the jealous one) will come from in book 3, similar to cat and violet in Iron flame.

        I really want clarity to the naolin question. Brennan, marbh, and tairn are likely the only 3 that actually know what happened. At some point tairn or Brennan is going to have to spill those beans. I also want to know why sgaeyl has never liked brennan. Is it b/c losing his previous rider almost killed tairn and given tairn and sgaeyl are mated it therefore almost killed her too or at the very least made her really worried about her mate ans so ahe blames brennan for that? Or is there something more that she knows, that tairn knows that they aren’t telling xaden or violet. Even violet wondered what the relationship was between brennan and naolin.

        And one really random thought. On the subject of Cat. She seems so strong and she and violet end up with a grudging respect for each other. Do you think it’s possible she ends up bonding a dragon by the end of this, maybe becoming the first person to bond both gryphon and dragon? This one is a stretch I know.

        A closing thought that’s been in my head. Three brothers originally for dragon, gryphon, and I’ll say the original venin. What happened in the time between the three brothers and the original 6 dragon riders? Since we need dragons to power wards, was there a seventh rider? There’s 3 brothers and 3 sorrengail siblings. That can’t be a coincidence, but I haven’t figured out yet how that’s going to come together. Violet could command the sky at great cost. We’ve theorized brennan or violet could be part venin, but then where does Mira come in? She’s not a gryphon flier, she’s a dragon rider.

        1. It would be amazing to have them together, they would fit so well. I don’t know why, we don’t know a whole lot about them but it just feels right. Look at us match matching 😀
          Pftiu I also have my doubts about a full happily ever after. But that’s what WE want, so we’re putting out there (ehm, ehm, maybe Rebecca Yarros sees this). I am with you with my wants. I would also like for The Barrens to be back!

          Blue + Red = Purple/Violet. It’s a cute thing but I’m not sure it’s RY’s mo. However, yes, I do believe Aaric will be the distance wielder. More so than Violet it just makes so much sense.

          I feel like eyes are so important for the author. Violet pays a lot of attention to the eye colour. Could it be because she sees people’s souls and she is a soul mender as per one of my theories? I’m just loving that idea, I would love for that to be her signet.

          They are definitely part of the solution for The Barrens. As a siphon, she managed to extract enough power to imbue the wardstone. What’s not to say she will siphon from more at one go to help imbue The Barrens?

          I personally don’t think Aaric will have anything to do with Violet here. They are in different years, and she’s had her love interest already. I do feel that if anything, it will be Aaric’s older brother. But even then, it wouldn’t make sense because that guy knows about venin and didn’t do anything about it. Violet would judge him for it. She would think him unkind…
          I do anticipate a lot of jealousy in book 3 from Xaden’s side. It’s time for him to lose control…on all fronts.

          Gosh, I’m so frustrated that we don’t know anything about Naolin. Who was he? What happened? Is he still alive? And yes you are right, why did Sgaeyl never like Brennan? She knows more, I’m telling you! Besides, he has that fancy rune on his hand. Is he some sort of venin under control? I’m left with more questions about these two than ever before.

          PLEASE, NO! I do not want Cat to become anything. I don’t want her to become a dragon rider, or to wear a crown. She is insufferable. Sure, she is learning how to deal with Violet, and she is giving her the respect required, but damn, I so can’t stand that woman. Besides, if she were the first to bond a gryphon and a dragon, she would become a little more central character than Violet. Not sure we want that. (ergh…shudders)

          That’s the part that doesn’t add up to me, either. It feels very fable (which it is) three brothers did this. Alright, so we have a rider, we have a flier and we have one venin. And then? Nobody else bonds? Just venin spreads and out of fear, 6 extra riders approach the dens? So what if the first rider was bonded with someone from Andarna’s line? And then the 6 other riders followed?

          Well, we have 3 Sorrengails. Do you think it’s related? If anything, then Violet is the rider, Brennan is the venin and Mira is…well Mira, yeah because she’s got nothing to do with gryphons.Hmm, love the trail of thoughts but I’m not seeing end game for Mira. I’m going to give it a thought because this is tin-foil worthy.

          1. I’m thinking 3 brothers and 3 Sorrengails is not a coincidence, but I’m getting hung up on the Gryphon part of the equation. Unless the relationship is more indirect. Violet is the obvious rider that’s going to command the sky at great personal cost. Brennan is the venin like you said. I can’t help thinking Sgaeyl knows and that’s why she doesn’t like him. It’s possible she’s held a grudge for 6 years b/c Tairn almost died b/c Brennan lived, but like several of us have mentioned multiple times, there’s more to this Brennan/Naolin thing that we don’t know yet. But then, how does Mira relate to Gryphons. She can extend wards. Maybe that’s it? Extending wards to Poromiel? But then the Gryphon fliers wouldn’t have powers b/c only dragon magic works within the wards, but since venin can exist within the wards, maybe that really isn’t the case?

          2. I think Sgaeyl is a lot sneakier than we think. She knows a lot. Also she knows how to avoid many rules which is odd. Like how did she bypass the Empyrean and bonded Xaden? It is possible that she’s held a grudge but I honestly don’t think that’s it. There is more to that story. I do think she knows something’s up with Brennan. So are we thinking that Brennan will turn bad at some point? That would be a crazy twist in the story.

          3. Hi Cory,

            I know that Mira doesn’t have anything to do with gryphons, …yet.

            But I’d like to add something:

            In IF Chapter 41, when Syrena, Cat, Violet and Mira are walking to “take dinner”:

            “I heard you have an older brother,” Mira says to Syrena.
            “You’re thinking of Drake,” Syrena says. “Same last name, but he’s our cousin, and come to think of it, you’re just his type. He likes women who might actually kill him.”
            “Too bad I don’t go for gryphon fliers.”
            “Yeah, he’d probably draw the line at a dragon rider. He’s with the nightwing drift in the north, along the Braevick border.”
            And Violet narrates that she means he’s on the front line.

            Drake Cordella is only mentioned again on Chapter 47, in the regular phrase above, he wrote a compendium talking about venin and the difference between sages and mavens. He’s a captain, just like Mira, and he has more experience killing them.

            Maybe in 3rd or 4th book we’re going to see him appear, and maybe Rebecca Yarros gave us a hint of a future love relationship about them.

            Next book Mira is going to be mourning her mother’s death and facing new orders if Aretia cadets come back to Navarre. Maybe she’d be sent to the front, where Drake is.

            We still haven’t seen a relationship between a rider and a flier—Xaden and Cat aren’t valid for me.

          4. Tell me, Diana, how many times have you read the book so far? I’m on my fourth re-read and I’m just picking up on that as well. I’ve started adding the wikis here and updating profiles so it’s much easier to pick up on characters like this.
            I also think Mira and Drake will have a think. And that would tie in beautifully somehow with Mira having something to do with gryphons…I hope K is reading this, she’s been saying about the 3 siblings / 3 brothers.

        2. Cat becoming a dragon rider is my new nightmare.

          I prefer to see Xaden die than that. Keep Melgren alive, and Codagh and all the 7th breed dragons as far away as possible.

          1. haha. I too, would prefer to see Xaden die than that. Like, I just dislike that lady so so much. Also, I can already see her trying to climb all over Aaric and his older brother the moment she sees a crown in them.

  2. I’d like to see Tairn as an overprotective dad, not letting Andarna date and hating Aaric’s dragon, running after him and trying to hunt him in attempts to mate. That would be hilarious!

    1. Hilarious, and add a little comic relief to what is only going to be an intensifying emotional roller coaster to whatever the series climax is in Book 5. We’ll need the comic relief to break it up.

      1. Have you paused yet to realise that if book 3 will be released in dec 2024…then book 4 in ’25 and 5 in ’26. Now that is making me panic.

        1. Yes. Not happy about it at all. I was hoping maybe like a Threshing release and then releases for violet and xaden’s birthdays, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. Maybe she’s going for solstice releases? And it’s entirely possible the release dates are completely unrelated to anything in the books.

          1. Solstice releases would be pretty epic to be fair.

        2. I just don’t want Fourth Wing to become like A Song Of Ice And Fire (Game of Thrones’ book). People are still waiting for the last two books, and the writers of the series made their own final season killing dragons, the capital, Daenerys Targaryen’s amazing character development, and herself.

          George R. R. Martin published the last book of A Song Of Ice And Fire in 2011.

          If Amazon is making a series of Fourth Wing, a race against time is going to start. Amazon filmed Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power in less than a year —with a break of six months due to COVID.

          So maybe it will be a season per year—or two—Tairn is going to be extra-expensive.

          (It would be amazing if they film in New Zealand or Scotland, just like in The Lord of Rings; Amazon will require legal permissions and casting could take at least two years.)

          But yeah, still panic. I need Book 3 asap.

          1. Oooh, so I have some great news about this. Rebecca Yarros said this herself that she promises that unless something happens to her, this will not be the situation with the Empyrean Series.
            I mean if we really are pedantic about it all, then we do need to film in Scotland. It would just make the most sense. You’re thinking we will have to wait another 2 years for the series to come out? Really? That’s a looong time.

  3. Hi Cory, I think I cannot reply to our previous conversations haha

    So I’m making a new one.

    1. I read Fourth Wing in July, then Iron Flame when it came out. I was so shocked by the final that I started reading FW immediately, and now I’m finishing Iron Flame again. (so almost 2 times?)
    2. I think two years is the minimum, but it’s all up to Amazon. Maybe the series is the reason why we are going to wait for a whole new year for the next book now that Rebecca will be on the team in the movie. So little time to be pendant of the edit and publication of the 3rd book.

    1. Oh no! I hope the site is not broken and people can still comment.
      I am also reading FW right now, because I discovered some interesting new developments. Can’t wait to finish it for the 7th time (I think I can recite this book now) and jump again on Iron Flame.

      Also, check this out. So I’m paying attention to the military ranks in the books, right? Well, we have three generals we know of: General Melgren, General Sorrengail and General Venin. But we know General Sorrengail is gone…that means she will be replaced! And there are some interesting options:
      We have Colonel Aetos (OMG, now THAT would be a disaster). We have Colonel Kaori (would be awesome…). We have Panchek (someone did mention in FW that he is after Lilith’s job. Interesting, interesting). Colonel Nolon, Colonel Markham (OH GOD). Colonel Fremont (erm, we don’t know much about him so probably not). So many new details.

      1. Damn, I thought Panchek was one of the good ones. I can’t trust any man in this book—thank godness Tairn is a dragon. BUT YES, he could be after her now vacant job. He didn’t punish Violet after flying without leave, taking into account that she was a second-year and his dragon was very mated.

        Maybe he really didn’t punish her, not wanting the same fate as Aetos being sent to a coastal outpost after he pissed General’s Sorrengail.

        Devera deserves it. But I know it will be a man.

        There’s also another character that could appear: Lieutenant Colonel Degrensi. His rules are: “Leave and pride. You want it? You fight for it?” This one seems to be in charge in Samara.
        —He was the one who asked to reassign Varrish after he killed three prisoners consecutively, sending a missive to Melgrem. (Quote in IF Chapter 4)

  4. So, my thoughts about Sloane… I think her story and Dain’s will be connected. I believe her developing a relationship with Dain will complete his redemption arc, and will help her find her own healing through forgiveness. Right now, she blames Dain for Liam’s death. Dain has stated that he didn’t intend fr them to be betrayed by his father, and I truly believe he thought he was doing the right thing. He had no idea his father was so corrupt, and when he found out, he did the right thing and followed them out of Basgiath. I think having him earn Sloane’s forgiveness and them falling for each other would be a truly beautiful completion of his redemption.

    1. Wait wait, you think Sloane and Dain will get together? Not Sloane and Aaric? Interesting. I’ve got to say, I did not see that coming! But it’s possible.

    2. This ship never passed through my mind omg

      1. Mine neither! But it actually, kinda, makes sense!

        1. Ok, ok, ok. I think I found something weird.

          We know Aetos dated Amber Mavis, right?

          “It’s Amber Mavis, the strawberry-blond wingleader from Third Wing.” “[…] Amber’s glaring blue eyes.”

          Who’s also blond with sky-blue eyes?

          And just as an extra, “a midzise red the shade of a strawberry flies in, whipping her daggertail.” (Sloane’s dragon in Treshing)

          Like, Sloane is Dain’s type

          1. Shoot. Yeah, you are right. Sloane does seem to be Dain’s type. It would be an interesting combo.

  5. Maybe Violet noticing Aaric’s blue club tailed dragon’s beauty, was actually Andarna’s feelings channeling…

    1. That just makes me so so happy! I don’t know why, but I totally want them to like be a thing haha

  6. Love this thread. All of this reading about eye color has me wondering –

    1. Could Violet’s eye color have something to do with the seventh den of dragon? Violet’s eyes are described as “light hazel of varying blues and ambers that never seem to favor either color.” Perhaps once Andarna’s den is revealed and Violet’s second signet develops, then Violet’s eyes will change. Like how Venin’s eyes change… but instead of in an evil way, in a pure good way?

    2. Xaden’s eyes are black with gold flecks. This could’ve totally predicted Violet’s bond to Tairn and Andarna.

    Sorry if these have been discussed elsewhere on your site- I’m new here! 👋

    1. Welcome Cynthia! I love this theory so much. It’s a new thought btw, nobody has said this before. Would you mind if I post it on my newest Empyrean Riders social club? (with full credit of course!) I think the ladies there will love it!

      1. Hello! Yes of course, and thanks AGAIN for your content. It’s keeping the Iron Wing hangover at bay.

  7. It seems more likely Andarna would choose the new black dragon, as sightings of another black dragon are mentioned in FW. It also opens for a new character to bond to this black dragon and/ or plot points for future books. Maybe Violence needs a third dragon

    1. “In fact, two more black dragons have hatched in the last year, according to Codagh”

      Remember that dragon colour is hereditary ->

  8. Another thought as Lilith stated all Sorrengails are riders, maybe it’s Daddy Sorrengail’s dragon. Could provide information to Violet that can’t be found in the Archives or anywhere else if her father did die

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