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Iron Flame Theory: We will unite the continent and have a modern language

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Written by: Cory

Jesinis translating text into modern language empyrean series

I’ve been sitting on this theory since Fourth Wing, to be honest, and I believe it’s time to speak my mind about it: I think we will unite the continent and create a universal, modern language. Wait, what? How did that come about?

At the very beginning of both “Fourth Wing” and “Iron Flame”, we have the following text:

The following text has been faithfully transcribed from Navarrian into the modern language by Jesinia Neilwart, Curator of the Scribe Quadrant at Basgiath War College. All events are true, and names have been preserved to honor the courage of those fallen. May their souls be commended to Malek.

This got us all pretty riled up, right? What do you mean the events are true? What do you mean their names have been preserved? But then, in “Iron Flame”, we start talking about something very interesting in one of the History Classes.

Poromiel’s provinces maintain their individual cultural identities whereas Navarrian provinces, who unified under the protection of the first wards, chose the common language. So we all know that Navarrian is the common language. We also know from “Iron Flame” the difficulty of trying to translate all those old books from what are now considered “dead languages”. It takes days, and luckily Violet can speak several languages, Jesinia can also speak some, and Dain is a hero in this sense too.

Why is this relevant? Because whatever the outcome at the end of the Empyrean Series (whether our main characters survive or not), I do believe good will win and venin will be eradicated. Peace will be once again restored and the continent will unify to ensure venin never returns.

But in creating this unification, much like what happened under the Navarrian unification, they need to create a modern language so everyone can communicate. And I believe to avoid history repeating, Jesinia (with other curators) will simply translate all documents in the modern language, including their “real history” which is what we’re basically reading in the Empyrean Series.

And I believe the recovered letters and recovered missives are just part of evidence in existence to support and maintain all parts of the history, and ensure nothing is missing.

So does that mean the Empyrean Series will have a happy ending?

Err, I really don’t know. Let’s be a bit real for a moment. It feels like Rebecca Yarros really loves to mess with our emotions. Liam Mairi? Jack Barlowe? Now Xaden? What she put Violet through with Varrish and all that torture? While this is a romantasy, this series is as brutal as they get to be fair. So please excuse me, but I really can’t imagine a clean, happy ending. I reckon it will be happy in the sense that good will win and evil will be defeated. But at what cost?

Now don’t get me wrong. I would love nothing more but for our main characters to hold hands at the end, fly into the sunset with their dragons, but I just don’t see Yarros as that type of author. Yes, I am bracing myself.

What do you think the deal is with the modern language? And hey, at least Jesinia survives…

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8 responses to “Iron Flame Theory: We will unite the continent and have a modern language”

  1. Did you notice two of the missives is written by a Cerella Neilwart in IF Chapter One & Forty Eight. Is she a relative of Jesinia? Why haven’t we come across her if she is a sibling.

    1. YES! But then I realised their names are not actually the same. Check this out:
      Cerella NIELWART
      Jesinia NEILWART
      The i and e are inverted. Was that done deliberately to protect someone? Was it irrelevant? I feel they are too similar to just brush over it…

      1. It’s almost like the scribe joke of Violet in IF Chapter 53:
        “We might not compliment each other, but we complement each other. Get it? With an E instead of the I.”

        1. And I honestly do not think that’s irrelevant..I think it may be a very serious indication that it was a mistake made deliberately, that only a scribe would eventually get. I think Cerella was a good scribe fighting for the right cause and hid her real name, like Jesinia’s “NEILWART”…for them to uncover some very useful documents.

      2. So in my iBooks version they are spelled the same. Editing error or something else….. I went back to check bc I was pointing this out to someone else and they both came up in search with the last name.

        1. huh, well that’s interesting. On all my copies they are different. I have the Kindle, a hard cover and a paperback bought abroad. They all have Neil and Niel. Argh, which one is the correct one???

  2. I’m just realiazing, Jesinia “faithfully” transcribed the text that we read.

    She transcribed the destruction of Violet’s bedroom, the night in the Reunification Day, the scene in Samara’s bathroom, the one in Xaden’s bedroom in Aretia and the one in the throne.

    I choose to think that Violet wrote it using her scribe skills, making Xaden perfect in her words. There’s also another detail.

    Jesinia and Sawyer seems to be a very beautiful couple in the future in Iron Flame. But in Fourth Wing, after the day of Threshing—Chapter 17, Violet implies that Sawyer and Rhi had sex last night.

    But if it wasn’t Jesinia or Violet, then it could have been Aoife—she’s a scribe training for the field while Jesinia is going for the adept path.

    1. I do wonder if we will being Aoife into the game more. Because she was indeed impressive in writing down everything. But indeed, it does feel to me that it’s all written from Violet’s perspective as a journal. She pieced everything together with the evidence she could find, in order.

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