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Iron Flame Theory: Are the Gods among us?

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Written by: Cory

Iron Flame Theory: Are the Gods Among us? Is Malek Violet's dad? Is Dunne Xaden's mom?

Hi, hello, I’m here with another mad theory. I’ve started reading Fourth Wing…again. I’m basically searching for clues about Xaden’s mother. Who is she, what is her story? Why did this woman disappear? We know from Rebecca Yarros herself that we will get more of Xaden’s mom in the coming books. Empyrean Book 3 cannot come fast enough. Now, the theory I’m proposing is not exactly new. Some readers here have been saying that there are Gods amongst us. And that got me thinking. What if, there are actual Gods amongst humans somehow. Is …

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4 responses to “Iron Flame Theory: Are the Gods among us?”

  1. This is actually where my research is taking me. I’ll be picking apart the book and mythology/religion for ties.

    1. Oh, I really am eager to know more about your research!

  2. I was thinking that Violet had a god-like signet until I read your write up here. I was thinking Violet’s signet was resurrection because of the end of IF. Sawyer isn’t responding and Violet says something like “Malek, you took Liam, but you cannot have Sawyer”. Then Sawyer awakens soon after.

    1. I agree. I think she is part God somehow or has a relation with Malek.

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