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Iron Flame Theory: Venin live forever

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Written by: Cory

Iron Flame Theory: Venin live forever

I know what you’re thinking: another wild Iron Flame Theory, but actually, there is enough evidence to suggest this. Venin do live forever, unless three things occur: Andarna kills them, Violet kills them with direct power or they get stabbed by a special alloy dagger. But what are Venin or dark wielders, and where did they come from? And the big question is, how do they live forever? Did they ever cease to exist? I don’t think so… I think Brennan got it all wrong. The Origin of Venin Initially thought to be mere fables, it’s reveale …

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2 responses to “Iron Flame Theory: Venin live forever”

  1. I don’t think the war ever ended, I think that’s part of what the “higher-ups” are hiding. In IF, pg 534 General Melgren says “When you abandon ship in the middle of a hurricane, you save those you can in the dinghy, then cut the hands off anyone else who tries to climb aboard so they don’t pull you under.”

    In desperation, Navaare abandoned ship, they did not end the war.

    Additionally, there are a couple points in the book where Violet’s train of thought is cut off. One was when someone said there has never been a king that was a rider and Violet goes on to say well that’s actually not true (or something to that effect).

    Another part of the book elludes to an anciet king.

    I’m thinking because venin don’t die and the war never ended, our new general is probablly a former rider, perhaps an ancient king or works for the ancient king.

    1. Do you remember the mention of an ancient king who lived a thousand years before Navarre existed? I think there is a story there. And I reckon it has to do with the venin as well!

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