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Iron Flame Theory: The Barrens will be restored with Sloane’s help

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Written by: Cory

The Barrens turning into green habitable space

My theory about the restoration of The Barrens in the Empyrean Series hinges on the concepts of magical imbuing and depletion as depicted in Iron Flame.

What do we know? There are two wardtones, one in Navarre and one in Aretia. We learn that the wardstone in Aretia can be imbued with magic and so, for weeks, a few characters, Violet and Xaden included, imbue the wardstone with their own magic. When Jack Barlowe manages to partly destroy the wardstone in Basgiath, Brennan uses his power to mend it, then again, we use the process of imbuing to put magic into the wardstone. We use Sloane to basically channel all the energy from Lilith (very fast) and place it all in that stone.

We also known that The Barrens are depleted of all magic, and they are essentially a desert. Since objects can be mended and imbued with magic, I honestly believe that there is no reason for The Barrens to not be imbued with magic and restored to their original glory.

Ultimately, I believe that Sloane Mairi will be instrumental in restoring The Barrens. Why?

The art of imbuing comes naturally to only a handful of signets, and automatically only to one: the siphon. – A STUDY ON SIGNETS BY MAJOR DALTON SISNEROS

While we lost her brother, I think Sloane will become one of the central characters in the series. And let’s not forget that I still think her and Aaric will have something going on too.

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8 responses to “Iron Flame Theory: The Barrens will be restored with Sloane’s help”

  1. Hi Cory,
    I’d like to add details about Colonel Mairi, Liam and Sloane’s mom.

    So in FW, in Resson, Tairn and Violet are flying and trying to aim to venin.
    “Watch out. Deigh says that building on the other side of the road has a crate of something marked with Liam’s family crest. He says it’s highly… unstable.”
    (The crest is the box that lures wybern.)

    The father of Liam and Slone was Fen Riorson’s aide.
    Colonel Mairi, their mother, was a rune creator master; she made 107 protection stone runes for the marked ones.

    And inside the wybern there are onyx pieces with difficult runes.


    At this point, I think the only ones we can say are surely not venin are just the dragons and the gryphons. Violet is even theorized to be half venin, and I don’t want to talk about Xaden.

    1. ” I don’t want to talk about Xaden.” haha it got you didn’t it? Yes, it was Liam’s family crest, in FW. I do think little Sloane will pay an important role in this. I just know it.
      And honestly, I feel so confused and conflicted. It feels like only Violet, Rhi, Ridoc, Sawyer, Jesinia, Imogen, Garrick, Bodhi, Slaone and Cam are NOT venin. Everyone else could totally be.

      1. I need to go with a big bag of coffee to Rebecca’s house and ask her gently who is not a venin.

        1. I want to say Violet…but her silver tips, man…I think there’s something in there. Although I do not think she is venin, she’s been drained a little by them.

          1. Cory, if the drain theory is true, this could mean that ‘maybe’ Violet cannot be drained again, right?

            IF Chapter 41:
            “Would be a shame to waste the gaming arena, since it took me years to construct. It’s quite special. All the stone quarried from Braevick, from east of the Dunness River.” (Tecarus)

            IF Chapter 42:
            “If quarried the stones from east of the Dunness River, the land that borders the Barrens. It had already been drained of its magic.” (Violet)

            Tecnically, in those seats were alive people, and the venin couldn’t reach them because there was something drained in the way.

          2. That is correct. So either Violet has been drained and survived it. Or she’s only been drained partly (in which case…).
            I think we will get some of those stones around Basgiath or Aretia very very soon!

  2. I think Violet’s second signet will be to imbue power. She will be the one to save the barren lands and raise wards. Perhaps the venom will start sucking power from riders, but she can already control energy, and she will be able to be a conduit for energy, not stolen from the source!

    1. Hi Becca. But she can already imbue power. As well as other too, like Riorson, Brennan and Slaone (which comes natural to her).

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