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Iron Flame Theory: Violet’s second signet

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Written by: Cory

Violet Sorrengail wielding lightening to destroy venin

What is Violet Sorrengail’s second signet? That has been the question bugging us for the past few weeks. We’ve talked about it in the comments of every other Iron Flame theory and even in the Iron Flame review. But are we actually closer to finding out Violet’s superpowers? I would say so. It looks like the majority of you are saying it’s either gravity or a chameleon type signet, similar to Andarna’s colours.

First of all, thank you so much to all of you who participated in the comments, coming up with new theories and ideas for her signet. It’s because of our discussions that it was possible to find new clues in the book.

Before we go any further, I must warn you, there are major spoilers ahead, so please proceed with caution. If you haven’t read Iron Flame, you’ve got to do it first (you’ll love it, I promise!).

Violet Sorrengail – Why does she have another signet?

In Fourth Wing, Violet Sorrengail bonded not one, but two dragons. She bonded a feathertail, a little golden dragon named Andarna. We found out that Andarna is still a hatchling, a juvenile dragon. Juvenile dragons possess a special gift, and in Andarna’s case, it was stopping time. The reason juveniles do not bond is that they can accidentally give their gift to humans. That would be problematic for power-hungry riders (and humans), so juveniles are normally kept secret until they reach adulthood.

In Iron Flame, we go through several stages with Andarna. She becomes what we initially think is a black teenage dragon. She then enters Dreamless Sleep to complete her growth, and we learn she’s lost her ability to stop time. This can only mean one thing for us: she can channel, and Violet reaches for her connection with Andarna on several occasions. We eventually learn that Andarna is a 7th breed of dragon and she is not black but iridescent, which makes her pretty spectacular.

Right, so back to Violet’s second signet. Why does she have two signets? Theoretically, two dragons, two signets, right? Well, while it hasn’t been confirmed in the book itself, luckily for us, the author herself confirmed this in an interview. Rebecca Yarros said that Violet’s second signet manifested in Iron Flame. Alright, so that left us super puzzled and in search of the truth. This is precisely how we started speculating and theorising.

Some of us have read the book three times already in search of the ultimate clues. But did we find it?

The answer, I’m afraid, is a little complicated.

What is Violet Sorrengail’s second signet?

The simple answer is that we don’t know for sure, and we won’t know until the third book in the Empyrean series is out. Luckily though, there are plenty of clues in Iron Flame that got us covered. I put together the ultimate list of potential second signets for Violet based on clues from the book. They are all backed by Violet’s needs and wants and who she is at her core. After all, this is how she tried to guess Xaden’s second signet, and she nailed it. So by that logic, we can do it too!

EDIT: I now have a new theory on why I think Xaden and Violet are gods. (yup, for real!) Which means that we are closer than ever to figuring out Violet’s actual second signet. Let’s get started. (I think the last one is the winner!)

Chameleon Signet: This unique idea posits that Violet’s signet allows her to adapt and gain abilities needed at the moment, much like how Andarna is capable of more of the same. The only issue with this theory is that it’s not technically the dragon that gives this ability, it’s who the rider is at her very core. Don’t get me wrong, it would be an excellent signet, just less likely.

Elemental Control: She’s been lied to by her mum, by her kingdom, and by her lover. Her brother is alive, and what she thought were fairy tale monsters, exist and are terrifying. From the confident, striving-to-get-better-at-everything woman in Fourth Wing, she lost her balance entirely. She didn’t have anyone to talk to; she didn’t know who she was in the context of this new world. Her emotions are all over the place, and it’s clear that her lightning strike is very much responding to her lack of control. She wields pure power and has no idea how to control it. In other words, she cannot yet control the skies. It’s more like the power simply responds to her very frantic emotions. What does Violet really need? To control herself, her emotions, her thoughts. Once she is in control, things happen well. She can wield well and even control her power, giving it the form she needs. After all, as Felix said, she can even wield Xaden, and now that we know Xaden is venin, all he needs is control…so maybe that’s precisely her superpower. Control.

This could also mean that she could control others and their signets. She could infuse some of her power to potentially amplify or subtract theirs.

Amplifying Others’ Signets: Another theory is that Violet could amplify or enhance the signets of others. This aligns with the fact that Violet really has so much love to give and wants her circle of family and friends to succeed. It could be that when in need, she amplified Rhiannon’s ability to wield summon through a wall. It could be that Mira did not manage to wield the ward around them in Poromiel, but she amplified Mira’s power. Generally, this would mean that she could infuse some of her power into others, being the opposite of a siphon because, at her very core, Violet is a giver. Violet would sacrifice herself for others, as she has proven over and over again when it came to trying to save Liam, saving her nemesis even, Catriona, and putting herself in danger to save Sawyer.

Truth Sayer/Type of Inntinnsic: This theory suggests that Violet’s second signet might be related to discerning or revealing the truth. She said it over and over to Xaden that in order to function, she needs the truth. She feels much like Xaden’s desire to know information. Note that Violet made it clear that she is a person that needs information to centre herself. The point above that Violet needs to be in control? Well, it might just be that information gives her control, which means she could be a type of inntinnsic. In the book, there is also a point that truth sayers are more dangerous than inntinnsics, yet they let them live.

Distance Wielder: Some believe that Violet’s signet could be related to controlling distance. This signet has been mentioned in Iron Flame when Xaden says there have only been two distance wielders in the past century. But given how rare Violet’s first signet is, it wouldn’t be surprising if this is her second signet. During the Battle of Basgiath, she does tell Tairn that he couldn’t be in two places at once. So maybe, she can?

Communication with the Dead: A few theorise that Violet could communicate with the dead or have visions involving them, as seen in her encounters with Liam. However, I honestly think this has nothing to do with her second signet. First of all, because during her time in the torture chamber, she was under the influence of the elixir, without access to her signets. I believe her seeing Liam was just a way to get some closure. He was her protector and he continued to be after death too. I think it was all a beautiful metaphor but nothing to do with her signet. I also think that Malek really did send Liam as a kindness. Because, as you already know, I firmly believe that Violet is a God. So that statement would actually make sense.

Dream Walker: Violet seems to be able to experience Xaden’s dreams as if there are her own. Coincidence? Their bond? Or is that part of her signet? Is this a type of inntinnsic or is she a sort of dream walker? The only issue that I have with this is that this particular signet doesn’t seem very useful. Also how would this tie to who Violet is at her very core? How could we use this particular signet in the long run to fight venin? I’m not seeing it, but I acknowledge that this was no coincidence. So maybe there is a lot more to it.

Time Manipulation: It’s probably what we’d most desire, isn’t it? The ability for Violet to manipulate time in one way or another. In ‘Iron Flame’, she often measures time in heartbeats. There are instances where she perceives time as slowing to sluggish heartbeats. She mentions to Felix the necessity of this power; without the ability to halt time, her aim falters. While the concept of time manipulation is enthralling, I ponder whether this is not her signet from Andarna. Perhaps Andarna inadvertently transferred her gift to Violet after the Battle of Resson. At that time, Andarna was deliberately slowing time for Violet’s survival. This might imply that Violet possesses two signets and one incredibly useful skill: the ability to decelerate or even halt time.

Gravity: Again, this is from the glorious comments. She does seem to reference that A LOT. Also at the very beginning of the book Violet does say “Gravity, logic whatever it is that keeps me grounded shifts.” So what does she need so much in Iron Flame? She needs to stay grounded because she’s not finding her “feet”. Also, indeed, she can’t really bounce from dragon to dragon (as we saw at the end of Iron Flame) because she can easily break. By that logic, gravity is something she truly needs and at her core describes her because it keeps her grounded.This is one of my favourite signet options for Violet but my mad scientist friend kinda went into why her current pure power signet also includes gravity. Which means…she has that as a default, so it’s not a second signet!

Healing or Mending Souls: Given the series’ focus on soul mending and Violet’s compassionate nature, I do believe her signet could be related to healing or restoring the souls of venin or others. In Fourth Wing, she kept saying that she is just a weapon, meant for destruction. How Brennan mends and Mira protects, yet while she has so much love to give, her signet is not reflective of this. If you pay close attention, you notice that in Fourth Wing and Iron Flame, almost everyone but venins do eventually bend to Violet and her kindness. Xaden, Imogen, and even Cat. Now, if

Will Power: This is another signet suggested in the comments, and I believe it should be added here. This theory comes from the idea that Violet needs a will of Iron to survive. It is indeed on the back cover. Here is what one of the readers, Megan, picked from Iron Flame that would suggest Violet has will power as a second signet “Loosen your grip on his throat..” re Tecarus (page 400). “Two lines appear between Xaden’s dark brown and his grip eases”. The idea is behind this is why is Xaden frowning. Did he feel her power to will him to stop? Then the other noticeable example was in the cave “Survive. Survive. Survive. I push the demand down every mental bond I have….Kiralair and Sloane fly into us next, swept in by an unseen force..”. Our reader proposes that Violet willed them (physically) to her.

Shields (this is it!!!): Violet was best at shielding from day 1. It feels like a natural talent which became more and more needed as time passed. First, mental shields to be able to protect her secrets from Dain and others. Now, that Xaden is venin, she will need to be able to shield even more. There are some discussions in the comment that suggest Violet’s ability to shield goes beyond mental to physical. She is able to even shield herself from harm, with the most proeminent way of shielding her body is when she jumps from Tairn’s back to Sawyer’s dragon without breaking any bones. Even more so, at the beginning of Iron Flame in Chapter 3, Violet tells TairnGuess we should have worked on rolling dismounts earlier in the year,” to which Tairn replies: “A rolling dismount would tear you limb from limb on impact”. But then, interestingly enough, it is Andarna who counters: “You don’t know that“. Judging by the fact that Andarna obviously can predict some things (eg. she knew on Violet’s 18 bday that she will become a rider in 2 years) I reckon Andarna might already know her rider’s signet. Coincidence? I’ve got to say…so far, this is the winning theory for me.
I also wanted to add, in Fourth Wing Xaden tells her “You won’t ever be able to block them (as in, the dragons) out completely, and sometimes they forget to block us, like tonight.” Then in Iron Flame “And I’d better be quick, because Tairn is almost here. I can feel him dismantling my shields. No rider can keep their dragon out for long if they want in.” Excuse me, how the hell did she just keep TAIRN of all dragons, out? She blocked him!
It’s also in Iron Flame, where Xaden tells her: “The day you can successfully block me all the way out is the day I’m dead. We’re both dead.” And it’s just a few chapters later that he then tells her “If you hadn’t blocked me out all evening, I would have told you sooner.”

Violet’s second signet as a god

Please, please, please, take 5 minutes to read my theory on Gods. I promise it makes a looot of sense, and you will see why Violet is basically Zeus. Or, at the very least, the equivalent of his daughters Persephone or Atemis.

Supposing Violet mirrors Zeus, she’d possess lightning powers and shapeshifting abilities. Yet, realistically, shapeshifting is not feature in the Empyrean Series. Now, consider this: Zeus also wielded Aegis, his formidable shield symbolising his might. Famed as unbreakable and instilling dread in foes, THINK ABOUT IT – A SHIELD. And Violet’s forte? Shielding, indeed. Hence, Violet’s second signet could be potent shields.

Should Violet echo aspects of Artemis, we can expect her to exhibit impeccable archery skills and the power to transform herself and others into animals. Again, the archery thing might just be that she can finally fine tune her lightening into precision weapons and let’s face it, we on’t be turning anyone into animals, as it’s not that type of book. Artemis is also renowned for her control over disease and healing, which could entail that she is can cure venin somehow. Hmm…I like the shields idea better.

Alternatively, aligning Violet with Persephone could suggest enhanced strength, durability, and disease resistance. But isn’t she already immune to turning venin, as per the theory of her resilience stemming from being “drained” in Lilith’s womb?

My verdict: Violet Sorrengail’s second signet is shields. She was epic at shields from day 1, she was excellent at shielding everyone, including her dragon, which she shouldn’t be able to do. She even shielded Xaden even though he told her she cannot. I am not as certain of it as I was when I predicted that Xaden was an inntinnsic.

Who is Violet Sorrengail at her core?

Violet Sorrengail is a kind woman with a lot of love to give. She is fair and honest and seeks honesty from others too. She is a protector (hence, shields!!!), as she would rather sacrifice herself than put others in danger. She would rather distance herself from her best friends than put them in any danger. While her body might be weaker than others, her mind is not. She is incredibly smart and brilliant and comes up with fantastic ideas and loopholes on the spot. She believes her mind is her best tool, and she uses it at every opportunity to help herself, her dragons, and others.

She loves fiercely, and she missed her father. Even though her signet is powerful, she is not hungry for power. She lacks control, and she is working very hard at finding it, especially in Iron Flame, when she seeks to overcome insecurities, jealousies, and other negative feelings. She straight out states that she is the sort of person who needs information to centre herself.

What do you think Violet Sorrengail’s second signet is? Did you find something I’ve missed? I would love to hear it. Please let me know in the comments below. And if you are feeling a little crazy like me, join me as I’m beginning my ninth reading of Iron Flame.

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204 responses to “Iron Flame Theory: Violet’s second signet”

  1. I think this is a hard one, even though Rebecca does say that Violet’s second signet has already started to manifest in Iron Flame – another read is definitely needed, but I have so many books in my tbr pile (I think they are screaming at me🤣).

    I think my initial thoughts do head towards distance wielder for some reason (maybe because it is what I remember most after one read) – before she entered the quadrant in Fourth Wing, her main strength had been speed, noted as being quick. And I remember Aaric’s comment – something around he had never seen anyone run so fast. It could be the beginning of a distance wielder signet that will later be expanded on.

    I do like your theory on healing or mending souls. Violet is such a compassionate person and I can definitely see how, especially the attitudes of both Imogen and Cat, changed in each book (Imogen despised her at the beginning of Fourth Wing). I also think that when it comes to dealing with the venin, you could go down the destroy theme or you could go down the mending of the soul theme. I think there is a way for someone to come back from being a venin.
    Maybe she has a signet that could help. I’ve been racking my brain to remember anything else that might come to mind. I might focus on this on another reread to see if anything becomes clear.

    I also noted from another post that someone mentioned the time aspect again and they highlighted were beats are mentioned (I can’t remember where – I think it might be where she saved Sawyer) – I think I might look into this theory as well – maybe she can manipulate time in some way – slow it down maybe. It could aid to help her control and centre herself, especially when she fears that she could lose someone she loves.

    I think there is something in each of your theories above, but at the moment I have only read the book once and I’m trying to remember different events to see if I pick up on anything, but my brain is a bit scrambled at the moment. I do think the seeing Liam/seeing the dead aspect is not a signet as well and was more a result of the interrogation/torture, unless the serum only works on known dragon breed bonds – they don’t know that Andarna is a 7th breed – though she was asleep at the time, but could of woken up when it was realised that Violet was missing. A reread is definitely needed 😀

    1. Maybe Andarna can camoflauge herself.
      Andarna’s iridescent scales reflect her surroundings strangely, and could mean that she develops camoflauge.

  2. I think her second signet is distance wielder. At her core, what she wants most is to protect those she loves, and to be able to do that she has to be there when they need her. I have got some text from the book after my reread, which I think makes me sure to believe it.

    First is where she is attacked by solar in the caves with Cat and Sloane

    “Survive. Survive. Survive. I push the demand down every mental bond I have just in case we aren’t out of range. Xaden’s too far, but Tairn will hear it, and Andarna—gods, Tairn has to get here in time to save her. Kiralair and Sloane fly into us next, swept in by an unseen force, pushing Sloane and me backward”
    here she saw them get to her by an unseen force. which could have been her own power covering the distance to get them to safety with her.

    Second is where she jumps from Tairn onto Auotorm to save Ridoc
    and then she continues to jump on Sliseag. with only aiming to save the people she loves.

    “They all flash through my mind as my arms swing through the fall, finding only air, but it’s my mother’s face I see in my mind when I land on Aotrom’s back, the soles of my boots finding purchase at the edge of one of his spine scales.”
    “How’s that for a running landing?” Holy shit, I made it”

    “I nod, praying to Dunne he understands, that he holds still, and
    then leap from the wyvern’s neck, my feet kicking for distance.
    I land just above Sliseag’s eyes”

    In this case, she needed most to land perfectly on the other dragons while she didn’t have the capability in her body to do so. so this could be where her power manifested, and she unknowingly used her distance wielder powers to land safely on them

    She is also been running in the book from the start because she is scared she can’t cover the distance fast to save her or Tairn’s life. this could be where her need for distance wilder signet settled in her core as related to her nature at her core to save people she loves,
    after Andarna woke up in Aretia and was able to channel to her, and Violet’s signet really manifested fully in the end. instead of other guesses about her signet where Andarna was mostly asleep.

    There is another part where Xaden says distance wielders are extremely rare and haven’t been found for the last centuries, so this could be why RY added this little snippet in the middle of their fighting to make her ground for Violet’s second signet because without their mentioning in this paragraph we reader never would have known such type of signet exist. plus Violet uses the same description for Xaden being always in the right place which in actuality it is her who needs most to be in the right place.

    1. So there are two points I want to mention too:
      – in FW we know from Battle Brief that Jack Barlowe says foresight is not a signet. I think it might not be, I think it has everything to do with Andarna’s lines of dragons.
      – Xaden did mention how extremely rare distance wielders are. So it makes sense for Violet to be it.

      One thing is for sure, Rebecca Yarros does not mention things for no reason.

      1. What about Will Power/ Iron Will…she can will people to do what she asks/wants (mind power, in the mental and physical sense). It basically says this on the back cover..”although Violets body might be weaker and frailer than everyone elses, she still has her wits – and a will of Iron”.
        Re-reading the book now for further proof, but what triggered this thought is when she says to Xaden “Loosen your grip on his throat..” re Tecarus (page 400). “Two lines appear between Xaden’s dark brown and his grip eases”. Why the frown, did he find it strange, was he noticing her power to will him? Then the other noticeable example was in the cave “Survive. Survive. Survive. I push the demand down every mental bond I have….Kiralair and Sloane fly into us next, swept in by an unseen force..”. She willed them (physically) to her. Power of will/mind does compliment Xaden’s mind reading signet too. Maybe she also willed Mira to be able to shield from the Venin and then willed Brennan to listen to her when she said “I need you to trust me. Get our sister to the steps.” (Page 398). Why would he obey to that so easily? Anyway, just my thoughts. Currently re reading so I’ll see if I can find anymore evidence!

        1. I am here for it, Megan. I love where you are going with this theory. It would make a lot of sense. She does have a will of Iron. Especially when she doesn’t break under all that torture.

          1. I think willpower mixed with soulsaver…. bc her will does penetrate people’s minds thus making THEIR will follow her command…. but this could easily be used by the authorities so she has to keep it secret like xadens 2nd Sigel

          2. I do wonder if her second signet will be kept a secret as well.

        2. I think this theory is very likely! She even uses it on herself – “I will not die today” – and so she doesn’t. However, when trying to order Andarna to stay hidden, etc. she is not obeyed. Also in the scene in Basgaith’s ward chamber with her mom and Sloane, she keeps saying NO, yet it happens anyway.
          But remember Violet telling her mother to trust her to repair the ward stone, and she agrees? Also her ordering General Melgren around as she is running around the battle field? So many places she does indeed use Iron Will. I need to go back and read more to see what I missed 🙂

  3. What about the idea of her signet being connected to her dreams? The whole book she dreamed the ending of what would happen to xaden. This could be a deviation on what melgram has and would position her to be a bigger general and protect her friends from seeing what will/could happen? She can only access it in dreams (andarna was sleeping) and maybe as she realizes it comes to life more.

    Side note – It seems like she is connected to venin in weird ways. Her dad is one?

    1. It’s very tempting right? She is a sort of dream walker. I think she can somehow be in people’s dreams or take their place in their dreams. It’s very possible. OR it could be that she had access to Xaden’s dreams because she is some sort of inntinnsic. OR because of their connection.
      I think she is connected to venin. Wait, I have a theory -> https://www.empyreanriders.com/articles/iron-flame-theory-mr-sorrengail-is-general-venin/

      1. I just read the book for the second time (well, I listened to it, so it’s possible I missed key details), but I noticed in one of Violet’s earlier dreams in Iron Flame that the venin in her dream mentioned something about “the longest night.” This happened waaaaaaaaaay before the meeting with Melgren at Athebyne where Violet found out they were to be attacked on solstice (the longest night). That got me thinking that her second signet is somehow related to foreseeing the future? Or maybe seeing the future in her dreams (or even manipulating the future via her dreams)? But I’m loving reading all of the theories on here–I think I’m quickly lapsing into depression waiting for the 3rd book! 😀

        1. Hi Heather. We have someone else in the comments who said literally the same thing. I just approved the comment, so it’s fresh on the site. Yes, the venin did say that! It’s definitely not a coincidence at all. From their comment (which is pretty awesome, search for Jeck)

          “Xadens Dream. Multiple times she has the “Reoccurring” nightmare in which the final scene of the final chapter plays out almost exactly how her dream predicted.
          IIRC, every time her dream manifested, she was in bed with Xaden, actively touching him.
          IIRC, each dream was during Andarnas “Dreamless” sleep. (Nature likes all things in balance.)”

          1. I too was thinking these dreams are the most likely linked to her second signet BUT from a different lens. Maybe it’s not a dream, but a premonition. Maybe Violet is starting to manifest the ability to see people’s future. Xaden had the dream after he turned like a PTSD dream, he didn’t necessarily have it beforehand. while Violet had this reoccurring dream as if it was happening to her but she was seeing Xadens future. General Melgren can foresee the results of battle. He too has a black dragon and Andarna is from his den right?

          2. It’s possible that she can indeed see the future somehow.
            But let me clarify about the dragons and their relationship.
            Codagh and Tairn are from the same den. They come from the same line “grounds of the Dubhmadinn Line, from which two of the greatest dragons of our time—Codagh and Tairn—descend.”
            Andarna is a 7th breed of dragon and the head of her own den. Her colour is not black but pearlescent. She was just “hiding” her real colour.

        2. Yes! And what about the dream she has toward the end of iron flame in which the venin sage tells her that she will tear down the wards for love? I feel that this dream must be very significant

          1. That’s def a prediction for book 3!!!

    2. I am leaning toward this idea of her signet. I am not sold on her dad being venin though…. I do think Xadens mother may be though… just a feelin.

      1. We do need to know more about Xaden’s mom. Did she just go away after fulfilling her duty? Why? It seems so sketchy.

        1. I think Bodhi is Xadens brother and not cousin. If you reread the books violet make random mentions of man I swear his walk is exactly like xaden. She makes serveral mentions of this. Just a random theory but I definitely think something will come out about his mom.

          1. Hi Katie, I think so too. I have a full theory on this <3

    3. I like the idea of blending Truth/Sheilds/Deams into one. I think you could fold all three into a signet that controls access to signs and symbols. Although her lack of rune-making contradicts this…so maybe not. But something to do with accessing/controlling the transmission of Truth would allow for the sheilding of information/thoughts, receiving information in dreams or visions, and maybe the fudging or obscuring of true reality (through Andara’s camouflage talents). Anyway just a thought!

  4. I think it has something to do with wards and locks. There is a mention of how she feels around them. And aaric was able to pull her through his fathers’ library. And she said it didn’t want to let me in. Then again I think that her gift would not have manifested before andarna woke up from dreamless sleep because she was still a baby before that. So I don’t know. But I definitely agree with you why it’s not talking to dead people. And I really want it to be truth sayer

    1. Oooh you want it to be truth sayer? What would be interesting about that is that she wouldn’t get the information. She would just get it a sense when people say the truth or not. But it would still be on her to find the real answer. It would be interesting indeed.

      1. I also think it could be a truth sayer but with a twist. She only knows it’s the truth if she asks the right question. She has always needed to know what was going on and needed people to talk her the truth. This book was also full of “half truths,” where depending on the question Violet learned to tell what would be considered the truth without telling the whole truth Also, I feel like Xaden somehow is aware of it and that is why he keeps telling her she needs to ask the right questions to get the truth and isn’t forthcoming with any information.

        1. Interesting. It does feel like Xaden is aware of her more so than she is. He is always a step ahead.

  5. You make a good point with the influence of the elixir making communing with the dead unlikely. However, think I still like the soul-seer/healer signet, and when Violet is beaten very near death it could have manifested despite the (experimental) elixir.

    How about knowing people’s dreams? Didn’t she experience Xaden’s dreams? Violet is a dreamer.

    1. Violet is a dreamer and it does feel like she experimented Xaden’s dreams. I wonder if I should just add it to the list of potential signets. After all, it is very proeminent in the book. It’s unfair to not have it there.

  6. Okay here are my thoughts after a second go around.

    Inntinnsic: During my first round of IF, I thought Violet would be a type of inntinnsic, especially because of the spicy scene after fighting Cat (ch.48). However, after going through the story a second time, it became clear to me that the thoughts Xaden allowed Violet to know where indeed what he allowed. The reason for him saying he shouldn’t have done that was basically because he was turned on too much and struggling to control himself so he can make his point to her. Throughout the book, Xaden has to keep reminding Violet that he looses all self control whenever she’s involved. We also have to remember that he does something similar for her in FW, when she is trying to learn how to call on her power (FW.ch 30).

    Distance Wielder: As awesome as this would be, I think this power will go to Cam. The prince deserves an awesome signet and I think it’s a better fit for him. He wants to protect his people by being where he is needed. He doesn’t wish for control of the kingdom, but to actively help his citizens by being wherever he’s needed the most. I can see why people think this might be her second signet, but I’m not entirely convinced that this is a candidate.

    Dreams/Dream Walker: Now I read a few comments on this one, so I made sure to pay even closer attention to this possible theory. Violet mentions her dreams 6 times. The first time she mentions her dreams, she only remembers them vividly (ch7), the second time is in chapter 9. The third time (ch 20), she tells Xaden about her dreams. The next 3 dreams we finally get to see what she is actually dreaming, with the first seemingly more geared towards herself (ch22). The last 2 dreams (ch.37&52) seem pretty similar to what happened to Xaden at the last battle; with it snowing, the wound, the water trickling down the back of his neck, being suspended mid air and it being the longest night of the year. I get the feeling that this isn’t her power, it might be the dark wielders power. The dark wielder may have connected himself to her and Xaden and can only communicate to them in their sleep, as if his power is dealing with the dream world. This might explain why Xaden knew the venin general was waiting for him and he told Violet she didn’t want to know how he knew.

    Time: Now this signet would be an interesting one and more probable then the above. Just because Andarna lost her gift does not imply that Violet’s second can’t be a time wielder. If this were true, it opens up many more theories regarding the venin and even how Andarna knew Violet was going to be a rider. I have only one concern about the time theory and that is regarding Andarna and the dreamless sleep. As a feathertail, she couldn’t channel her power to Violet like Tairn could and once she started the accelerated growth she lost that ability of her gift. We know the dreamless sleep is a critical developmental stage for growing dragons (ch.4). My thoughts are that while they are in the dreamless sleep, dragons wouldn’t be able to channel, at least not until they wake up. If this is correct, then the time theory is impossible as violet describes at least two times the slowing of time while Andarna sleeps (ch.30 & 36). Now if we rule it out, then it doesn’t matter whether she’s sleeping or not and would be able to still channel. Violet describes the slowing of time when she is in battle (ch.30, 36, 38,42,43,56 & 62). As Andarna was only able to hold time for a few seconds or minutes, it only makes sense that Violet can only hold it for a fraction of a second, for now. Violet having the ability to channel from Andarna may have also caused her to stay in the dreamless sleep longer then they expected. Then again, since she is a 7th breed it could be that that is how long they sleep, as it varies from each breed (ch.4). The need for more time does fall in line with what Violet needs. She needs more time to save her friends, herself, putting up the wards, etc. But is needing to control time what she is at her core?

    Shield: From the beginning of IF, Violet has been trying to properly shield herself from minder readers like Dain. She doesn’t like the fact that she can’t successfully block out Xaden and he even tells her that the day she does, he would be dead (ch. 20). If we go with my previous theory, that she’ll manifest her second signet only after Andarnas wakes then this would make more sense. When she visits Viscount Tecarus, Xaden had been trying to reach her but she was able to block him out completely (ch. 41). I think this might be related to her second signet, we know that she was always the strongest in her year with shielding, but what if that’s because it was who she is at her core. She has always wanted to protect herself in FW, to survive and what happened afterwards, she now needed a way to protect herself from everything and everyone. Tecarus told her that her desire was peace for those she loves (ch.42). She has been trying to protect her friends from the venin, Dain, Varish, anything that could harm them, especially since she doesn’t want another Liam happening again. What better way to protect than shielding them from harm. I think the shield is not like her sisters ability to ward, but something similar and yet different. I thought the battle in the cave was Andarna,the unseen force that pushed Sloane and the Gryphon towards her (ch54), but what if it was Violet’s shielding power acting as a force field and pulling them to her? I also think that Violet would have been more injured if it were not for something to blunt the impact to her head when she was fighting Varish’s dragon. She heard a cracking sound on impact but the healer only said she just has a bump. Also the last battle scene when she is trying to save Sawyer, those impacts would have normally caused her to sprain, dislocate or even brake bone, yet it didn’t happen.
    Violet has stated that she needs information, the truth to ground, to center herself. She needs those answers because that’s the only way she can protect herself and the ones she loves. Her ultimate goal has always been to protect. It’s why she wanted to but up the wards, why she went to see Tecarus and why she hid the truth from her friends for so long. So I think this may be a second signet to consider.

    Can’t wait to read everyone else’s thoughts and I think for the third book, I’m definitely getting a printed copy. Too hard to search for answers in an audiobook format.

    1. I’m reading it the third time around, I have the print version. It makes it a little easier to underline things for sure.

      Inntinnsic: I agree with your notes. I also thought she saw his thoughts by mistake, but on my second read I came to realise he showed her his thoughts on purpose. The only reason why she would be an inntinnsic is for her to find the truth/collect information.

      Distance Wielder: I had the same thought, it’s either or. So far we’ve had just a couple of references that could suggest she managed to get to places faster than anticipated. But if it’s not hers, def Cam’s (Aaric’s).

      Dreams/Dream Walker: So this was mentioned so many times, you are right. But I fail to see the purpose of this signet. I want to know how would this show what’s Violet at the core and what she needs? To connect to Xaden, yes, even in their dreams, sure, but how would this be beneficial? Like, imagining for a second she could dream walk in Rhi’s dreams? What would be the advantage of that? Unless we’re expecting somehow that people will be kept prisoners in the future and she will be able to communicate with them via their dreams, to still maintain a connection despite distance.

      Time: I honestly believe that she has this as a gift from Andarna rather than as a second signet. It was too much emphasis on the fact that feathertails can pass their gifts to humans, which is why they are not allowed to bond. And it’s another reason why they are kept secret from humans, as they could be exploited, right? So what if Violet already has the time slowing/stopping gift which would explain why she could manifest it while Andarna was asleep. After all, it’s her gift, independent of channelling. And yes, you are right, as a signet also meets Violet’s need to find time to save everyone, always.

      Shield: I would like to add this to the list because I think it’s a fair assumption. After all, she is the best at shielding since day 1, right? She is now burdened with lots of secrets. To protect the ones she loves. So it may be that her signet for shielding extends beyond that of the mental ones. I am reading the chapters you’ve mentioned again. I do like the interesting subtleties from the cave. The only thing is that the cracking sound is Visia hitting her head…and sadly, dying. I do, however, found it very odd that she managed to survive all the jumps at the Battle of Basgiath without breaking or dislocating. There was emphasis on that as well, so I do feel there is more to this story.
      This is something to consider for sure. It would also explain her problem that with lightening she’s just a weapon. With shields, she is a protector, which I think deep down she wants to be.
      So then, my question is…was it her that created that ward around Mira and Brennan when they were fighting that venin in the arena? Or Mira under extreme stress (as per the beginning of the chapter information).

      1. Shield: “lastly my head against the ground with a crack” ch 54. Later near the end, the healer just simply says she has quite a lump on the back of her head. She hit her entire body against the ground when Solar whipped her with his tail in the stomach.

        I also want to mention that the shield she created while visiting Tecarus was only a mental shield. Someone might mention that Cat was able to get in her mind. Well, no, Cat and Tecarus didn’t and can’t read her mind. Cat can only amplify emotions, not create, so she can feel what your feeling, not thinking. And as for Tecarus, he just sees what you most desire, not really reading your mind, more like the reading your heart.

        I think the ward that was created in the arena was Mira’s as per the beginning of the information from the chapter. We know she is able to create her own wards at the last battle when she tells her mom she will be with her squad as a line of defense.

        1. Going back to the chapter to read it and see if I’m picking up on those shields. The Tecarus visit shield was only mental, I agree with that, and she was the best in her year (and she still is so good she can even block Xaden).
          And yes I agree with you, I think Mira just managed to create the wards out of extreme stress and emotion.

      2. I second the shield theory! At the end of IF she also mentioned that she blocked out TAIRN! TAIRN! Doesn’t she say earlier that not even the strongest shields could block out their dragons when they want to get in? And Tairn desperately was trying to get in, but Violet somehow kept him out when talking to Andarna in the cave. That’s next level shielding that she said shouldn’t be possible!

        1. Indeed. Xaden said in fourth wing that riders cannot block their dragons fully, only somewhat. And the fact that Violet managed to do it even if temporarily? That’s pretty impressive!

          1. What do you think about her second signet being the method she uses to save or bring Xaden back? I reckon shielding could fit here if she could somehow permanently shield Xaden from channeling altogether. It seems like her second has to be related to eliminating or saving all of the venin simply because she seems to have the hero of ages feel going for her. Can she permanently shield everyone from channeling from the ground and keep it strictly from the dragons…this both saves Xaden and ends the venin.

          2. She’s spectacular at shields, is she not? I’m not getting so confused, between gravity, control, soul mender, magic mender and shields it’s hard to pick just one.
            But I really see your train of thoughts here and it does make sense. Maybe she cannot and she does not need to mend Xaden, but just shield others from venin.

        2. Maybe it’s her iron of will (signet) that lets her be able to hold her shields up?

          1. Yes…I think she might have an “iron” shield actually.

      3. Totally agree! A gift is different than channeling. I think Andarna did GIFT altering time to Violet and that it is separate from a second signet. It is probably what caused Andarna’s damaged wing and long sleep. The elders did say they had never seen an adolescent sleep that long. Maybe that’s because none have ever bonded and “gifted” their rider powers. Following this gift, Violet does get closer to burnout several times. Which we know Tairn explained was a very likely possibility after being “gifted” from a feather tail.

        Adarna hints at her ability to see the future and a “prophecy” for Violet at the end of IF. That Adarna waited 650 years to hatch so that she could bond with Violet. This, and seeing Xaden’s fate via dream and from his point of view, could be hinting at future seeing as a second signet.

        1. Yup, I agree. This is what I’m working on right now!

    2. Can you quote where in ch.30 and 36 she describes slowing of time? I’ve seen her talk about slowing as passing time in “heartbeats” just as it is described in FW when she stops time (like with the attack in her room with Oren). I didn’t see this description again until after Andarna awoke from her dreamless sleep.

      1. That is what I’m referring to. In one heartbeat, she is observing faaaar too much. It feels to me like she’s slowed down time. You are correct in saying that the slowing/stopping of time has not been mentioned since FW.

  7. Hi Cory,

    I think the distance or mending souls signet is the one.

    In FW Chapter 29, Violet says:
    “All this time, I had this tiny, driving hope that I would be like Brennan, and that would be the twist in my little fable. That my signet would be mending, and I could put all the broken things back together.”

    And in IF Chapter 56 she says:
    “Signets have to do with who we are at our core (second signet) and what we need (first signet: lighting wielder—strength).”

    Watching the covers, Andarna seems to be dragon in the center of the books. In Fourth Wing, she’s inside a simple circle, but the lines around makes it look like a sun or the fact that she just hatched. In Iron Flame, she’s clearly inside a sun.

    Tairn is always outside, above the clouds, in the sky. Violet has been called commander of the sky thaks to the lightning strikes.

    But the sun. The sun is the biggest star in the center of our solar system, and it’s a source of energy.

    “Energy produced by nuclear fusion at its core. Part of this internal energy is emitted from its surface as light, ultraviolet, and infrared radiation, providing most of the energy for life on Earth.” (a scratch of Wikipedia, but it’s true.)

    And like the Earth and every planet, the sun has a stellar magnetic field.

    Chapter 44:
    “Wyvern are created with dark wielder magic, and Felix said something about energy fields the other day. I took a chance that the lightning would be drawn to their magic, and Tairn agreed to try.”


    The sun could symbolize both Andarna and Tairn, the first signet as energy and the second as light —either the speed of light for the distance wielder or for mending souls.


    If Violet is not a distance wielder, then it’ll be Aaric.

    1. Hey Diana, I found something interesting in the cave…
      “Three minutes,” Tairn tells me. “You will not die today!”
      Three minutes. We can make it three minutes. But time isn’t our

      She’s already starting using heartbeats as seconds. And she said that time isn’t their issue? Erm… I think her being able to manipulate time is showing. I don’t think that’s her second signet just the direct gift from Andarna.

      1. Let’s time-travel and avoid Xaden becoming venin please

        1. I would like to think it is more of a ‘type’ of chameleon signet but that violet can mimic other riders’ signets especially in close proximity and in extreme emotions. she was able to read Xaden’s mind when they were very intimate and probably she was the one who wielded the shield to protect mira and brennan from the venin. Since she is the only rider with two bonded dragons and Andarna is the only one of her breed at navaree right now, her second signet could probably be one hitherto unheard of.. it is repeatedly mentioned that siphons only absorb other powers but ‘never’ a signet. That’s probably what violet will do. Considering Andarna just absorbs whatever is in her surrounding and becomes that surrounding itself like the boulder.. also one of the venin mentions how “he will wield her” . I was curious how that would be possible. They drain energy true.. but wielding others?
          Also, violet seems to be the only one to be listened by other rider’s dragons like Sawyer’s and even Codagh.. otherwise they don’t tolerate being talked to directly.. that may have to do something with that perhaps or even more.!!!
          Just my thoughts 😊 would love to know more theories and i absolutely enjoy reading your posts.!! Keep rocking ❤️

          1. I do love the idea of the chameleon signet and I do think it would be so useful. whatever it is, needs to be able to help Violet protect the ones she loves. And thank you so much for your kind words. <3

          2. I just finished the second book, so I’m still collecting my thoughts, but the tidbit about speaking to other dragons really stood out to me.

            It was so casually done, yet it freaked several out (Tairn, for example). This could be a manifestation of iron will (as mentioned above and in the comments), which *almost* sounds like compulsion, but isn’t.

            Another thought is that if Andarna is “dragon royalty,” like mentioned in other places, she may outrank even Codagh eventually, and Codagh is being deferential. (Sliseag would have been fearful of Tairn regardless; however, Codagh wouldn’t be.)

            Now, I don’t know if Codagh is considered an elder, as they’re the only ones who know about Andarna by the end of the book.

          3. Codagh is considered an elder yes! He is the head of the black den. Andarna is also an elder technically because she is the head of her own den.

  8. What about shielding? She mentions several times that she is a really good shielder. That would match her personality as well.

  9. Hi all,

    I still think it’s talking to the dead. But You all are making excellent arguments for others, and it’s fun to think about. My line of reasoning is not necessarily evidence-based because our understanding of the fundamental laws within this universe is incomplete and flawed at that. Plus, I think Yarros might be setting a trap intentionally with the (experimental) signet-blocking elixir. Come along with me on a ‘literary’ argument for how Violet’s second signet will likely function.

    First, consider major themes/motifs regarding “truth” in the books so far. First, it’s well established throughout both books that secrets are a huge problem, and second, incomplete knowledge is another major problem even with well-reasoned thoughts/arguments. Specifically, humans keep secrets from dragons, dragons keep secrets from humans, humans keep secrets from humans, and I think even dragons keep secrets from dragons (although, I’m less confident of this last point.) The danger of secrets may be the most salient theme in the whole series so far. (Maybe that’s me?) Second to that, one of the most important motifs is the ‘tragedy of lost knowledge’, ‘incomplete’ knowledge, and ‘banned’ knowledge. It’s really centrally important considering the lost knowledge regarding runes, magic wards, languages, etc.

    I would argue that Violet is unique from other Riders because she is primarily a problem solver. She’s a rider with a scribe’s mind. Yes, she is generally kinder more understanding and compassionate than other riders, but I don’t think that’s her strength and what makes her unique. After all, I’d argue that Nolan is a cautionary example of misplaced/faulty compassion in a rider. (Agree?)

    So I think Violets second signet will function in service to this: her need to fill those gaps in knowledge. Personally, I really like the “commune with the dead” idea because it is really interesting from a practical plot advancement standpoint. For example, her mother just died, which provides Violet strong motivation to pursue this gift. Also, it would be an interesting way to explore their strained relationship. (Clearly there is much more there than what’s been revealed so far.) in my mind, her whole bit with ‘seeing’ Liam was far too intense to be anything other than foreshadowing.

    (By the way, I’m not actually sure if the “literary” vocab i use is correct, but I hope you’ll still get my point.)

    1. Hi Tom, we do love a little literary argument so let’s dive right in.

      even dragons keep secrets from dragons
      >> Definately. The elders didn’t tell the others about the 7th breed which is Andarna. Sgaeyl didn’t tell Tairn about her rider’s second signet.

      I would argue that Violet is unique from other Riders because she is primarily a problem solver.
      >> You are right indeed. She is a problem solver. Excellent quality.

      I’d argue that Nolan is a cautionary example of misplaced/faulty compassion in a rider. (Agree?)
      >> I do agree. It is a cautionary example of extreme compassion and potentially the idea of how love can overide logic. After all, many theories suggest that there was a lot more between Brennan and Naolin than just…friends/colleagues.

      Personally, I really like the “commune with the dead” idea because it is really interesting from a practical plot advancement standpoint.
      >> I do like it too. After all, it would be awesome that she could talk to her dad too. And indeed communicate with Lilith and resolve their issues. My only issue with it (the same as with the dream walker signet) is that I don’t know if there is a real advantage to it. Apart from of course, finding answers from those in the past (which, I mean, it can be very useful). But then, I also thought that being a metallurigist might be pointless (sorry Sawyer) but there was a clear need for a signet like that.

      1. I am loving this line of thought and this is now my most hoped for signet. I could take the story in such interesting directions!

      2. I believe the biggest unexplained mystery regarding Liam’s temporary visit is exactly what is already written in the text (note: I haven’t found any related comments on my going theory yet so if youre out there, drop a link!). RY has self proclaimed to understand exactly where the five book arc will go and— a wonderful thing to have in multibook series because it enables true easter eggs to be planted (something RY has noted she includes regularly in the series to date). In this case, a thorough hunt of signets is likely uncovering other equally significant easter eggs yet to be hashed out ie hatched.

        Hear me out:
        Ch35 — “Or maybe Malek sent me as a kindness” Liam counters Violets attempt to center herself from a perceived hallucination. Violet doubles down suggesting she knows enough about who Malek, the God of Death, is and how he operates… which seems like a glaring over step on Violets part. I don’t like making too many guesses based on foreshadowing, but I want to make this one the same way I made Xaden being intrinnisc in ch4 of FE: Malek did send Liam. I can’t fully explain why I feel strongly about this, the same way I didn’t know why I felt like Zaden was reading more than Violets’s face when she stepped out from behind the pillar— or more importantly, his heavy confidence in Dains affections, which hadn’t appeared deep or at all obvious in this scene, but it feels significant.

        However, my sense is that Malek as a god may be aware of the prophecy of Violet the same was Andarna is, or another layer to this yet to be uncovered.

        Liam said “Talking would lead to the deaths of every living thing on this Continent” and it feels ironically like something the God of Death wouldn’t want; nature must have a balance and continued life is necessary for continued death. I believe some of these suggested signet choices are other plot lines and in this case, Malek sent her Liam indeed as a kindness (she’s been yelling at him alot but more importantly as the best chance for success— and “gods it feels so real” as Violet said.

        1. Hello hello :d I do actually have two theories related to this:
          one is available to everyone -> https://www.empyreanriders.com/articles/iron-flame-theory-violet-and-xaden-are-gods/
          the other is a members only -> https://www.empyreanriders.com/articles/iron-flame-theory-are-the-gods-among-us/

          Malek did send Liam. I am with you. I’m certain that Malek did send Liam as a kindness. Because Violet is a God and she commands over the Gods too. And Malek would be a fool not to send her something as a kindness, when he himself took Liam from her…

  10. All your comments are awesome. Love the theories!
    I also thought shield, especially after Tecarus, but then I remembered that somewhere in FW they say that the riders’ signet is stronger when they’re closer to the dragon, unless I’m mistaken…and Andarna wasn’t there when she successfully shielded Xaden.
    I think her second signet is some sort of truth sayer…the clues are when she understands that Devera is on their side and that her mother will believe her. She can “read” people. And it’s sort of complementary to Xaden’s second signet similar to lightening -shadows…

    1. So many options. I’m reading it again to see if I can spot something else. Uffff, we just need to know!!!

    2. I like this theory too because she can read everyone… but I feel like she’s been able to do that for the most part the whole time…

  11. Just finished Iron Flame last night and I’m so glad this site exists to put on my tinfoil hat with everyone! I don’t have time to dig up direct quotes but after sleeping on it, I think I agree with the controlling others signet you mentioned. The second book is all about Violet gaining control and finding her footing. Xaden is constantly in need of control, and now especially will have to double down on that need for control. That control could imply many things: controlling others, controlling their signets (or venin powers?), amplifying other’s power, time…who knows. But this seems to be one of the more prevalent themes of the second book. I also want to bring up that beyond their dragons’ mating bond tying Xaden and Vi together, it was referenced multiple times that their signets complement each other as well (specifically recalling Mira saying this before the last venin battle toward the end of the book), so I imagine her second signet will also complement his second, or his new venin traits.

    1. So happy to have you here, Marg. It does feel like the whole second book is about Violet learning how to gain control. And I think book 3 will about Xaden losing it, and trying to gain it (with Violet’s help).
      That control could imply many things: controlling others, controlling their signets (or venin powers?), amplifying other’s power, time…who knows -> YESSS I think it would be a super powerful signet. I love your thoughts about complementing signets. Because yes, he could read minds, she could use a little control to sway someone? And indeed, he is venin, she needs to keep it under control.

  12. I think Violet can wield others—whether convince them to join the cause or fight, she spoke to dragons, scribes, and riders successfully. I don’t know what this looks like from the standpoint of a signet, but she does it repeatedly in IF and maybe goes as far as to force them to wield signets. Maybe that is the mending of souls as is suggested, but I don’t quite think that’s it. I think it’s the opposite of Caden’s second signet in that she can shift intent.

    1. I would love the idea of her being able to shift intent. It’s a form of control, so it sounds like something she desperately needs. And after all, Felix did say she can wield Xaden, so why not others too?

    2. That is a great point about her signets being opposites of Xandens! Light v. Shadow and so somehow reading intent v. influencing intent.

      1. Someone else literally just left a comment about intent. Another reader, Megan said ” What about Will Power/ Iron Will…she can will people to do what she asks/wants (mind power, in the mental and physical sense). It basically says this on the back cover..”although Violets body might be weaker and frailer than everyone elses, she still has her wits – and a will of Iron”.

        1. This had me rereading the cover of IF, and the phrase that caught my attention was “- and nothing, not even dragon fire, may be enough to save them in the end”. … which is just spectacular on RYs part. Truly.

          I don’t know if I can get behind the idea of her second signet being related to an ability to sway anyone via her will, etc. Violet would loathe that signet even more than she originally did lightning as it removes agency from anyone she’d need to use it on. Admittedly, it took me a chapter to accept lightning so her second signet may also have a roundabout way of connecting to who she is at her core…

          Either related to the signet or not “- a will of iron” definitely refers to both Violet and the wardstones; their inability to light on fire (thanks, Brennan); a venins ability to bring fire to said iron wardstone; and likely their strength and venin vulnerability as a whole.

          1. What a great catch! You are right, not even dragon fire WAS enough to save them in the end…
            You have got to read this related to the gods, please please please -> https://www.empyreanriders.com/articles/iron-flame-theory-violet-and-xaden-are-gods/
            I think it will explain her second signet so much faster. And the lightening now makes so much sense it’s unreal.
            I believe she has the ability to mend souls 😀

    3. Will Power / Power of Will! She can will things both mentally and physically. It says it on the back cover.. specifically that she has a will of Iron!
      E.g. Willing Sloane and Kiralair to her in the cave (“unknown force”). Telling Xaden to “loosen his grip” on Tecarus throat…”two lines appear between Xaden’s dark brows and his grip eases”. What made him frown yet do as she said straight away? Did he think it odd!? My thoughts anyway…

      1. I do rather love this theory! I will add it as a main paragraph in the original post.

      2. I agree with your will power theory but thought of it more as she is a full inntinsic, meaning she can not only read minds but enter and can control them as well.

        1. Ooooh mind control? Now that would be cool…

    4. I think this is a fantastic signet that also compliments Xadens and allows her control… this is better than my thought of her seeing the future of sorts… now I feel like I need to buy the books and read them instead of listening to the audio books… they are convenient while doing things but now I think I’ll pay more attention to the printed words… and know better how to spell them 😊

      1. Hi Mary, I have them as a kindle so I can quickly search for things and also hardcover so I can underline with ease and flip through. Game changer.

      2. I’m in the same situation as you. I need to read the books! Listening is great, but so much easier to breakdown the story with print.

  13. Interesting theories all around!

    I am with the time control crowd here. Aaric has never seen anyone run that fast when she goes to raise the ward. And when she jumped from dragon to dragon to help Sawyer he also just stared at her in amazement. Then again, Xaden goes off to fight to ‘buy her the time she needs’. She also practiced running throughout the book as she knew she couldn’t outrun the venin when they went to draw power from the ground. If it’s a gift from Andarna or her own signet, not sure. She also always needed more time when they tried to get out of the vault. It seems to be a re-occurring theme.
    Second is some sort of making other people’s powers stronger or amazing shielding abilities as she was able to even keep Tairn out which was meant to be impossible and she is able to do in the moment when she is closest to Andarna (aka her power source) when she needed to keep everyone else out the most.

    1. I am now more certain than ever that she has the power of time as her own skill given to her by Andarna but also some sort of shield as a second signet

  14. I totally agree with Andarna’s power of time manipulation being passed to Violet. There was a lot of emphasis put on that without closure. That would be unlike RY. There are mentions of time slowing throughout the book. There were two events in the book where Violet counts the seconds (Chapter 33 when they are escaping the archives and Chapter 61 when she obtains an insane amount of information in 10 seconds). However just because Andarna’s power transferred, that still leaves an opportunity for a second signet! Eeeek!

    I don’t want it to be, but it might be truth sayer. Chapter 57 at the 17:50 mark (audio book), Melgren reveals that Samara will be over taken and Violet says “s***, [Melgren] said exactly what he meant” and THEN a chill races up Violet’s spine. Now it could be just be that the information was dire, but the chill in the spine was similar to all the times it happened in FW. She also seems to somehow know that Aaric will keep their secret before the retrieval of the journals. This paired with Violet saying she needs truth to be grounded, and the fact that truth sayers were quite abundant in this book points me to believe she’s a truth sayer. I really want it to be distance wielder or gravity wielder. Gravity would fit so well to me.

    1. So the gravity wielder will make more sense, actually. Someone else pointed it out and I love it! Besides, Xaden is her gravity too which is pretty epic. 🙂 I think Rebecca Yarros has been giving us some serious hints here. I don’t think she is a truth sayer. I thought so at the beginning but after my third re-read I don’t think that’s it. Mainly because truth sayers have been all vilains in the book as well. It wouldn’t make sense to add something like that to our protagonist. It leaves a bad taste, you know?
      So I think it’s gravity, or something to do with shields. Oh and btw, we’re thinking Aaric will be the distance wielder!
      Really excited you agree with the slowing down time gift. It’s been mentioned way too many times, as you said!

  15. I love the soul mending idea. I think that would be the cure for venins and bring this to an end.

    1. It would be beautiful to be honest with you!

  16. Oh my I never participate in these kinds of boards, but I just can’t resist because this is such a fun question to figure out and because I really really like these books and because it’ll be so long until we get the next one. (Though I’m glad the author is taking time to take care of her health and well-being.)

    So many great ideas here and I don’t want to push a particular concept, but there is one moment in the text that I think is worth looking at (and yes this is where you can tell I teach writing because a writing teacher always thinks the answer is in the text).

    This is when the squad is escaping from the interrogation scenario at the end of Chapter 24. Sawyer melted the hinges on the inner door and it was obviously a strain, and they get to the second door and here’s what happens (and I apologize for the length of the quotation):

    “We all nod, then head for the main door. Hope lives for all of a millisecond.
    ‘It’s the same kind of lock. Lesser magic isn’t working,’ Sawyer seethes, already putting his hands out.
    ‘I don’t –‘ Heat prickles along my ribs. It’s the same feeling I get when I walk through the wards on my door. I look down and stare. The dagger closest to the door handle is hot and . . . tingling. I pull it from the sheath, bumping against the door handle as I brush my thumb over the decorative pommel.
    Metal clicks against metal, and we all turn to look.
    ‘What the hell?’ Sawyer’s eyebrows jump up.
    ‘I don’t know. That’s . . . impossible.’ Knives don’t open locks. But the heat and the tingling sensation are gone.
    ‘Someone stop staring and try the f***ing door!’ Rhi orders.
    Reaching for the door, I hold my breath as the latch depresses. I pull. The door opens. ‘Holy s***.’ It’s coincidence. It has to be. Magic isn’t tied to objects like that.”

    And of course then they escape and we go on and as far as I can tell nobody talks about that again because, hey, other things happening.

    I don’t know exactly what the signet would be — and I’d love to hear people’s interpretations of the possibilities — but I can’t help but wonder if this is the moment where we see her second signet manifest for the first time.

    1. Hi J-Lee, welcome to the world of Empyrean Series. I never participated in boards and things until I couldn’t deal with the hangover and decided to create this fan site! Look at us now!
      I see what you mean. When they escaped, she had one of the daggers created by Xaden and gifted to her. They explained that it was his magic in the runes of the dagger.

      He then explained that she has runes for all sort of reasons. Including a rune to protect her against Cat etc.

  17. Could her second signet have something to do with what happens with Sawyer as they land and he has lost a leg. First it says “The sluggish beat of his pulse jolts my own” and then further down “as my fingers search for his pulse at his wrist (which she probably couldn’t find), then his neck… and then his eyes flutters open and he says “I remember”. Also because she says – “You have to wake up! Open your eyes!”.
    For me it ties into all the talk there has been about balance and the fact that she at some point (can’t remember where…) says that her other signet is all about destruction…

    1. Hi Line, it could be. It could be as Megan said in one of the comments here that maybe she can “will” people to do things. Including stay strong and not die.

  18. Forgot to add – I don’t think someone who has lost that much blood and basically has no pulse will wake up and talk out of the blue 😉
    And somehow I think her second signet will have something to do with her saving Xaden in the end. At least I really hope she will!

    1. We all want some grand romantic gesture at the end and to ensure both Xaden and Violet are happy together at the end.

  19. And lastly (hahah can’t stop myself now) – it coincides nicely with a little later when Andarna shows that she is able to breathe fire all of a sudden… and I’m guessing there could be some sort of link between Andarna maturing to that stage and Violet being able to channel from her and manifest her second signet.

    1. Haha please don’t stop. I love it. Honestly, your observations make me feel more and more that Violet has the ability to will. I didn’t see it before another reader pointed it out as well (Megan, if you want to search in the comments) but I think you are both on the same page. I think she can will those around her to do…good stuff.

    2. Didn’t she ask Liam to stay with her? Hence become a ghost.. that would fit with the irin will theory.

  20. I love this page – so fun to come to speculate and see everyone’s theories!

    I truly think that Violet’s second signet will be controlling gravity. Through a re-read of the book, there are so many times Yarros talks about gravity in reference to Violet and even more so, so many times that Violet references it to Xaden.

    At the end of Iron Flame Violet mentions that a signet is something that they NEED. She’s always been weaker phsycially, and I think being able to harness gravity/float ect. would prove to be super valuable for her. There has been SO much foreshadowing with this. Specifically Brennan saying “gravity kills riders more”.

    I really think this is it.


    1. She does seem to reference that A LOT. Also at the very beginning of the book she does say “Gravity, logic…keeps me grounded shifts.” So what does she need so much in Iron Flame? She needs to stay grounded because she’s not finding her “feet”. Also indeed, she can’t really bounce from dragon to dragon, because she can easily break. By that logic, gravity is something she truly needs and at her core describes her because it keeps her grounded.

      1. And cue the title of book 3…. it just might contain the word gravity….

        1. Are you gravitating towards that as a signet? 😛

  21. I have a crazy theory.
    I think Violets connection with the venin goes back to her being stabbed by the poison dagger. It was said in the book that you can never fully heal from certain types of poison. Also, Tairn was stabbed by the venin and no mention of him healing from this is noted, making me think there is a connection formed with the stabbing.
    Violet always says how much she needs Xaden, and he always says she will be the death of him. I wonder if these are literal statements. Perhaps she will have to kill Xaden (cue ugly cry) in order to save him from being venin and use her second signet—> of resurrection, to bring him back. In the first book they talk about the man who tried to bring Brennan back from the dead burning out while trying to do that. I think this might be a clue that she could have the power to bring those she loves back. Any thoughts?

    1. Hi Elise, I do love a good theory. I am not sure about the poison dagger but let’s bear in mind that we put a lot of emphasis on Brennan and Violet being excellent with poisons. I don’t think that is coincidental.
      I do think Xaden saying “you will be the death of me” is literal. I know it’s painful to even think about it, but I honestly believe that Violet will have to kill Xaden somehow. I hope her second signet is “willing” someone to do stuff because then she could will him to come back…somehow.
      Not much is known about Naolin which is very frustrating. Tairn is not open to talking about him. Brennan didn’t say much about him either. There’s a LOT to learn about that. He was a siphon. It’s all we know.

      What I most confused about is the following:
      Brennan was shot with an arrow (according to battlefield reports). He was dying with no energy left in him. I mean the man was almost dead. Then here comes Naolin, SIPHONING power from Brennan (errr, at this point it feels like Brennan would have died from the loss of energy alone) to mend Brennan. Ok. Wait a damn second, nothing adds up. Right?
      First of all, Brennan could use a lot of energy to mend someone who’s almost dying. But he did it with Violet. He did it with Sawyer. He wasn’t at the end of his power in doing so. So why would Naolin die using his signet to siphon some mending from Brennan (who let’s face it, couldn’t channel because he was almost dead!!!). It just doesn’t make sense.
      In other words, when Sloane literally siphoned ALL of Lilith’s mega power into that stone, Lilith died NOT Sloane. So, what’s the deal here. (I will add this as a theory)

      1. Thanks for the very thoughtful reply. I apologize for throwing out so many thoughts it just feels so nice to hash things out with others! I am completely with you that the Naolin Brennan connection is a huge mystery and I think a big piece to the puzzle. I do not understand how he died healing him either. I wonder if we just don’t have enough information about this yet! Appreciate all of your theories!

        1. No, no! Do not apologise. Please throw ideas my way. I created this for fans like us to have a safe space and literally think and brainstorm and have lots of fun! I honestly think there is something weird going on with the Brennan and Naolin story. I also don’t fully understand how the signet works.

      2. I always read the Naolin/Brennan story as Naolin siphoning power from his dragon, Tairn, as well as other sources to try and heal Brennan, since.. later on I considered Naolin pulling so much to revive a near death (or fully dead) Brennan back, either from Tairn or the ground itself and potentially turning vernin as a result.

        RY has openly said in interviews she opposes the idea of resurrection to help force realism into her deadly situations… so in this case if Brennan actually were dead before Naolin got to him… Im not sure what itd mean but I think Tairn spoke to this vaguely once, about the amount of power Naolin took beyond burnout by overestimating his abilities (not the resurrection piece which Im not sold on.. yet)

        1. I now need to rewrite parts of this theory because I think Naolin didn’t actually die. And let’s remember what Kaori said
          “Resurrecting someone, now that makes you as God”.
          Naolin in Aztec means the God of Sun. I just think Naolin might actually be a God. And resurrecting Brennan or saving Brennan cost him EVERYTHING.
          And Tairn, now Tairn didn’t want to sit around and be controlled by Naolin, now probably corrupted somehow. So I think he severed his bond and that almost killed Tairn.

          1. One last comment for me(btw loving this discussion so much) on the dragon/rider bond and how hard it would be for a dragon to kill it’s bonded rider…
            In FW Amber Mavis is incinerated by her own dragon, Claidh and Tairn says “it’s our way.” Page 316-and Claidh mourns. It’s our way- interesting way to put it.

          2. Ok, that is very interesting. I’m now thinking of related theories. hmmmmmmmm

    2. I really think there is something more to this poisoned dagger…. No one else has mentioned being stabbed by a poisoned dagger of a venin? Definitely a poison targeted for Violet. I mean her blood turned black!!! The venins were also instructed not to kill her, but keep her alive for “Him”. So this poison definitely had a purpose. What that purpose was/is is still a mystery! Could be linked the dreams?

      1. Wait wait, I have something for you here-> https://www.empyreanriders.com/articles/iron-flame-theory-the-elixir-developed-by-the-leadership-is-not-new/
        Check this out. And remember how Iron Flame starts 😀

  22. What if it’s something simple like luck. Andarna says she is wherever she is needed in the moment. I felt like that was a hint.

    1. At the end of the day, it does feel like Violet seems to have everything she needs when she needs it.

  23. I’m thinking again about my idea that resurrection is a signet and that can’t be right, as she was supposed to have manifested her signet already in the second book right? I think you all are on the right track with the shielding for second signet. Sorry to go down the wrong track!

    1. I love a good theory either way. There is no wrong path. Only awesome imagination and that’s what we are here to celebrate.
      So are you thinking shields? Did you see the comment from Megan (search for her name). About the power of will?

  24. What about a sun wielder?

    It goes along with the theme of power and energy as well as being able to stop time. We also know that the solstice was mentioned and violet knew.

    I think it also helps support the little bits in the book about the temperatures changing and the constant mentioning of violet being overly warm (I know that is part of the lightening wielding but still.)

    My friend threw it out there and now I keep thinking of all the reasons it could be true.

    1. Alright, many people have said that Violet’s signets seem to complement Xaden’s. A type of sun wielder of sorts would complement his shadows. My question is, what would be the benefit? She could command the sky even more?
      As for the temperatures, I had the same questions but Rebecca Yarros confirmed that the temperatures have to do with the number of dragons in a place. The more dragons, the more the temperature rises. This must be very relevant, we just don’t know why,

  25. On reread last night I think that violets signet will have to do purely with NEED. The need to protect her friends specifically.

    This may be another way of stating what some of you mention, but it makes sense that her signet with Andarna would focus on need, as Andarna is always where Violet needs her when she needs protecting.

    Im wondering if, when those she loves are in danger, Violet can either become whatever they need, or amplify their powers to be what they need. I think she may be able to become any power they need at that moment though! I’m not sure what this could be called, but here me out—

    When Amira clearly stated that her wards were not working, I wonder if Violet was able to make her own ward in that moment of their need for protection, or amplify Mira’s.

    Also, when Sawyer needed someone to save him and be strong and unbreakable, she was able to be that for him.

    Also when Sloane needed her dragon in the cave, she was able to get it quickly by an unexplained source.

    She could also get to the ward stone very quickly when she needed to save everyone at Basgiath. Additionally, she was able to imbue the stone with a ton of power as that was what was needed to protect her friends.

    This could even go into how Xaden turned Venin. This part might be a stretch, but when he needed to live and save Violet, she may have broken some barrier to allow him to channel from the earth and save her and everyone. That part is a little weaker theory but just an idea.

    What do you guys think?? What would that power be called? Some form of a shape shifting signet to become what others need of her? Thanks for your help!

    1. I don’t disagree with you, Elise. It does feel like that, doesn’t it? That her signet is to do with whatever is needed then and there. Regarding the instances you mentioned – Violet helping creating a ward, being strong for Sawyer, quickly summoning her dragon, reaching the ward stone efficiently, and possibly influencing Xaden’s transformation – they all align with the idea of Violet’s signet being linked to the concept of need, especially in protection and crisis scenarios. It suggests a form of adaptive magic or power manifestation, which is a rare and intriguing signet.
      Naming such a signet is indeed challenging. It could be something along the lines of “Adaptiveness”, “Augmention”?

      1. I like augmentation and adaptiveness those are good! I think we are on to something.

        1. So I’m putting together a new theory about smells and came across this which messes with me again”I shove the prongs of the conduit into the soft joint between his scales as Andarna sinks her teeth between his neck and shoulder, distracting him, and then I wield. Energy sizzles up my arm and into my fingertips where they meet the metal.Control. This is all about control.
          With one hand raised, wielding the delicate strain of energy, I back away from Solas as quickly as I dare, feeding more and more power into the stream, and then I pour everything—”

          This is the second time she uses this control of hers. The first time she reached for the energy from Andarna to control her power. Just saying!

    2. In IF, doesn’t Xaden explain a rune to Violet regarding the “need” to unlock doors? “It wouldn’t open it if you wanted it open, but if you needed it open” or something along those lines! I find this theory very interesting… especially with how many times the word “need” is mentioned from a variety of characters.

      1. Yes! There is always NEED. And I feel like Violet NEEDS to tap into that a bit more…

  26. Same shifting isn’t likely the right word, but signet shifter? Being able to be any signet needed?

    1. Signet shifter sounds about right. I was thinking Adaptiveness or something like that?

  27. in talking with my sister, violet’s second signet could be the ability to see through another beings eyes. tarin allows her to do it in both fourth wing & iron flame. this would also explain her dreamwalking by “seeing”
    through xadens eyes in his dreams. violet tells xaden she needs information, and the ability to see through another’s eyes would give her information she wouldn’t otherwise know

    1. That would be a very cool second signet, wouldn’t it? It’s interesting that, because of the connection with Tairn and Xaden, is easy to dismiss it as nothing else but well, their own connection. Xaden allowed her to see through his eyes before so why not now. But I do think there’s more to it.

  28. So many great theories. I keep circling back to FW where Sgaeyl describes a signet as who we are at our core and what we need… What Violet seems to need more than anything in IF is control of her emotions. Cataloging what she has a knack for I was leaning toward influencing/bending others, time, logic, etc. then Xaden says to Mira in IF Chapter 57 right before they meet with Melgren “I don’t wield emotions…” and I agree with Cory that Rebecca Yarros does not mention things for no reason.

    A signet for someone who could wield emotions seems to fit right in with Violet influencing others, Dragons & Professors included.

    Signets seem directly correlated with emotions too and in the presence of Violet, Mira shielded, Rhiannon transported the dagger through the wall, Sloan manifested.

    I see how this compliments Xaden’s inntinnsic signet but do not yet see how it helps combat him turning Venin.

    I agree with others, I think distance wielding will go to Cam.

    1. Distance wielding will def go to Cam, right?
      Maybe she can wield emotions for the better? So kinda infuse people with positive thoughts? Amplify “the good” so to speak.

  29. So Violet’s innermost need is to fix things hence she is a ‘fixer’, she always wanted to have something like Brennan’s or Mira’s. Now I really think that Violet’s second signet is ‘situation & extreme need’ based, and this goes well with her personality like in FW, stopping time was the absolute need (there were other dire situations too but Andarna was still a feathertail). Her intelligence played the biggest part everywhere . So subconsciously she would know which signet is absolutely needed in an extreme situation and Andarna will make her manifest (multiple scale colors). And it’s not limited to what she can wield but what she can make others do too. IF sprinkled numerous examples like ‘talking with the dead’ in case of Liam (she needed a dear friend and alive people could not reach her), Sloane manifesting her signet to lessen the ‘insufferable heat of Violet’s power’ when they were attacked in the cave, amplification of Mira’s and Rhiannon’s signets, absolutely needing Xaden’s assurance (hence could read his thoughts), talking to dragons at the end, foresight (she saw Xaden’s future through her eyes), blocking Tairn out (super shielding) etc. And all of this is needed in the grander scheme of things coz she has definite roots in the beginning somehow and she is the solution as well.

    1. It would be lovely if her signet would be the Chameleon Signet from the list. Because it would be adaptive right? It would be incredible. And so far, everything does point to that. Her ability to defy gravity. Her ability to “keep” Sawyer alive. Her ability to indeed see the future, do the extra shields etc etc. I think we do have enough clues that points to this!

  30. I believe her signet has something to do with getting into other people’s minds. Like she does with Andarna, Tairn and Xaden (right after the throne scene).

    I don’t think it has something to do with healing. Because she didn’t use it in Iron Flame.

    1. She even managed to get into Sgaeyl’s head btw.
      “Fight!” I scream down the bond at all three of them, shouting past
      blood and vengeance. Wrath and fire. The sour taste of wyvern flesh between her teeth.”

      1. That’s true! She even tastes the wyvern!

        1. Right? It’s got something to do with her signet manifesting I think

  31. Did anyone catch, in Chapter 43, during the scene where the Griffon flyers and dragon riders are hiking the Cliffs of Dralor, as Violet is describing, in terms of heartbeats or seconds, right before Visia and Luella falls off the edge of the cliff, Violet says “and I can no longer stop time”.

    Unconscious recognition of her second signet?

    1. Hi Alycia, honestly, I think Andarna just gave Violet the gift of time. I don’t think she can stop it. I think she can slow it down!
      When it comes to hear measuring everything in heartbeats, it’s just her slowing it all down!
      I think she has a different second signet 😀

  32. I had a thought that being able to talk to all dragons could be her second signet. Besides Tairn, sgaeyl, and andarna she also talks directly to Codagh and Sawyer’s dragon (sliesag or aotrom, she may have talked to both) during the final battle in Iron Flame, and when she turns and talks to Codagh, Xaden is basically like what the heck are you doing? And I thought that maybe being able to talk to all dragons is really what she needs because there is definitely something the dragons know that the humans don’t. I’ve been wondering if Mr. Sorrengail found out with his feathertail research, General Sorrengail therefore knew it too, and now, according to General Sorrengail, that Violet is strong enough and has all the tools she needs, she’ll figure it out. General Sorrengail could have also thrown Violet into the Riders Quadrant so she would have the opportunity to bond a dragon and have that be the final piece she needed to figure all this out.

    However, now reading through all the comments above, I’m much less convinced of this now. When thinking about how she was able to jump from dragon to dragon for example, her body shouldn’t have been able to do that, and she even makes a comment about “Holy $— I made it!”. Then there is all of the examples of things happening that shouldn’t – signet amplification, Sawyer should not have survived, Sloane and Cat and in the cave, Mira and the ward/shield at the palace, shielding out completely both Tairn and Xaden, etc.

    I’m still wondering how broad her first signet is and if we’re mixing up her gaining control of her first signet as us thinking something is her second signet, something like the signet amplification theory. If her first signet is control of pure energy, then amplifying other signets, for example, could simply be her boosting them (so far unknowingly) with her own energy. Same thing with the shields, though I do love the super shield theory. Shields are a use of energy right? So again, gaining control of her first signet. It’s been forever since there has been a lightning wielder. What if the previous lightning wielder(s) never understood the true nature of the signet and we’re going to learn all the wonderfully interesting things it can do? In Fourth Wing, Xaden recognized it as a way to help/protect people, which is what Violet really wants to do. She doesn’t want to kill, she wants to protect, and therefore, how many different ways can she manipulate energy to do so?

    The other thing with the time stopping/slowing. When Felix first gives Violet the conduit to help her learn control and it has several strands of lightning in it, the light starts pulsing in time with the beat of her heart. Is that what alot of the counting in heartbeats is in Iron Flame, her feeling that energy, slowing gaining control, and starting to figure out how to manipulate it?

    1. I actually do really love the theory. I’m going to go back and see if dragons can respond to other humans. Because technically, everyone is allowed to speak to a dragon, they might just run the risk of being burnt alive. It’s basically “not allowed” so to speak.
      But I want to know, can they also reply to these humans? I don’t see why not…they might just not want to? Hm…I like where this is going.
      I also think signet amplification makes soooo much sense. For herself and for everyone around her.
      She is pure power indeed and she should be able to do with that as she pleases. Question is, is Andarna allowing her to use her pure energy or if she giving her something else? But it does feel like it’s control via Andarna. When doing the runes, she was using a small thread from Andarna to create.

      Yes, I really do think that time slows down in sync with her heartbeats. Or at least that is her perception. I don’t think she can stop time, but I think she can slow it down enough. And I think she’s been doing it over and over in Iron Flame.

  33. When Violet was instructed to control lightning with the conduit, didn’t the teacher say her signet was pure power? She unconsciously chose lightning because that was what she perceived as most powerful. But in the cave, she used fire against Solas. And the venin is concerned about her powers. Otherwise, he wouldn’t invade her dreams. It’s a little like she did with Xaden during the “my house, my chair, my woman” scene. She walked into his mind and saw the scene like she was looking through his eyes. And it seemed odd to me that she could do that. I know they can mentally speak to each other, but that was far more. What if her second signet is to mentally connect with others? See where they are and what they are doing, which would be terrifying and extremely helpful. In her sleep, she is seeking out the venin, looking for answers, trying again and again to defeat him.

    1. You see, this would go hand in hand with what K said above. That technically she could also talk to all dragons. It’s very possible that she can just breach shields and connect with them. Not read their mind but be a kind of inntinnsic. Somewhat.

      1. And… If that is her second signet it would be tie in with the cause and with Xaden’s abilities. What if Xaden pretends to go full Venin and join them, but really be a spy, to infiltrate the Venin pretending to be one of them though allowing Violet to see what is happening and learn Venin weaknesses, etc. So Xaden would be a traitor to those who don’t know that he’s actually a spy.

        1. Oh gosh, imagine Xaden being a traitor. Be he does really really love Violet tho.

  34. Gravity.
    She has do be able to avoid it. She has to be able to stop venins from taking magic from the ground. That kind of signet could have saved Luella. And she has history with her friends falling – like when Liam was insured by Jack. And when she first time faught venins and was falling – Andarna was the one to help her. So avoiding it, inflicting it, manipulating it would be very handy.

    1. I agree. That’s what kills most riders, right? Gravity. Own that and you can save many, many riders. Including yourself.

  35. Gravity:

    Right before the battle with Solas in the caves, the group was talking about Violet’s second signet and Violet feels – “Gravity shifts. That can’t be right. That would mean -” Even more to this quote is in the next paragraph it says “But we both know I’m anything but fine-I’m also equally certain now isn’t the time to let my mind wander down that path.” I have a big suspicion that these two quotes are lose threads to Violet’s second signet, and that gravity might have something to do with it.

  36. I think Violet has the ability to wield pure power, which is why the venin want her. She doesnt only create her own power but wields all the power around her. It allows her the ability to amplify it, use others powers, or reform the power around her into force, changing gravity and realigning force fields. The book talks about how she is pure power and discusses force fields a lot. I see her amplifying others power as well as slipping into it. Force, speed, acceleration are all at her fingertips. As she understands physics more she will be able to manipulate the power more. I actually think this might be realated to her first signet and be based on her need for total control. Lightning alone never made sense for her, unless you look at is as a charge from the meeting of two forces…positive and negative.

    I think her second signet has to do with seeing others experiences in the past, present, or maybe even future through their eyes. She does this in iron flame within her own bond with andarna and xaden. She sees through xadens eyes by seeing his dreams or experiences with venin and also during the battle. She also sees through andarnas eyes. Maybe this is part of her power manipulation within her own bond but maybe its a way for her to know things also. She somehow was told about solstice from the venin. Did the venin tell xaden and she saw that experience? Or can she speak to venin or others inside her dreams, knowing their point of view? It has something to do with point of view driving her to see through other peoples eyes and their experiences. I think in the dream she saw an experience through xaden’s eyes where she manipulated his power to read the intentions of thr venin. So both signets together!

    1. I’m putting together a theory about the fact that her signet is about seeing the future. I don’t think she saw anything through Xaden’s eyes. I think she just dreamt the future.
      I agree with the pure power related to gravity and other force fields. While it’s a really cute book, the book does goes into physics quite a bit! And if you start looking into the equation for power, then you realise that her first signet is actually really really powerful. She is not a lightening wielder, she is the essence!

    2. I think her second signet is to strengthen other people’s signets permanently. It goes in line with it being about who she is at her core – wanting to help and protect others, and she’s also about raising people up vs competing with them.
      1. Rhiannon was able to move the rune dagger through the wall when she’d never done it before when Violet was being searched.
      2. Mira was able to create her own ward consistently from the time she and Violet were attacked by the Venin at Tecarus’ house. It’s even referenced that she couldn’t do this consistently prior at the beginning of chapter 42, which feels like a clue. The memorandum from professor Carr saying ‘cadet sorrengail lacks the consistent ability to produce her own ward… I doubt this ability will develop in time.’
      I’m rereading it so will add to this if I find more examples.

      1. Please let me know if you find more. I’m also doing another read for this. But yes, it does feel like she can strengthen signets? She’s like a power amplifier.

  37. In Iron Flame, on the physics test she never took, Rhiannon tried to prepare her and said, “Just remember, you need two out of three elements when pulling any flight maneuver,” she recites as Sawyer takes a bite out of an apple and opens the gym door for us. “Velocity, power, or…” The third was altitude. Anyhow, I think this was a big clue in how her first signet being “pure power” is related to the manuvers she completed in the war. It is also related to her speed/velocity and any other forces or gravity in the book. If she can wield pure power, there are a number of things she can affect including other forces and other signets by adding to their power. Im not sure yet if she can actually use other signets around her with her power or just reshape hers. It seems she used xadens in the chair scene, since she not only spoke with him but read his mind as he can normally do. She either used miras signet or amplified it in the venin battle with the chest. I think maybe ahe can amplify the power as part of hers but I still dont know how she read xadens thoughts…which is why I wondered if her second signet allowed it.

    The reason Im confused about the dreams is because what she actually saw was true about solatice. Yet, it didnt happen to her and Im unclear if that exact conversation actually happened at all. She definitely knew the future or saw an actual conversation that happened to xaden or the venin is dream walking in her dream. It did give her correct information. The things I cant explain by her first signet are:
    1. Hearing xaden’s thoughts in the throne scene.
    2. Seeing through Andarna’s eyes.
    3. Seeing through Xaden’s eyes in last battle of Iron Flame.
    4. The dreams, seeing something that happened to xaden from his pov will happen to her or seeing his dream. Can she see venin intentions in his dreams somehow? Or is the venin dreamwalking?
    5. Talking to dragons (could be that they realize she is saving their hatching grounds, making them more agreeable?)

    Could we connect the dots with any of those things? I dont know if these are mistakes but in the forst part of iron flame, she somehow knows that the orange in formation belongs to Varrish. This was never said, “What do you know about Major Varrish’s orange? He looks…unstable.” She also knows that a rider died in the attack, “How many riders were wounded in the Athebyne attack, given that one was killed?” It wasnt said in class that someome was killed. I do feel like there are other instances of her “just knowing” the future but Id have to reread.

    The dreams are very mysterious. What about time travel in dreams? I have no idea! I agree there seems some element of forsight.

    1. Hi Sarah,
      I had my physics friend drill into her pure power signet haha. That was a lot of fun.
      So far many fans think her second signet is to do with amplification. I too think it’s that she can see the future.
      I don’t think the dreams are hers. I think it’s her second signet manifesting.
      I don’t think the venin is dream walking. I honestly think Violet can just see…things.

      Also sorry for the delay in replying, I’ve been trying to be away from the computer for a bit. I’m back now 😀

  38. I have a few thoughts firstly I think Xayden and violet have been prophesied I think violet’s dad has been preparing her for something that I think he knew was coming, maybe something he read that he wasn’t supposed to? Also andarana saying that she was dormant until she knew violet was the right age before she hatched, she’s the last of her kind and she waited 650 years for violet, that’s no coincidence. The connection violet and Xayden have seems to run much deeper than a regular relationship it’s almost like their dragons; they’re also “mated” she calls this connection gravity but I think it’s fate. They were meant to be together his dad was the head of the rebellion her mom the general and her having cut Xayden and the promise he made the general it all seems like they were destined. I feel like her second signet is linked in someway to him because they are frequently referenced as complimentary he’s dark and she’s light, his shadows to her pure power (sunlight I think) and so I think her second signet would also be a balance of his and this also ties in with what I think about them being destined because in FW it was mentioned that them being together would make them unstoppable a force of nature a force to be reckoned with I think the venin know about the prophecy and their connection and that’s why he wanted Xayden to turn so that he control violet with her love for Xayden and he can wield them both and be unstoppable. I think they are destined to bring balance to everyone including dragons and also magic, they are yin and yang together they can bring balance but apart only ruin. At least when I really think about it that’s how I see it, everyone seems to have a vested interest in them both like they are the missing pieces to a bigger picture they connect everything.
    Also the runes that violet was making with andarnas power I think there’s more to that, andarna is a mysterious dragon from a 7th line and she can camouflage and the fact that she knew who her rider was going to be 650 years before she was born; she is a big unknown and I think her power might have more to it than we think that’s why I think those runes might come up again and why I think guessing the second signet so tricky. I know it comes from violet but andarna is such a mystery I feel like her signet might not be so simple. I don’t think it’s time because I think that was gifted to her by andarna and that she will never be able to fully stop time only slow down for some seconds that’s why she didn’t break anything when saving sawyer. I would lean more to her amplifying other abilities as she seems to do that to Rhi with the dagger and also Mira but also what if she does something with knowledge which is what drives her whole being truth is knowledge what if she somehow imparts knowledge on those who need it i don’t know exactly how this would be helpful in the madness that I assume will follow iron flame but these are just my theories. Which I also have doubts about because of the cave, I think the biggest clue to her second signet is in that scene her pulling back sloane idk I always felt like the answer is there in that cave something happened there and it went unnoticed because of the chaos of the moment. Hope you guys enjoyed my theories it’s fun to share with other fans !

    1. I do believe that they might have been prophesied. It feels like both shadows and lightening were needed somehow.
      I also think they are mated. Same as the dragons. But I think it’s deeper than that. I think it has to do with the idea that Gods are among men.
      You are right. Violet and Xaden complement each other with their signets. I did think that. So then, there must also be a parallel between his second signet and hers 🙂
      In which case, he can read minds right? So maybe, maybe she can keep secrets because of her extra shields.

      I’m trying to find a real connection between runes and Violet using Andarna’s power. She does say is approachable, delicate. Everyone thinks the cave is the place for her second signet. I disagree. I think it’s during the dreams but I’m just not so sure anymore.

      I love reading your theories!

  39. Okay, I just finished Iron Flame, so I’m still processing, but I think Violets second signet is a truth sayer and I think Xaden already knows this. I think she has to pose the specific questions in order to get the truth,and this is why Xaden kept telling her that if she wants the answers all she has to do is ask.

  40. After reading through this, I’m leaning towards Violet boosting the signers of others. Why? I like the evidence of Mira and Rhiannon. I also think it’s true that Violet is a giver. And what she wants most is to help people– especially her loved ones. I feel like she might be able to boost Brennan as a mender (because he’s a very powerful mender) to help Xaden.

    1. I think there is something there as well. She does seem to amplify others when she is around.

  41. Saw the theory that Vi is a soul mender, but has anyone posted a theory about her being a magic mender? Both Brennan and Melgren say magic can’t be mended, so those could have been clues. And in the scene at Tecarus’s palace, maybe she wasn’t amplifying Mira’s wards, she was mending the destructive magic of the venin. And maybe that’s how she’ll defeat them once she develops that signet. just a thought…

    Like the theory about ‘need’, too. Andarna says repeatedly that she will be where she’s needed and Liam also says during the torture scene something to the effect of being ‘exactly where I need to be.’

    also, kinda think the venin leader is Xaden’s mom and that’s why they want him so badly.

    1. Andie I love this! No, nobody has mentioned this and you are right. The author never just says things for no reason. Mending magic is pretty damn spectacular, actually.
      I doubt the venin general is a woman. In parts of Iron Flame, through the dream we learn it’s a he. Unless the two are not connected.

      I would love to know more about your train of thoughts here -> Like the theory about ‘need’, too. Andarna says repeatedly that she will be where she’s needed and Liam also says during the torture scene something to the effect of being ‘exactly where I need to be.’

      1. Yeah, on a second reading, i think you’re right, Xaden’s mom isn’t the general, which bums me out, cause I liked that theory. at the end of the first book when we’re in Xaden’s POV, he says he’s ‘not going there’, so damn do I want to know more.

        just to expand on the magic mending thing, at the beginning of book 2, Brennan says something about how ‘something defeated the venin in the Great War’ and they’re searching for that weapon. But I’m wondering if the weapon they’re looking for isn’t a thing, it’s a person, which of course would be Violet. (Think Fifth Element where Lelu herself is the weapon). And since we don’t know much about the first 6, maybe one of them bonded 2 dragons also – one of Andarna’s parents. (we only have the two journals to go off of and neither is very forthcoming) The first six needed that special weapon at the time and now they need it again and that’s why Andarna decided to hatch. She knew Violet would be the weapon they needed to defeat the venin again just like they did 600 years ago. And there’re many many times in the books that Violet is called a weapon or she calls herself a weapon.

        as for the ‘need’ theory, i’ll have to go back and read the other theories to remember my train of thought on that. I’ll do a word search for ‘need’ too. that might be helpful.

        1. Hi Andie. Did you? Did you like the theory that she is the general? Noooo, we want his mum to be a good one.
          Damn, I like your theory that Violet herself is the weapon. I don’t know why I was fixated on Andarna being the weapon. But if we believe that Violet is somewhat God, then yeah it makes sense. She is pure power. Pure power kills (and feeds) venin.
          You are 100% right. Woah, how did I miss this. Rebecca Yarros is spelling this for us again: she does call herself a weapon and she is being called a wepon.

      2. Oh, and Tairn also says that Andarna’s parents died. The journals also say something like maybe they shouldn’t create the wards. I can’t remember the exact phrasing but it was something like the cost was too high and that’s never addressed. so… if one of andarna’s parents was the 2nd bonded dragon who was needed to defeat the venin, maybe the cost was that dragon’s life in some way.

        1. I secretly hope you are mistaken and her family is happily chilling on the isles…

  42. Her second signet can be a type of intinssic with sight.

    There were two occasions in the book where she is watching the battle through someone’s eyes. At Resson when she saw through andarna’s eyes and then in iron flame when she was at trying to imbue the ward stone and she was almost burned out and being held my Aaric, she can see the battle above. The way it was written the audience would assume it’s through the bond with her dragon or Xaden. But they can only communicate through the bonds NOT see in real time what is happening. Would also explain the Venin dreams. There are references in the book where communication is lacking in the Emperean and that’s why response time is so slow so if she can see things through other people’s eyes in real time she can certainly help the cause in fighting Venin. There was also an epigraph about keen eyesight for the venin that killed their “beloved king”. Having the in “sight” in real time fulfills Violet’s greatest needs for knowledge and trust.

    1. I agree with this theory a lot actually. I’m going to read Iron Flame again and keep the sight in mind. See if we can get to the bottom of it. That would be awesome! And you are right, it would explain everything.

    2. Is this the paragraph you are referring to?

      Though there is some debate, it is greatly believed that turning venin heightens one of the dark wielder’s senses. It is this scholar’s belief that the one responsible for the death of King Grethwild developed keener eyesight. For not even the best of His Majesty’s royal fliers could see through the darkness the venin hid within to slay our beloved king.

    3. Is this the paragraph you are referring to?

      Though there is some debate, it is greatly believed that turning venin heightens one of the dark wielder’s senses. It is this scholar’s belief that the one responsible for the death of King Grethwild developed keener eyesight. For not even the best of His Majesty’s royal fliers could see through the darkness the venin hid within to slay our beloved king.

    4. Hi Madonna, I thought the same thing — see my comment directly beneath yours! At the time I posted, your comment wasn’t visible (it must have still been awaiting moderation), or I would have posted my words as a comment to yours. In any case, YES, I 100% believe Violet has this intrinsic sight, and I also would call her skill, this ability to literally see through other people’s eyes, a sort of heightened power of *empathy*! Nothing could be more Violet than that!

      1. I’m loving this so much. And you are right, nothing could be more Violet than that. Some news from my end. I’m reading Iron Flame AGAIN. And trying to pick on new clues. We will get to the bottom of this before book 3!

  43. Violet’s second signet is SEEING THROUGH OTHER PEOPLE’S EYES!!!

    Aka, empathy. Nothing could be more “Violet” than that.

    Also, you could say it’s a kind of intrinsic power, which pairs well with Xaden also having the intrinsic power. He did say there’s more than one type of intrinsic.

    I realized it on page 610 when she references how she previously saw through Andarna’s eyes and now is seeing through Xaden’s. Also she’s seen Xaden’s view during sex previously (throne scene). And after getting the ward stone ignited, there’s a line where she’s not sure if she’s hearing her own words or Brennan’s, spoken aloud.

    I’m 100% confident this is her second signet. I would bet money.

    1. My friend literally suggested that we start betting on the signet because it would be so much fun (not with real money, but with chips or something).
      And btw, you are not the only one. Just earlier another reader, Madonna Dailo, here in the comments suggested something very very similar.
      So I can see why this makes a lot of sense!

    2. 100% agree with this, I also think the dreams she was seeing were not her own but she was seeing Xaden’s dreams and that’s how he knew they were there for him where she thought it was her.
      She tried to ask him how he knew but she never got the answer. So perhaps the dreams she was having were never her own but she was seeing Xaden’s through his eyes.

  44. I am going to throw my theory in the mix and you all can say if it makes sense.
    I have a feeling that Violet has a signet that hasn’t been described yet but is similar to the idea that she amplifies others signets. Here is my background evidence.
    The author said that the books are about power: who has it, who doesn’t. She also said that violets hair is a clue to who she is. She has also mentioned that conflict in the Z/V relationship is key to keeping readers engaged. So here goes:
    I think violet, at her core, cares about people. Case in point: loaning her boot at parapet. She doesn’t see it as a challenge between people but an individual challenge. And therefore a chance to save someone she instantly likes.
    I also see her hair as an indication that she is an old soul. She has never been concerned about power or rank or class (something that she has in common with Zadan IMO) but with people.
    I think her signet manifests in the chair scene similar to her first kiss with Zadan. I think her ability to amplify his signet creates feed back, like with microphones, and his ability to see intention is amplified to the point that she can hear his thoughts through their connection. I think this is why he says he’s “hanging by a thread”. She overwhelms him with desire and connections.
    Finally, when her mother uses the syphon to charge the ward stone, I think it happens in heartbeats become it’s much faster than it is supposed to be.
    I think this signet compliments Andarnas ability to light the ward stones.
    My final piece of evidence is the Zadan pov at the end of IF. She is with him become they have figured out her signet. She feels guilty for not being there to boost his power basically leaving him less powerful against the venin. I think the guilt will be the next conflict in their relationship now that she has let go of needing to know all his secrets.

    1. Hi Melanie, it’s a good chain of thoughts.
      Here’s what I think:
      – she is a kind person and selfless as well. She wanted to help because that’s who she is fundamentally. A good person
      – her hair IMO, has nothing to do with her soul but everything to do with the fact that she is part venin. She’s been drained while Lilith was pregnant. The grey ends are the same grey that venin leave behind when they drain power. Same as the barrens, same as the mark on Dain’s arm.
      – she might be an amplifier. She did it with Mira (if we are to believe that) and in general, people seem to perform better when she is around.
      – others have pointed out that she is a kind of empath / inntinnsic with sight can see thru other people’s eyes. That would explain the dreams, Xaden’s throne room, seeing through the dragons’ eyes etc.

      It’s very interesting!

  45. Fourth Wing, Iron Flame multi theory bomb drop, as they are connected. Writing in a shortened style, there are plenty of references and reasonings for each.

    From Tairn
    Signet 1 – Lightning is really The sky and all its power. It’s one of the most popular quotes from FW, folks. Her teacher, Xaden and the venin rather explicitly tell her this
    Signet 2 – Shielding. She has a natural ability and it’s implied throughout. This means she is powerful but she is also a protector. Not just a weapon. Balance theme – A dichotomy, violence and protection/peace – balance. IF chapter 56 “signets have to do with who we are at our core (second signet shielding- a protector) and what we need (first signet lightning wielder- strength)”. If she extends shields far enough, over others, it will bring/draw them back to her (not a distance signet). Also extends to shielding Xaden and venins from channeling.
    As far as lightning/power theme can include the power to amplify power/amplify and shield/dampen others powers.
    Foresight is an ability that comes with eldest dragon of their kind (in this case black dragons), do not think it is a signet – Melgram likely had a hidden signet. This is implied through Andarna.

    From Andarna
    Gift – Time manipulation was gifted from Andarna, not a signet (when it is is gifted that means it is transferred, Andarna no longer has that ability, it now belongs to Violet)
    Foresight/seeing the future/prophecy is Andarna’s ability, or comes with the eldest of that dragons kind, in this case the 7th breed. Not a signet.
    Signet ? – Distance manipulation probably Aarics
    Andarna mentions she chose Violet for having the mind of a scribe and the heart of a rider (hint)
    Signet 1- Truthsayer/intinnisic / Scribe’s Signet – Knowledge. The mind of a scribe. Truthsayer/intinnisic are briefly mentioned in the book as rare like lightning wielding. These golden nuggets are spread around for a reason. Truthsayer is about getting information/getting the truth, whether it’s through books, mind/intinnisic, or communicating with the dead signet (that’s just another way of getting information. Liam was a hallucination, she did not communicate with the dead. Venin dream theory is referenced below). It’s alluded she’s emotionally intelligent and can read people, another type of knowledge which is essentially another type of power. Not a control signet. (As far as the mending souls?/Healer? signet theory, that may be a 7th/pearlescent ability like the ability to kill venin) (emotional intelligence combined with kindness, caring, wanting to help other is a type healing). Again the theme of balance, Xaden reads minds, Violet reads books lol /controls minds?- complementing signets.
    Signet 2 – Iron Will, will power. The heart of a rider. /control.
    Yarros stated Violet wields her second signet and it’s told in IF. Some other comments made about – Will Power/ Iron Will…she can will people to do what she asks/wants (mind power, in the mental and physical sense; control). It basically says this on the back cover..”although Violets body might be weaker and frailer than everyone elses, she still has her wits – and a will of Iron”. Additionally – the cover of IF “- and nothing, not even dragon fire, may be enough to save them in the end”.
    It says in the book that humans alone can’t protect the realm from the venin, and dragons alone couldn’t either, they had to work together. The back cover and the front cover hold the book together, like the dragon and dragon rider protect the realm. Again the complementing theme.
    Some dragons can channel 2 signets, eg Xaden’s shadow wielding and intinnisic, though it’s rare. Black dragons are rare, pearlescent/7th breed are even rarer, therefore it’s possible the 7th breed can channel 3 signets.
    Signet 3/7th Dragon breed ability only – Luminary, power of the sun. Briefly mentioned in the book, from Mira and Xaden, and research books Violet reads. Reasonings being only wards are raised by luminary power, not just an object, as Andarna waited 650 years mirroring the time of the original brothers with 7th breed. Overheating, sunburn etc may not be just from lightning wielding. Has the ability to intensify powers of others (eg Rhiannons knife through wall, Mira’s shield and new ward, Ridocs ice wall) including intensifying dragon flames to smelt alloy weapons that kill venin. Again, the cover implies dragon fire alone is not enough to save them. May intensify and extend wards. Unclear if it maybe channels from Andarna, or if it’s Andarna channeling her signet with Tairn’s signet as it happens with lightning wielding. The book art has Tairn in the sky, and Andarna in the center of the sun. Theme – Xaden’s shadows and Violet’s light – balancing signets.

    Feather tails and General venin theory
    It was stated Daddy Sorrengail was doing research on feathertails. Lilith stated all Sorrengails are riders. The new black dragon sighted could be Daddy Sorrengail’s dragon. Could provide information to Violet that can’t be found in the Archives or anywhere else if her father did die. This holds the key to defeating venin since all secrets die with the human, not necessarily if they have a dragon. Dragon egg shells are a component needed to create alloy. It’s possible since Daddy Sorrengail was conducting this research, he did bond a dragon (the other black dragon that was stated to have been sighted), can ride (although does not fight as he is a scribe), that dragons allow him into the Vale with the caveat that he cannot leave (his heart was failing/venin and can be helped within the Vale’s magic) and is allowed to collect the dragon eggs shells to help make alloy to fight venin in return. I’d like to think he’s good and he’s waiting for Violet in the vale.
    / The other theory of him being a venin would seem more likely if Lilith was dying and he chose to channel the earth in order to save her and their baby, giving Violet the gray silver hair similar to venin, meaning it’s possible she could be part venin/have some sort of venin ability/connection like the dreams. I wouldn’t consider her “weakness” part of that, that doesn’t feel right considering the genetic connective tissue disorder implied that Violet has is also what the author is affected with- it’s not a fault or weakness created from evil, it’s just unfortunately a medical condition. He sacrificed his soul for love, paralleling Xaden.
    / General venin is the original venin brother, he’s still alive because of channeling the earth- he gets life traded for the lands life now the barrens.

    Andarna’s Mate theory
    The other theory is that the new black dragon is Tairn and Sygael’s hatchling, and that they adopted Andarna as they found her egg and she hatched around the same time theirs did. It would be cute if they would be mates. I think they would tell Violet and Xaden if that happened though. It seems more likely Andarna would choose the new black dragon, as sightings of another black dragon are mentioned in FW. It also opens for a new character to bond to this black dragon and/ or plot points for future books. Maybe Violence needs a third dragon
    The book states Andarna was “left behind” not necessarily the last of her kind. It’s implied that the 7th breed is still alive in the Isles, or has an egg(s), and possibly Andarna would choose a mate there. Maybe there is a new love interest for Violet there as well. I don’t think Andarna would choose Aaric’s blue dragon. Aaric seems to have a connection to Sloane. It’s also hinted that Aaric’s older brother Holden may be Violet’s ex. It’s possible he bonds to the new black dragon when he goes to Basgaith. I’ve seen comments about saying he’s bad, it’s more likely that he doesn’t know. He goes to find Aaric, find out or to help after he does find out.

    Three brothers/Three siblings theory
    The three bothers/three siblings theory may be Violet the dragon rider, Mira (a rider) and griffon flier (hints around Drake), and Brennon the venin (catchy, no?).
    / Or, less likely, Brennon as the rider (his secret is he’s gay if y’all are getting keeping secrets vibes. His lover, Tairn’s previous rider, channeled the earth to save him, turning him venin. Would add to the Daddy Sorrengail/Lilith+baby and Xaden/Violet sacrifice for love theme), and Violet as the venin, referenced above.

    What do you think? What are your theories?

    1. From Tairn
      Signet 1 – She is pure power. This relates to -> https://www.empyreanriders.com/articles/iron-flame-theory-violet-and-xaden-are-gods/
      Signet 2 – Shielding. || Maybe. She is exceptional at shields. But I think she will be more useful as a soul mender. Or a type of inntinnsic with sight.

      From Andarna
      Gift – Time manipulation was gifted from Andarna || Yes, this is evident in Iron Flame. She got the gift of slowing down time. It also goes hand in hand with Zeus’ power.
      Foresight/seeing the future/prophecy is Andarna’s ability || This I don’t think has anything to do with Violet. It’s just Andarna’s ability or was her ability.

      Distance wielder || So far everyone seems to be in agreement that this will be Aaric.

      Andarna mentions she chose Violet for […] || Again, I think this plays with the idea that Violet is a Goddess. “Zeus became the most important of the gods because he uses intelligence as well as his power. And what are we told of her? That she has the mind of a scribe in the heart of the rider.”

      Liam was a hallucination, she did not communicate with the dead. || Nope, I disagree. Liam was NOT a hallucination. Liam was sent to her as a kindness from Malek. And I truly think we should take that at face value for what it is. Malek is very scared that he took someone from Violet. As he should be.

      I honestly think that Violet will just have her two signets plus her gift from Andarna. I think she is just strong. Will of iron. Great shields.

      Some dragons can channel 2 signets || I don’t think so. This is just a result of Sgaeyl having been bonded with Xaden’s ancestor (grandfather). This has nothing to do with Sgaeyl per se. We know that some riders go crazy or develop another signet. Everything to do with the rider, nothing to do with the dragon.

      Signet 3/7th Dragon breed ability only – Luminary, power of the sun || I mean this is a fair assumption. We did discuss extensively why she could be an amplifier, for the reasons you mentioned as well. She was there when others performed better.

      Theme – Xaden’s shadows and Violet’s light – balancing signets. || OR they are like Gods. 😀 But yes, it’s very possible that Andarna being in the centre of the sun, has given Violet a beautiful second signet related to exactly that.

      Feather tails and General venin theory || I explained this in another comment. the sighting of the dragon was to do with Andarna only. Colour of black dragon is hereditary. Lilith’s comment that all Sorrengails are riders is still a mystery. But an interesting one for sure!

      Violet’s hair || Yes, her hair is def to do with venin.

      Andarna’s Mate theory
      The other theory is that the new black dragon is Tairn and Sygael’s hatchling || which other dragon? There have been two hatchlings which are black. Those are their dragons for sure. No other black dragon on the continent, tho.

      […]as sightings of another black dragon are mentioned in FW. || Could you point out the page for reference please?

      It’s also hinted that Aaric’s older brother Holden may be Violet’s ex. || Why do you feel this? I asked in a prvious comment.

  46. Hi,
    I just thought of that the venin wears purple, and Andarna is black/purple/ all colors? And her Name is Violet?
    And Violet flowers have all the rainbow colors?
    And i read that the color violet is often associated with energies and mindfulness. From a spiritual perspective violet is considered the highest vibration in the visible spectrum. Violet also represents the future, imagination, and dreams.
    What do we think of this? Can this mean something or am I just out of my head?

    1. It could mean many things. Now let’s remember that her name is Violet because RY really wanted for Xaden to call her Violence.
      But if it’s relevant to the purple the venin wears, well that’s because I think she was drained once (while Lilith was pregnant).
      I also think that Violet flowers having all rainbow colours might mean that she is indeed a type of Godess.

  47. I think violets 2nd signet is dragon sight. In the first book she was able to see her back from the view of andaena. In iron flame she did it again, but this time through tairn’s eyes, and felt dizzy afterwards like she wasn’t used to doing that. Violet needs information above anything to center herself, page 544. If she was able to be able to see what was happening around her in battle then she would have more information, while in battle.

    1. I’m wondering if that could be as well. It does feel like she can do that, right? Question is…why? Why is this useful to her?

  48. I would like to think it is more of a ‘type’ of chameleon signet but that violet can mimic other riders’ signets especially in close proximity and in extreme emotions. she was able to read Xaden’s mind when they were very intimate and probably she was the one who wielded the shield to protect mira and brennan from the venin. Since she is the only rider with two bonded dragons and Andarna is the only one of her breed currently in Navarre her second signet could probably be one hitherto unheard of.. it is repeatedly mentioned that siphons only absorb other powers but ‘never’ a signet. That’s probably what violet will do. Considering Andarna just absorbs whatever is in her surrounding and becomes that surrounding itself like the boulder.. also one of the venin mentions how “he will wield her” . I was curious that would be possible. They drain energy true.. but wielding others?
    Also, violet seems to be the only one who is allowed to talk to other rider’s dragons like Sawyer’s and even Codagh.. otherwise they don’t seem to tolerate being talked to directly.. that has to do something with it perhaps or even more.!!
    Just my thoughts 😊 would love to know more theories and i absolutely enjoy reading your posts.!! Keep rocking ❤️

  49. Ok… I have to comment on this because it has been driving me crazy. In a more recent interview, Yarros stated that “Violet’s second signet has already manifested.” In Iron Flame. She also said “Read it again and tell me.” This means she feels is is obvious to the discerning reader…. I can tell you I have read it several time and probably listened to it more and I still can’t figure it out (definitively). That being said, Andarna says she has waited 650 years for her (longer than the time between the Great War. She sees Liam who says he isn’t wandering and maybe a kindness from Malek. She absolutely states “I am a person who needs information to center myself.” (Signers are based on need) Felix tells her that she would “something that wasn’t there” and that she wield “pure power” that comes in the form of lightening because that is what she is comfortable with. She brings up Distance wielding… not that I can find the tie-in at this time. I love the theory of the main characters being gods… but what if they are demigods!? Her mother was ill when she was pregnant with her… what if she is the daughter of Malek himself, hence the kindness. What if Xaden is the son of Dune, hence the reference as he “rescued” her from the unbonded (Aretia does have a deep connection to Amari). Could Violet’s second signet be the ability to borrow from any signet (ever existing) to gain the knowledge she needs? Not like a siphon, but actually use them all as needed in the moment of need. I think I am far reaching on this, but it makes sense to me. I have a difficult time thinking she had manifested the second before Andarna woke up from the dreamless sleep; but it is a fair possibility I guess. So enhancing powers seems off because of the timing when Rhiannon pulled the dagger “through the wall”. And it is stated that perfecting one’s signet comes later, not before they leave the college. (Hence Mira’s ability to shield without wards later). As you see, I can (and have) gone round and round on this. But I firmly believe the most telling is Violet stating she needs information to center herself. But the information she seeks is both new and very old. Plus Andarna waiting far longer than the timeline of the Great War… just to make this conversation even more confusing. 🫤

    1. Hi Shae, I’m also reading it over and over trying to make sense of her signet. But it was difficult enough for us to pick on the fact that Xaden is inntinnsic. And we managed to, before the Iron Flame. So I have no doubt that together we will figure out the second signet as well. I do think Xaden is the son of Dunne. (I have a theory on this for members only) and I also think Violet is the daughter of Malek. Or at the very least, Malek is somewhat afraid of her…which would explain why after taking Liam, he is sending him to her as a kindness.
      If she is like Zeus, then shields…to protect her loved ones, which is what she wants the most. However, yes, it is what the riders are at their core. So if she needs information, in that case is either a type of dream walker or she has a type of precognition. I wrote another theory about the nightmares that’s why I’m saying this.

      1. Corey,

        Chapter 64: ““I couldn’t stop her.” Was that my voice, or Brennan’s!”

        Reading this for the millionth time… this hit my very differently… Ugh. I still think she is a type of inntinnsic, but one that can resource a variety methods to gain the “information to center herself”. Prior to the above, Mira kept asking Brennan “What did you do?” His emotions are overwhelmed in this time. Violet is in shock (and probably NOT in control of a signet she is t aware of). This would also make sense as every time she “anticipates” an events; “a shiver of apprehension skates across my spine”. This happens several time in various chapters… every time, it is followed by a particular “knowledge” coming to light.


        1. I love this actually. You know what else I’m thinking about her? That she sort of can predict the future.
          Hear me out, hear me out. Read the beginning of chapter 22 please. When she sees gold around Tairn. It cannot be Andarna. Andarna is no longer golden. She sees the future and Tairn’s kid around there.

          1. I actually am thinking the same thing… this is why I say “a type of inntinnsic”. She is pulling the “information” in several ways.

            I kept wondering if the Venin she references was actually Xaden (this time he is wearing a purple robe), hear me out, because he states she is using the same failed tactic and expecting what… similar to Fourth Wing “I expect you to learn from your mistakes”… and fleeing over and over. Remember Xaden has always said that there was nowhere she could go that he wouldn’t find her. And being tethered (and loves her… he needs her), he will want her with him.
            I think the “golden” will be one of Tairn’s hatchlings.

            Again, Violet “needs information” from old, current, and future sources. So it only seems warranted that she can: talk to the dead, determine individuals thoughts, and have precognition. This would make her a “type”.

            I am also hoping for some other major plot twists, but I am keeping those to myself. 🤔

  50. I love all of these theories!!
    I like the will power idea. I hope I’m not repeating someone else! But as I was reading the end I’ve realised that Violet has a very special connection to ALL dragons. She has always been able to talk to them, even if they can’t communicate back. She currently communicates openly with three dragons, but towards the end of the iron flame she speaks to Codagh and Sliseag, both listen to her and do what she asks.
    She influences them. She influences others too but the dragons stood out to me because as Andarna said, “You do not speak to dragons you do not ride.”
    Which Violet clearly always gets away with.

    1. She can so get away with it. She did it at Threshing too. She did it at presentation talking to the two Greens. Then Andarna, with whom she was not bonded at the time.

  51. OK I think I figured out her 2nd ability.
    In iron flame in the throne room scene yall know the one get out yeah that one. The moment where it seems xeden enters violets mind and we read what he wants to do to her. I belive that is violet reading xedens mind I belive she is intasttic sorry if it’s spelled wrong. Xeden is and can read intentions so that’s why I don’t think it’s xeden or their mate bond.

    I also belive that adaranas time ability was gifted to violet because we she she’s fast very fast at times plus the writing of heartbeats in moments of stress. I belive that adarana parents are tied to violets blood line she waited 650 years to hatch so I think violets bloodline is on of the first 6 or 7 riders. Which I think might give her one more ability making 4 in total

    1. Hi Jester, she did do that before in Fourth Wing tho. I initially thought the same but I don’t think that was on purpose?

  52. Well…I think Rebecca definitely left it open to several possible outcomes
    But I’m rooting for the second signet to be the ability to see through others eyes. Maybe even dragons.. because it was the first time I had the feeling “this has to be it!”.
    When Violet is almost drained in IF, she sees the battlefield through Xaden’s eyes. And she clearly says is like what happened to Andarna last year.
    That’s why I think it has nothing to do with the mate bond.
    It also goes accordingly her need for information. What better way to get reliable information than to see it through the eyes of others?

    1. It would be a lovely signet but she did do it at Threshing last year too. She got to see her back through Andarna’s eyes. And at that point they weren’t channeling…

  53. Do you know what would be cool? If Violet’s second power was related to writing. Violet always wanted to be a scribe, right? The second signet could mirror that dream by making the words she writes have a specific effect related to the meaning of the word used. A power like that would be OP and very dangerous.

    1. That would be a cool one.

  54. Actually, she has always put away (shielding) her emotions, her pain…since day one. It makes sense.

  55. I may be alone here, but I believe her second signet is the ability to see through other’s eyes. She does it twice with her dragons during battle, and at the end of IF we learn she is actually seeing through Xaden’s eyes while he dreams.

    1. She also does it at Threshing tho. When Andarna allows her to see through her eyes (to see her own back, her relic). That was the time when she didn’t have a signet yet.

  56. So I just finished Iron Flame and into my mind just came the possibility that something like Mirroring Signets could be Violets second signet. A little bit like Bodhi just that she does not negate the power of the other rider but can use it for herself instead. I thought it was first manifested in the scene with her and Xaden after the fight with Cat when she suddenly could read his mind. That would be a parallel to when her first signet first manifested (during her first kiss with him). Also I think that Xaden reacted weird and strained, not in a good way. Maybe because he noticed that she can mirror him and that could have been telling her about his second signet which she did not know about at all at that time.
    And that would actually be a great and very powerful signet as well

    1. That would be a cool signet to be fair!

  57. So I think that Violet’s second signet is much more straightforward than many of the top theories circulating at the moment.

    RY has said it manifested in IF.
    We saw Liam in IF, who by this point, was already dead (still crying about this).
    We know that signets are a result of the riders needs.

    What is Violet’s strongest need/desire?
    We’ve heard Xaden say it – Violet is a creature of logic and facts.
    Half the angst in this book was due to her need for Xaden to be completely honest and forthcoming with her.

    I think her strongest need is the need for the whole truth. The truth of the world.

    She just had the world shaken from under her feet, found out that everything she believed to be true was false, and lost her centre because of it.

    What is the best way to obtain the truth that had been lost by the destruction and rewriting of history?
    By talking to those who LIVED that history.

    I think our girl is gonna channel some dead people energies and pull the facts from the SOURCE.

    Her mother, her father, members of the first six.

    The only thing working against me here is that the serum was in her system during her visions of Liam.
    But maybe the serum isn’t 100% effective? After all, they can’t know every signet to know if it would work on all of them?

    Either that, or she truly is a child of Malek and has the power to speak to the dead which would not be blocked from the use of a serum because that power is HERS, not a result of channeling from a dragon.

    1. Jessica 👏👏👏👏👏👏 I think you nailed it. I would like to create a whole theory about it and credit to you. Because I do think she is a child of Malek and she has that power!
      She’s already got the signet “related” to her mom. Storms -> Lightening. Powerful AF. It’s time to take something from Daddy God.

      I think our girl is gonna channel some dead people energies and pull the facts from the SOURCE.


      1. Oh thank you so much! I’d love to see what you bring to this theory.

        I’ve seen some people claim that RY “confirmed” that Liam was a hallucination – but if you watch/read those interviews closely, she doesn’t actually state this as a fact.
        She only says this is what the READERS would think.
        I think our gal RY is being sneaky with her words, and I would expect nothing less from her haha

        My other thought – taking into consideration the theory that she was drained by venin within the womb – maybe she was “touched” by Malek due to how close to death she came.
        And this left her with a special ability/connection to Malek that she isn’t aware of yet.
        Because hey, how many times should this woman have died but defied the odds?
        + her either channeling the dead, or Malek sending Liam to her when she needed him.
        + she TOLD Malek not to take Sawyer at the end of IF – and it kinda seems like he listened to her…

        So many possibilities. How will we keep sane until January next year? Hahaha

  58. I’m almost certain that the second signet manifested in Violet just like the first one – during intense emotions, during sex. In the scene with the throne, she intruded into Xadena’s mind. It would also correspond to fulfilling her desire for information, truth…

    1. Hi Zuzle, we did talk about this in some of the comments but I’m not entirely sure that’s her signet. While it would align with some of her desires, it was pretty clear (I think) that Xaden did share those visions!

  59. Think you’re missing truth sayer or something related this girls TikTok is spot on.


    1. I will check it out and come back to report!

  60. I like the shield idea for second signet since she literally places her body in front of Andarna to “shield” her when they meet.

    1. Yeah, I like it too. But I do wonder if we’re going to have a wild one instead!

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