Colonel Mairi

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NameMairi (First name unknown)
OriginTyrrendor Province, Navarre
StatusDead (Executed)
FamilyIsaac Mairi (spouse)
Liam Mairi (son)
Sloane (daughter)
Mentioned inFourth Wing, Iron Flame

About Coloner Mairi

Colonel Mairi, from Tyrrendor Province in Navarre, held a significant rank and was known for her unique skills of creating complex runes. She was executed after the Tyrrish Rebellion. This event was profoundly impactful, as her daughter, Sloane, and son, Liam, were made to witness this harrowing event​​.

Her family life was intertwined with her professional duties. She was married to Isaac Mairi and had two children, Sloane and Liam.


“What’s the rune on
the stone you keep by the bed? That’s what it is, right?”
“Yes, a complicated one at that.” He sits up and reaches for the little
gray stone, then offers it to me as he stands. “There’s not a person alive
who knows how to replicate this. Colonel Mairi was the last.”


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