• Chantara


    The village supplying Basgiath consistently welcomed second-year students from the Healer, Scribe, and Infantry Quadrants, but not from Riders Quadrant. They had been prohibited for almost ten years following an incident where a brawl resulted in the burning down of a local pub. Continue reading

  • Cliffsbane


    Name Cliffsbane Type Flier Academy City Zolya Province Braevick Kingdom Kingdom of Poromiel Continue reading

  • Braevick Province

    Braevick Province

    Name Braevick Location Category Province Kingdom Kingdom of Poromiel Royalty Viscount Tecarus Cities Zolya Points of Interest Cliffsbane Continue reading

  • Zolya


    Name Zolya Kingdom Kingdom of Poromiel Political Significance Third-largest city and second most populous in Braevick Royalty Viscount Tecarus Location Braevick Province Points of Interest Cliffsbane Zolya is the third-largest city and second most populous in Braevick, Poromiel. During the Battle of Zolya, which lasted two days, the city fell to venin and wyvern. Zolya… Continue reading

  • Fortress of Aretia

    Fortress of Aretia

    Alternative Name Riorson House Location Aretia, Tyrrendon Province, Kingdom of Navarre Political Significance Headquarters for The Assembly Personal Significance Home of Xaden Riorson The Fortress of Aretia, situated in the Tyrrendor province, stands resilient amidst the mountains. It is a significant structure that survived the Battle of Aretia, thanks to its sturdy stone construction, which… Continue reading

  • Aretia


    Name Aretia Political Significance Capital of Tyrrendor Location Tyrrendon Province, Kingdom of Navarre Battle Battle of Aretia Treaty Treaty of Aretia Points of Interest Temple of Amari, Fortress of Aretia About Aretia is the capital of Tyrrendor province, which is part of the Kingdom of Navarre. It is strategically protected by the Cliffs of Dralor… Continue reading

  • Basgiath


    Name Basgiath Meaning in Gaelic  Bàs (death) + sgiath (wing) Location Kingdom of Navarre Points of interest Basgiath War College Basgiath is the capital of Navarre and where the majority of the action of Fourth Wing takes place. Basgiath is home to the Basgiath War College, where the protagonist Violet Sorrengail enters the Riders Quadrant.… Continue reading

  • Battle of Aretia

    Battle of Aretia

    On July 1st, the anniversary of the Battle of Aretia, we commemorate Reunification Day. This annual celebration, observed throughout Navarre, honors the lives lost during the war against separatists and those saved by the Treaty of Aretia. It’s a day of remembrance and unity, reflecting on our kingdom’s resilience and unity. As per the royal… Continue reading

  • Montserrat


    Name Montserrat Function Military Outpost Kingdom Navarre Province Morraine Province Location Near the Cygnisen border Comander Major Quade Weather The weather in Montserrat is warmer than the one in Navarre. April in Montserrat feels like June in Basgiath. Continue reading

  • Athebyne


    Name Athebyne Function Military Outpost Location South East of Navarre, border with Poromiel Proximity Tyrrendor Province, Resson Significance Key Supply and Battle Location Commander Major Kallista Neema, Executive Officer of the Southern Wing Athebyne is a military outpost strategically positioned on the border between Navarre and Poromiel. It is one of the most strategic garrisons.… Continue reading


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