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Fourth Wing Xaden POV bonus chapters (with official download link)

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Written by: Cory

Fourth Wing Xaden POV bonus chapters

Last year, Rebecca Yarros announced the special edition Fourth Wing with two bonus chapters from Xaden’s point of view. The bonus chapters are chapters 9 and 16.

If you haven’t read Fourth Wing and Iron Flame, please do so before continuing, as this post is about to have a lot of spoilers!

Why chapters 9 and 16? Because the author herself said that she needed to be careful with which chapters she picks, not to give away any spoilers from Iron Flame. Imagine picking a chapter where it becomes obvious that Xaden is indeed an inntinnsic. I’m not going to lie, I did wish to see Xaden’s POV during their first kiss. There was something so disarming and beautiful about the first time they kissed, how he touched her skin, the snow, and her first lightning show.

What are the bonus chapters about then?

Fourth Wing Bonus Chapter 9

In Chapter 9, Violet is being called to the mat by Xaden Riorson. We all know the chapter, it’s the first time he talks to her intimately while sparring. And gosh, you can cut that tension with a knife!

It’s also the first time Xaden calls her “Violence”.

“Going for blood today, are we, Violence?”
“My name is Violet,” I seethe.
“I think my version fits you better.”

Yes, that’s true, Xaden. Your version does fit her better. In the bonus chapter, we learn why Xaden calls her this for the first time. And it’s so damn sweet, as you can imagine.

In Chapter 9, we get to FEEL Violet’s attraction to Xaden. In the bonus chapter, we get to really feel and understand his. And yeah, it’s pretty glorious. I mean, why didn’t he hurt her? Was he purposely careful with her? You sort of already know the answers, but it’s nice to see them written down and confirm all that awesome feeling.

One of the big questions from the chapter, for me…when she kicked the back of his knees, did he fall deliberately? Luckily, the bonus chapter explains that too.

Want to know something even cooler? We get to hear a little bit of how Sgaeyl talks to Xaden through their connection. Which I think it’s awesome. Oh, and here is another really cute little hint:

“[…]Sgaeyl pushes through my shields.”

Xaden is the most powerful rider, and he is also a third year, his shields perfected, yet Sgaeyl managed to push through without an issue. Do you remember how at the end of Iron Flame Violet managed to keep Tairn (yes Tairn!!!!) out? That underlines her second signet so so well.

“Beautiful. Fucking. Asshole.”
“You are not attracted to toxic men”.

These two of the best quotes from Fourth Wing, and they are both Violet’s. It’s nice to see what Xaden says about it. And it’s good!

And then we have that time when we know he tells her about poisons. That he’s known better poison masters. I love where the author went with it, to ensure we’re not “reading” her at that point.

Overall, Chapter 9 showed us that there is attraction. Sure, there isn’t love there yet, but Xaden is just as attracted to Violet as she is attracted to him. And it’s dangerous. But beautiful. It’s amazing to get to see his POV and how he’s slowly falling for her too.

Fourth Wing Bonus Chapter 16

In Chapter 16 in Fourth Wing we learn that Violet is tethered to Xaden Riorson. That Tairn and Sgaeyl are a mated pair. Xaden’s POV starts a little later in the chapter, when Dain starts to scream at Violet accusing Xaden that he manipulated threshing.

And you know what comes next…the kiss! No, not that kiss, the awkward one. Between Violet and Dain. So how does Xaden react to that? Let’s dig in.

We start by getting into the confrontation between Dain and Xaden. To be fair, I did love reading what Xaden actually thinks of Dain. It gave so much satisfaction.

And what to know something cool? Xaden describes Violet as “pint-size morsel of straight-up arsenic“. It has got to be one of my new favourite ways to describe Violet, ok?

And yes, we get a little more Sgaeyl conversation in the mix too. Gosh I love Sgaeyl. The dragons just make this book amazing.

The question is: Did Xaden actually move during Threshing? Did he attempt to save Violet? Well, lucky for us, Xaden answers that too. In fact, it’s Sgaeyl that answers it for us.

Oh and Xaden refers to Tairn as “one surly motherfucker” which I think is perfection on toast. Because let’s face it, Tairn really is…well, surly. But we love him. He’s the coolest and the best.

In all fairness, Chapter 16 was about what Xaden thinks of Violet, which by now we already know he is attracted to her very very much… It’s also really fun to see him jealous. Can you imagine Xaden, the super confident guy, jealous? Well, now you will see him as such. Which makes him more human and I respect that so much.

For me, the perfect part of this chapter was learning more about his conversations with Sgaeyl. It’s so exciting to get a glimpse of how their relationship functions. It’s perfect. Sgaeyl is such a mystery and I really want more of her.

Something else that really stood out to me. You know how Violet already refers to Xaden as something to do with Dunne? The wrath of Dunne in his eyes etc? Well in his POV we get to learn that “if Amari herself ever designer a woman with my downfall in mind…”

You know my stance on the fact that both Violet and Xaden are gods…so it might just about be true. Amari might have designed Violet with the downfall of Dunne’s child in mind. 🙂 Uncharted territory, I know, but hey, theories are so much fun!

It’s also in Chapter 16 that we find out how Xaden perceives the bond between him and Violet. The colour! So glorious!

The crème de la crème? The pièce de résistance? Well, in the original Fourth Wing Chapter 16, Dain kisses Violet. Are you curious to know what Xaden thinks about that? Ugh! In his special edition bonus POV we do get to find out.

Dain-fucking-Aetos has his mouth on my Violence.”

I literally screamed at this. Argh!!!!! Xaden Riorson getting all jealous!

Where to read Xaden POV bonus chapters

Luckily, there are three options for getting the Xaden POV bonus chapters.

1. Fourth Wing Special Edition (Paid)

These bonus chapters were created and introduced in the special edition Fourth Wing book. The book looks glorious with the dark red covers and black splayed edges. You can still order it online to add it to your collection.

2. Book Funnel (Free)

If you cannot afford or cannot find the new special edition Fourth Wing, don’t worry.

Download your Xaden POV bonus chapters FOR FREE via BookFunnel.

3. Rebecca Yarros official (Free)

Click to read the chapters directly on the author’s website

Happy reading! What did you think? Let me know in the comments section below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which chapters are bonus in Fourth Wing?

The bonus chapters in Fourth Wing are Chapter 9 and chapter 16 which are being told from Xaden’s POV.

Is there a book 2 to Fourth Wing?

Yes, there is. It’s called Iron Flame and it’s already been released on November 7th.

How many pages are in the Fourth Wing?

There are 512 pages in Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros, plus an extra 16 pages thanks to the bonus chapters written from Xaden Riorson’s POV.

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  1. I am having trouble accessing the free chapters

    1. I believe the author did say yesterday that the servers were at capacity.

  2. Will book funnel open back up? I would love to read the bonus chapters.

  3. Can someone please send me the bonus chapters?

    1. I sent them to you and redacted your comment to remove your email (I just didn’t want you to get lots of spam)

    2. I can’t get the Xaden’s POV to download 🙁

      1. Just get them on RY’s official website! there is a link to her official site as well

  4. I can’t get the free download to work 😔

    1. Oh no! I updated the list and included Rebecca Yarros’ official site. She posted them there as well. Both chapters are available for free there!

  5. The Book Funnel link won’t accept my email for some reason. Can someone please send them to me

    Pretty please?! I’m desperate!!!! 🥺

  6. Hello I’m having trouble accessing chapter 9. Book Funnel won’t accept my email and I can only find the bonus chapter for chapter 16 on Rebecca’s official page.

    1. Hi Denise, on Rebecca’s official page it starts with Chapter 16 but chapter 9 is just under.

    2. Are they any other options, book funnel won’t accept my email address and Rebeeca’s website only has one chapter!

      1. Hi Clare, Rebecca’s site has both chapters. They are just put in a different order. It starts with the chapter 16 and then there is chapter 9. If you scroll a little you’ll see it.

  7. Hey 🙂

    I can only find chapter 16 but not chapter 9 on Rebecca Yarros‘ site. On the book funel like won’t except my email. Can some help me? I would love to read the bonus chapters 🙁

    1. If you scroll down, you will see chapter 9 there. It’s after chapter 16. She arranged them the other way around. 😀

  8. I need more Xaden’s POV. like I need all books with his POV

  9. Has anyone noticed that when Xaden talks about Dain kissing Violet in the chapter 16 bonus chapter, his surge of jealousy is described similarly to how Violet felt when she was stabbed by the venin with the poisonous blade?

    “Not mine. But that doesn’t stop the knot in my stomach from unfurling, spreading like acid into my system, burning through my chest and making it hard to draw breath until that snot-nosed asswipe lifts his head.”

    1. Oh, no, I haven’t. I’m going to go check them out, side by side! Great catch.

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