Fourth Wing

  • The Trade Agreement of Resson

    The Trade Agreement of Resson

    The Trade Agreement of Resson is a trade agreement signed between Navarre and Poromiel. The agreement was established over 200 years ago to facilitate a quarterly exchange between Navarre and Poromiel. This arrangement allows Navarre to trade its meat and lumber with Poromiel’s cloth and agricultural products. The exchanges occur at the Athebyne outpost, situated… Continue reading

  • Relics


    Relics, Fourth Wing, Empyrean Series by Rebecca Yarros. Art by Maya @snowarox Relics are marks on character skin created by dragons. Some relics are a symbol of honour and power, such as the relics created by dragon once their bond with a rider. Others represent a warning, such as the rebellion relics which are swirls… Continue reading

  • The Codex

    The Codex

    The Codex is the rule book for the Riders Quadrant. It is a fraction of the length of any other divisions. Article One, Section One A dragon without its rider is a tragedy. A rider without their dragon is dead. Article Two, Section Three Impersonating a commissioned officer is a punishable offence. Article Three, Section… Continue reading


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