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The Aretia Accord

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The Aretia Accord is a formal agreement that outlines the structure and organization of military units, particularly focusing on the integration of dragon riders and gryphon fliers together.

Article Two, Section One of the Accord specifies that riders will maintain their wings, sections, and squads, along with their command structures. A significant aspect of this Accord is the absorption of every drift (a group associated with gryphons, similar to a squad of dragon riders) into a rider squad. The leader of each drift is then positioned to replace the current executive officer of the squad they join.

This arrangement is designed to enhance unit cohesiveness and efficiency, indicating a strategic move to integrate and streamline the military forces, likely in response to broader challenges or threats faced in the narrative of the series​​.

Fliers and riders are held equal in every regard with the exception of wing structure.

Riders will maintain their wings, sections, and squads, as well as retain their commands.
Every drift will be absorbed by a squad, and their leader will replace the squad’s current executive officer for unit cohesiveness and efficiency.

Article Two, Section One The Aretia Accord

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