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Iron Flame Signet Synergy Quiz

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Written by: Cory

Welcome to the exclusive realm of the Empyrean Series, where magic weaves through the very fabric of existence, and signets shape the destiny of its bearers. As a valued member of our community, you’re invited to embark on a unique journey to discover the depths of your spirit and the essence of your power through our members-only quiz: Find Your Signet & Your Iron Flame Character.

Are you the fearless leader, Xaden, with shadows at your beck and call? Or do you resonate with Violet, whose intellect and affinity for lightning set her apart? Perhaps you share Catriona’s cunning and ambition, or Sloane’s resilience and burgeoning siphon abilities. Maybe you command the storms like Lilith, or offer unwavering support and possess the rare ability to counter signets like Bodhi.

This quiz isn’t just about uncovering which character you align with—it’s about connecting with the core of your identity in the context of the rich and vibrant world of the Empyrean Series. Each question has been carefully crafted to peel back the layers of your personality, revealing the signet that sings with your soul and the character that mirrors your innermost self.

So, take a deep breath, embrace the magic within, and let’s find out: Are you Xaden, Violet, Catriona, Sloane, Lilith, or Bodhi?

You're faced with an unexpected challenge. How do you react?

What motivates you to achieve your goals?

How do you prefer to solve conflicts?

What role do you usually take on in a team?

In a crisis, what is your initial reaction?

What do you value most in your personal relationships?

How do you approach learning something new?

When making decisions, you rely most on:

What do you find most fulfilling?

How do you handle failure or setbacks?


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2 responses to “Iron Flame Signet Synergy Quiz”

  1. Hi Cory im new to the Empyrean series and I have finished Iron Flame and omg im still in complete shock and awe right now I’ve been crying for days can’t get this out of my head and now I feel like my heart has been ripped apart so hard to think of anything else I kept re reading certain parts and listening with graphic Audio with the first book and the second book graphic audio comes out later on just want to say how happy I am to be part of this community love reading the theories as well and finding so many wonderful people who love what i love to I feel like im also so heavily invested in Xaden and Violet so much that is why the pain in my heart hurts so much just wanted to also say thankyou for everything your doing

    1. You are so very welcome. I’m so obsessed with these books! You cannot imagine. I hope you’re doing OK after that awful cliffhanger?

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