What is your Signet Ability?

Discover your unique power in the world of the “Fourth Wing” series with our “What is your Signet Ability?” quiz. Unearth your hidden potential and find out if you share a signet ability with the likes of Violet Sorrengail, Xaden Riorson, Brennan Sorrengail, Dain Aetos, Rhiannon Matthias, or Mira Sorrengail.

Our quiz is designed to delve into your personality traits, preferences, and instincts to reveal which signet ability aligns with your character. Whether you’re a lightning wielder like Violet, a shadow wielder like Xaden, a mender like Brennan, possess retrocognition like Dain, a summoner like Rhiannon, or a shield extender like Mira, this quiz will help you uncover your unique power.

This quiz is perfect for fans of the “Fourth Wing” series, as well as those who love fantasy novels and enjoy exploring their own potential abilities in these magical worlds. So, are you ready to discover your signet ability? Take our quiz now and share your results with your friends!

What is your approach to rules and regulations?

How do you handle conflict?

What is your preferred way to spend your free time?

What trait do you value most in others?

What would you do if you saw someone being treated unfairly?

What is your ideal job or career?

What is your preferred method of communication?

How do you approach a new project or task?

What is your favorite type of book or movie?

What is your biggest weakness?


Share that Venin and Wyvern are real!

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32 responses to “What is your Signet Ability?”

  1. I’ma shadow wielder and my dragon is Sgyeal 😭 guess I’m the female version of Xaden😂😭

    1. i’m exactly the same! i got Sgyeal and i’m a shadow weilder so where’s my male version of violet??

      1. Sounds brilliant! If I were to pick, I would probably also love the shadow wielder. 😀

    2. My dragon is Sgyeal, but when I did the signet quiz. I either got a mender or retrocognition.

      1. Retrocognition with Sgaeyl! Badass!

  2. omg me too!!
    sgaeyl and xadennnn

  3. My dragon is Andarna and I’m a Summoner.

  4. Dragon is Feirgh and shadow manipulation. Somehow it fits because I would rather take down someone from the shadows than head on. It would save a lot of lives.

    1. But you also have the wisdom of the green <3

  5. My dragon is Sgaeyl but I’m Brennan 😂

    1. Alright Amanda. You’ve got to tell us everything. Where’s Naolin? What happened? Can you please tell me what’s up with that rune on your palm? Thank yooooouuuuuu

      1. Sgaeyl swore me to secrecy :-X

  6. I am a mender and my dragons is Sgaeyl . 🤩 This was really fun to find out. 😁I have one of the rarest signets and I got one of the coolest dragons.😎 I really enjoyed this quiz.

    1. Are you a mender? That’s so cool! And hey, Sgaeyl always <3

  7. Hey guys, i got an undefined signet. Any thoughts?

    1. Uhm, no no, that’s not right. Let me look into it, to make sure the quiz works fine. :O I’m so sorry this happened. I will fix it and let you know asap!
      (meanwhile, please wait for your dragon to channel)

  8. Angela Quackenbush Avatar
    Angela Quackenbush

    Feirgh and I’m a mender

    1. We got another mender? <3 That’s awesome. Two in one day! Mender and a green dragon! That’s fab!

  9. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. What did you get? What did you get?

  10. My dragon is Sgyeal and my signet is Mender – love it!

  11. Mender and Sgaeyl. I’m so happy! 🙂

  12. Uhhh…My dragon was Feirge but when it came to my signet it literally says undefined. I dont know where I would fit in the book this is so unexpecteddd ..:(

  13. I got retrocognition and sgyeal

  14. Dragon was Sgyeal and i got lightening wielder so i guess im violet and xaden’s kid?

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