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Fourth Wing TV Series Casting

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Written by: Cory

It’s official! We are going to get a Fourth Wing TV Series! YAAAAY! It’s time to cast your vote to see who you’d like to play your favourite characters. Here’s how this works. I created a dedicated page for Fourth Wing Fan Casting, where I update daily the number of votes each actor has received based on your opinions!

Have a specific actor or actress in mind? Please post your comment below so I can add them to the voting list. It’s just one of me here, so please bear with me as I continue to add new actors. Thank you for your help and participation! Happy voting! Lots of love, Cory

Results for Xaden Riorson

Results for Violet Sorrengail

Who should play as Xaden Riorson in the Fourth Wing TV Series?

Who do you think should play Xaden Riorson in the upcoming Fourth Wing TV Series? Cast your vote below and let me know more about your pick in the comments below.

Just a reminder that Xaden is a tall man with black hair and dark eyebrows. His facial features are marked by a strong jawline, and his skin is tawny in colour. According to the dictionary, tawny skin is pale brown colour. Note, Felix Mallard is more olive skin than tawny. Olive-skinned and tawny are semantically related. Sometimes you can use “Olive-skinned” instead of an adjective “Tawny”. Still unsure if Mallard can be included in this category, but it’s a discussion, so please join in!

Who should play as Violet Sorrengail in the Fourth Wing TV Series?

Who do you think should play Violet Sorrengail in the upcoming Fourth Wing TV Series? Cast your vote below and let me know more about your pick in the comments below.

This is Violet’s description: Violet has long brown hair with metallic silver ends, which she normally wears as a crown braid. She has pale skin, pale eyes and pale hair. The most important part is the skin colour and the eyes I believe, as the hair, I imagine will be a brown hair with silver tips.


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69 responses to “Fourth Wing TV Series Casting”

  1. Danielle Rose Russell for the win plz!

  2. Danielle as Violet is the only one I can picture! (Or Josephine Langford as a close second, but, Danielle really is the only one)

    Same with Gabriel Guevara as Xaden. I cannot picture anyone but Gabriel!

    1. I would agree more on Josephine Langford, but they can fix a lot with makeup and just acting.

      I do strongly disagree about Gabriel Guevara. I honestly dont find any actor for it. Only the drawings I have found online, where people try to draw Xaden, seem any level of acceptable 😀

      1. I find it a bit difficult to get an actor Xaden too…

        1. Karyn Kattermann Avatar
          Karyn Kattermann

          My first thought was Theo James, but he will be too old and maybe it would be typecasting since he did the divergent series, but he is who I see when I read the books

      2. Definitely can see this book as an anime

      3. 100% Gabriel Guevara. Richard Deiss is a close 2nd. But honestly I feel like a lot of these options for Violet are lacking the … refinement. Violet is young but dignified . Pheobe Dynevor! just gona throw that out there! India eisley could be an option and…call me crazy, but… Sadie Soverall??

  3. Kiara Kenefick-Holmes Avatar
    Kiara Kenefick-Holmes

    Y’all are sleeping on Diego Tinoco as Xaden and it breaks my heart

    1. Want me to add him here for the votes?

      1. Kiara Kenefick-Holmes Avatar
        Kiara Kenefick-Holmes

        He should definitely be on there, yes!

  4. Alex Aiono defo. he fits Xaden like so well!!! But of course its really hard to fit in those shoes, because, I mean how can you live up to THAT. but for like Ridoc I’m thinking someone like Zac efron to really live to the prankster level. soooo exited I actually can’t wait for the realse dates to be out…..

    1. Oooh Alex Aiono seems like a very good choice indeed. I will add him to the list!

  5. personally i’ve been picturing both Xaden and Bodhi as people of colour, but i feel like Xaden will be really hard to cast. Mackenzie Foy looks to me like a really good Violet option. we shall see which actors perform the best, when the time to cast comes! i’m excited

    1. I’m really excited for the series. I also love it that it’s a series and not just a movie per book. Like we are being spoilt!

    2. I have been picturing Xaden more of a younger Jason Momoa. Tall, tan, muscular, scar or the eyebrow, deep voice, and just has gloom and seriousness.

      1. SAME! I’m yet to find him tho…

        1. Can we add him to the list? Saw Sarah Gadon in true detective and thought she might be a good Violet. Has an innocence and ferocity in her look. Can we add her too?

          1. Panneda, sure thing. I must apologize, I’m really behind with the comments as my work has been insane lately. I will carve some time this week to update the list properly!

  6. Zayn Malik as Xaden

    1. I can add him but he is a singer not an actor. I don’t mind adding him if you think

  7. As soon as I saw the Michael Yerger pic.. I was like that is how I pictured Xaden 😁. And Danielle Russel for violet

    1. I also thought Danielle Russel…until someone suggested Elizabeth Hunter. Both would be exquisite choices.

  8. What about Matthew Daddario as Xaden? I think he’d be perfect or an Afro/Latino actor 🙂

    1. Oh I can really him as Xaden. I will add him to the list!

    2. The actor’s age should really be considered, in my opinion. Although most of the male actors on the list are hot, a 30+ year old playing a 23 year old will still be noticeable on screen even with makeup. Michael Yerger I can see as Xaden. He has the build for sure. Lorenzo Zurzolo as Dain. McKenna Grace, Odeya Rush or Benedetta Porcaroli as Violet. Benedetta is about 3-4 inches taller than the book character so not sure that would work. Many of the actresses on the list are cute, but I feel that Violet should have a beautiful face not a cute face. At any rate, can’t wait to see the show.

  9. What about Chloe Grace Moretz as Violet?

  10. None of those options for Xadens and I’m not too keen on those for Violet either but what about Joe Keery from Stranger things for Dain! His features are perfect and he’s already played the “good guy gone bad” role

    1. Hi Allie, it’s really hard to find a Xaden right now, isn’t it? I’m still welcoming all the options from fans. Joe Keery would make for a good Dain. But I also see him as Ridoc weirdly enough. I imagined Dain a bit like Jacob Elordi, don’t know why.

  11. When I first saw Xaden’s character card, the first thing that came to my mind was Theo James. I think he should be on this list too

    1. Thank you for being kind with your comment, Izy. I really appreciate it. Happy to add it as well!

    2. Charlotre Schryvers Avatar
      Charlotre Schryvers

      I think young Theo James is perfect but he’s almost 40 now and Xaden is only 23

      1. I agree with you. Personally, I don’t think many of the actors here match Xaden but other fans wanted them so I think it’s unfair to not add them. I do think we need to go with someone who is young (30 max!) and much much much darker skin.

  12. I’m thinking Nicholas Galitzine would perfectly casted as Xaden, Amandla Stenberg as Violet and Ross Lynch as Dain! I think this casting would be amazing!!

  13. I think they should cast unknown actors that have a brown shade. They describe Xaden as tawny but they also said Xaden and Bodhi look similar. Bodhi has tawny brown skin.

    1. That’s fair enough! I wouldn’t mind making some unknown actors really famous! It would be lovely actually.

  14. Jenna Ortega as Violet would be thrilling.

    1. 🙂 Alright, I will add her to the list. I see Violet as much softer <3

      1. I get that. They’d have to lighten her features but there are so many positives (1) she’s not only an actress, but she had proven herself in the fantasy realm. (2) she’s super short, tiny so she foots the bill. (3) picture the scene in Cordyn when Vi walks into Tecaurus’ dining room in the black Deverelli silk dress, now look at this picture —>
        —> and tell me Jenna wouldn’t pull off rider black!

        1. I will add her, no problem! It might take a couple of days, just trying to have a mini computer detox. Although it’s not working very well haha

  15. Hi, has anyone submitted Simone Susinna from 365 days on Netflix?
    He would be perfect for Xadens character!

    1. When I get back to editing the pages in a few days, I will add him here as a recommendation 🙂

  16. Jacob Elordi is 1000% the perfect Xaden! Didn’t read through all the previous comments to see if anyone else has already mentioned him, but if not, please consider adding him to list

  17. I would LOVE to see Sean Teale (from Reign) on this list for Xaden! His features are spot on and he’s a chameleon of an actor. I also love Mackenzie Foy or Danielle Rose Russel as Violet.
    It’ll be interesting to see which one they cast first, since so much of the second decision will revolve around how the actors vibe together.

  18. Benjamin Wadsworth as Xaden!! I cannot stress this enough. Please look into him. He’s not super well known, but he’s played in the tv show ‘Deadly Class’, and he did such a wonderful job. He’s also the fancast for Mattheo Riddle in the Harry Potter fandom.
    Benjamin has the perfect sassy, dark, and alluring edge that Xaden’s actor needs. Look him up on Pinterest for the best pictures! Thank me later 😉

  19. Damien Romeo NEEDS to be added to the conversation for Xaden!

  20. What about Jacob Eldordi for Xaden but that was the first person to come to mind.

  21. Cody Christian is the perfect cast for Dain

    1. Wait what? He really is such a Dain!

      1. With that quirky grin ?? I can absolutely see Dain….or… his eye twinkle even suggests Ridoc.

        1. Oooh Ridoc could work too!

  22. A few people popped into my head when reading about Xaden, I don’t think I had any one in particular when I picture him, however these 3 came to mind: Julio Peña, Toby Kebbell & Aria Shahghasemi

  23. Dylan Sprayberry if they dyed his hair blonde would make a good liam in my opinion

  24. I dont think any actor (at the moment ) really sums up Xaden, a few already listed have some of his features but not all of them and the ones that fit more of his description are older actors. Though I do like the idea of Matt Daddario, again though he’s older than Xaden.

    McKenna Grace or Emma Myers for Violet
    Xaden- too hard to cast haha though if we had Felix mallard as him or Darren Barnet as him then Bodhi could be played by the other person (Barnet or Mallard) as I think they are similiar in looks as is Xaden and Bodhi.

    Celeste O’Connor Could be Rhi

    I mentioned Julio Peña as he also came to mind for Xaden but I think he might be a better fit for Dain.

  25. What about Jacob Elordi with a tan and longer hair😄. He’s who I keep picturing…

    1. I will add him to the list today. And I need to update the scores as well 😀
      To me, Jacob Elordi is Dain 😛

      1. Can you also add McKenna Grace and Emma Myers for Violet as listed above please? 🙂

        1. Yes! It’s on my to-do list for today. Sorry it’s taking me a little longer than usual!

  26. To me there is no one else as Adam Driver for Xaden Riorson. He has experience in the army and he is an amazing actor.
    Thanks for creating this post Cory.

    1. Adam Driver was in the Marine Corps, not Army.
      I could see him as a professor, but not a Cadet, too old. Remember Xaden is only two years older than Violet. He was in his third year when Violet crossed the parapet at 21.

  27. I know she wasn’t listed as an option, but I think Millie Bobby Brown should play Violet.

  28. When I saw the choices for Xaden and Violet, the two that JUMPED out at me as perfect are, Michael Yerger and Makenzie Foy.
    Their ages are close, 5 years apart.
    Their height is PERFECT, 6′ vs 5’2″.
    Michael’s strong jawline and physique appear spot on, while Makenzie’s petiteness, hair, face shape and expression will give that vulnerable, fragile appearance the Violet has.
    Michael Cimino I can see as Ridoc, he has that smart-ass look.
    Richard Deiss I can see as Brennan.
    Amandla Stenberg (The Acolyte) looks to be perfect for Riannon.
    Elizabeth Hunter would work as Imogen.
    Just my thoughts.

  29. I think Lily Collins as Violet would be perfect and I love Rege-Jean Page as Xaden. They’re both in their 30’s in real like but could play characters in their 20’s. I also think Alfie Noch as Bodhi, Ben Barnes as Brennan, Lena Headey as Lilith, Emma Mackey as Imogen.. I have a list of all the characters I could go on😩🤌

  30. I think Lili Reinhart would be a great choice probably my top choice for Violet but or Josephine Langford would be great too as for Xaden, Richard Deiss is closed to how I always pictured Xaden but I think Theo James would do great with the role. After divergent he just has that enemies to lovers DOWN PAT, and he trained the girl in the movie. I cannot remember her name right now, but there are so many similarities between the book and divergent. And he did so well in it so I think he’d play the role great and I mean he’s beautiful to look at so that’s also exactly like Xaden. At least how I pictured him in my head 😂😍

    1. I could see Lili Reinhart as Violet actually.

  31. How about Sebastian Quinn as Xaden? He’s relatively unknown too but has the colouring I picture Xaden having.

  32. For Xaden Shawn Mendes is how I imagine him but more accurate to the description is Jayden Revri who I think could fit in well as Bohdi. As for Violet I have a bunch of ideas: Madison McLaughlin, Katherine McNamara, Willa Holland and Sadie Sink

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