Violet Sorrengail Fan Casting for Fourth Wing

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Violet Sorrengail fan cast for Fourth Wing

The buzz surrounding the casting of Violet Sorrengail for the Fourth Wing series is just as intense as that for Xaden Riorson, and it’s easy to see why. Author Rebecca Yarros has struck gold with a character who is both delicate and fierce, intriguing in both her physicality and persona. With long brown hair tinged with metallic silver ends—often fashioned into a crown braid—Violet is a picture of ethereal beauty. Her pale skin, light hazel eyes with hues of blues and ambers, and petite structure have captivated the imagination of countless fans.

Violet’s character evolution adds another layer of complexity to her casting. Initially described as fragile due to her chronic illness, Violet gains muscle mass as the series progresses, thanks to intensive weights training. She also receives a radiant black relic featuring a dragon in mid-flight, stretching across her shoulders, centred by a golden dragon silhouette. This relic is a physical manifestation of her inner transformation and serves as a powerful visual cue for anyone looking to portray her.

As with Xaden fan casting, the actors listed here have been suggested by you, the readers, which adds a democratic touch to the entire casting process. If you have a recommendation for who could capture Violet’s essence, please feel free to leave a comment or send me a message. Your suggestions will be included in the casting quiz and might make their way onto this page.

Take the quiz: Fourth Wing Casting - who should play

While considering the casting options, let’s remember the physical nuances that make Violet unique. Her pale skin and eyes should be focal points, as should her transformation from a fragile figure to someone more robust. We’ve included actors who might fit this bill, based on your recommendations and votes.

Just as a reminder, the page is updated daily to include the number of votes each actor has garnered, according to the casting quiz. However, please bear with me; it’s a one-person operation, and updates might take a while. If you’re interested in participating in the voting, don’t forget to follow this page for regular updates.

Finding the perfect Violet is a challenge, but also an opportunity to bring to life a character as intricate as she is captivating. Whether it’s her initial fragility or her eventual transformation into a warrior, the actor who takes on this role has big shoes to fill—a US size 7, to be precise! Your votes and suggestions are crucial in making the best choice, so keep them coming. Thank you for your continued support and participation; it’s greatly appreciated.

mackenzie foy - is she the next Violet Sorrengail in Fourth Wing series

Mackenzie Foy

Votes: 2173

danielle-rose-russell - is she the next Violet Sorrengail in Fourth Wing series

Danielle Rose Russell

Votes: 1478

odeya-rush - is she the next Violet Sorrengail in Fourth Wing series

Odeya Rush

Votes: 1070

Sonia-Ben-Ammar - is she the next Violet Sorrengail in Fourth Wing series

Sonia Ben-Ammar

Votes: 687

Katherine Langford

Votes: 685

Halston-Sage - is she the next Violet Sorrengail in Fourth Wing series

Halston Sage

Votes: 673

Sadie sink - is she the next Violet Sorrengail in Fourth Wing series

Sadie Sink

Votes: 671

Elizabeth Hunter

Elizabeth Hunter

Votes: 391

Freya Allan

Votes: 313

Grace Easterling

Grace Easterling

Votes: 213

An actress with EDS.

McKenna Grace

McKenna Grace

Votes: 2

Emma Myers

Emma Myers

Votes: 2

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47 responses to “Violet Sorrengail Fan Casting for Fourth Wing”

  1. OMG I love the idea of Mackenzie Foy. It’s not who I imagined as Violet but she is so delicate, I can really see her as Vi? Anyway, thanks, I voted.

    1. Me too, I think she is perfect. Really pale skin and fragile looking. I voted for her.

      1. Need to update the voting cast this weekend!

    2. I completely agree. I think she would be fantastic for the role.

  2. I saw Dakota Fanning as Violet.

      1. consider Milly Alcock from HOTD !!!

    1. She’s way too old… Maybe her younger sister Elle?

  3. Elizabeth Hunter as Violet

    1. Wow, yes! I will add her. She is stunning!

  4. Katherine Langford as Violet

    1. I can totally see her as Violet. I will add her.

  5. I truly would like them to actually have someone new but also someone who has EDS because that isn’t something that’s easy to fake!! Plus as someone with chronic illnesses it will be very frustrating to see one of the only chronically ill main characters in fantasy genre be erased and able body replaced. Also hypermobility isnt something you can fake unless it’s over done with CG plus the body type of an EDS human is very different in physically visable ways, longer fingers, the way hypermobility shows up in joint movement, etc but also unless the actress has it or gets lessions from RY over months of daily experience, it will just pushed to the side. And the fact that she has EDS is such a vital part of her and how she interacts with the physical and magical world, is a huge part of RY’s fan base. To let an able-body play her would honestly be a slap in the face of RY’s fans….
    Sorry for the rant but it’s something that needs to be talked about.

    1. Hi Iris, I complete understand. Many suggested that it would be lovely to get an actress with EDS that fits Violet’s role. So far, I only know of two actresses with EDS. Jameela Jamil and Cherylee Houston. Since Rebecca Yarros herself will be involved in the making of the series, I trust that she will pick the perfect actress to fit the bill. And if she doesn’t go with someone with EDS, I have this feeling that we will know exactly why not.

  6. I like Mackenzie Foy for Violet, and Odeya Rush would make a great Cat.

    1. Ha! I actually agree. I see on the list every single day and I’m like…hmmm, Odeya would be such a good Cat.

  7. I’d like to nominate Freya Allan! She’s already proven she can to the genre with The Witcher.

  8. Omg can I vote for myself?! I have EDS and am an actor. I need my agent to get me an audition pls pls pls with a cherry on top. Violet is a dream role!

    I’ll link some of my headshots:

    1. Hi Grace, thank you for your comment here. I will add you to the list! I hope your agent can get you the audition, you truly deserve it!

    1. Hey, I added you to the fan cast voting and the main page for results as well. I hope when they start casting, Rebecca and her team will come across this page and see your profile! I’m rooting for you.

  9. Jenna Ortega for Violet, she is petite and feisty

    1. She is stunning, but Violet is described as having pale skin, pale eyes, and pale hair (at the ends, although darker at the top). The character says she has two shades -pale and burned, so the actor needs to o be super pale skinned to stay true to that description.

  10. Hello! I just finished reading the second book a few days ago and came across this site. I am still in a storm of emotions. I don’t know if this vote is still relevant, but this question of the actress for the role of Violet is sitting on my mind these days. I just watched a movie with Alba Baptista (Mrs. Harris goes to Paris). She is incredible because her appearance combines feminine fragility and hidden strength. Alba can catch the eye and surprise. At least that’s how I see Violet. Also, Alba has had several dramatic and fighting roles, so she can handle a fight) I hope someone will need this idea)

    1. I quite like her for Violet. We should add her to the list!

  11. I vote Katherine McNamara for Violet. She’s already been typecast with the pint-sized morsel of straight-up arsenic

  12. Katie Steven’s just fits this role perfectly for me!

  13. Hi! When I was reading Fourth Wing and Iron Flame I was imagining a young version of Jason Momoa as Xaden Riorson. But then he will not be able to play that character since he is kinda old now. So next option is MICHELLE MORRONE. To me, he seems like the perfect fit. Then I saw some videos of him in this show 365 days something with his lead actress ANNA MARIA SIEKLUCKA and I thought, wow, she can be Violet. I saw pictures of them together and they look like they’re the perfect actors for the book characters.

  14. Just watched a beautiful Italian film called The Tearsmith and thought Caterina Ferioli would be perfect for Violet!

    1. RIGHT? I watched it too and honestly my thoughts 1000%. Like, oh look, that’s our Violet.

  15. Sorry…meant Caterina Ferioli.

  16. I think Sabrina Carpenter can be Violet

  17. Please add Maia Mitchell

  18. How about Millie Bobby Brown as Violet?

    1. Anne, not going to lie, I would be so upset if she gets chosen. I love her in Stranger Things but I do not like her in anything else 🙁 I would legit cry!!!!

  19. Mackenzie Foy is a great candidate to play Violet Sorrengail. I think her face shape is the most appropriate, I honestly like that it is somewhat sharp, the rest of the candidates are great too but they have more square or rounded faces. I think Mackenzie Foy is the closest thing to what most have imagined.

  20. Oh my gosh Sonia Ben-Ammar is THE face I pictured when I read Cat. She is stunning but has that edge like you wouldn’t want to cross her.

    I love Danielle Rose Russell or Mackenzie Foy sm for Vi!

    1. You are SO right. Cat is Sonia Ben-Ammar haha

  21. Dove Cameron for Violet? Anyone? I think she would kill it.

    1. She not my Violet. I imagine Violet someone…sweeter and more innocently beautiful if that makes sense.

  22. What do you think of Gavin Casalegno? From The Summer I Turned Pretty? Maybe not Xaden but he should definitely be some hot guy on the show haha. He is only 23yrs old.

    1. I agree, maybe not Xaden but he’s fantastic. Would be a great Bodhi actually

    2. He would also be an excellent Aaric given those stunning eyes of his!

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