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Xaden Riorson Fan Casting for Fourth Wing

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Written by: Cory

Xaden Riorson fan casting for Fourth Wing

The excitement around the casting of Xaden Riorson for Fourth Wing is palpable, and for good reason. Rebecca Yarros has officially announced that they are working on the Fourth Wing series.

Xaden Riorson is a character who captures the imagination—tall and muscular, with tawny skin and distinctive onyx eyes flecked with gold. The intriguing rebellion relic that begins at his left wrist and courses up to his jawline is more than just a visual cue; it adds layers to his already complex persona. Violet Sorrengail describes his voice as having a rough pitch but notes that it feels like velvet against her skin. It’s these elements that create a vivid mental image, making the task of casting Xaden a challenging yet thrilling endeavour.

Casting suggestions have been pouring in (thank you!!!), and it’s worth noting that these aren’t just the musings of one individual. All the actors you see on this page have been suggested by you, the readers. If you have your own recommendation for who should play Xaden, feel free to leave a comment below or send me a message. Your choice will be added to the casting quiz and could even find its way onto this page.

Before we delve further into the actors who could embody Xaden, let’s clear up some skin tone terminology. Tawny generally refers to moderate or lighter tan or brownish skin, and it is often described as having tan, brown, cream, greenish, yellowish, or golden undertones. The actors on this list identify themselves as having either tawny or olive skin. However, in my opinion, some may appear a bit too fair-skinned to perfectly match Xaden’s description. I did decide to include ALL actor recommendations received so far.

P.S. Xaden is 23/24 years old.

When making recommendations, please let’s remember not to whitewash the character. If your suggestion is an actor, I will include them, though! Please note that I might take a couple of days to add your recommendations from the comments 🙂 I appreciate your patience with this!

Each actor is listed here with the number of votes they’ve received, based on your participation in the casting quiz. The page is updated daily to reflect new totals. Bear in mind that it’s just me running this little site, so updates might take a bit of time. Apologies for any delays. If you’d like to participate in the voting, make sure to follow the page for regular updates.

Take the quiz: Fourth Wing Casting - who should play

In closing, casting Xaden Riorson is a tall order, but it’s also an opportunity to bring a truly compelling character to life. From his large chest and muscular arms to the scent of mint and leather that accompanies him, every edge of Xaden is honed like a weapon. The actor who eventually lands this role will have the honour of portraying a character who is not just physically imposing but emotionally intricate. Your votes and suggestions are invaluable in this quest, so keep them coming, and lots of love to all who participate.

Michael Yerger - is he the next Xaden Riorson in Fourth Wing series

Michael Yerger

Votes: 2179

25 years old from USA. Height 185 cm

Richard Deiss - is he the next Xaden Riorson in Fourth Wing series

Richard Deiss

Votes: 1677

31 years old from France. Height 185 cm

Matthew Daddario

Votes: 916

36 years old from USA. Height 190 cm

Theo James

Votes: 801

38 years old from UK. Height 183 cm

Gavin-Leatherwood - is he the next Xaden Riorson in Fourth Wing series

Gavin Leatherwood

Votes: 773

29 years old from USA. Height 173 cm

Felix Mallard - is he the next Xaden Riorson in Fourth Wing series

Felix Mallard

Votes: 682

25 years old from Australia. Height 178 cm

Marlon-Teixeira as Xaden Riorson fan casting vote


Votes: 299

32 years old from Brazil. Height 187 cm

Toni Mahfud

Votes: 219

29 years old from Germany. Height 188 cm

Alex Aiono

Votes: 195

27 years old from USA. Height 178 cm

Michael Cimino - is he the next Xaden Riorson in Fourth Wing series

Michael Cimino

Votes: 169

23 years old from USA. Height 178 cm

Josh Heuston

Votes: 162

27 years old from Australia. Height 180 cm

Taylor Zakhar Perez

Taylor Zakhar Perez

Votes: 132

31 years old from USA. Height 184 cm

Avan Jogia - is he the next Xaden Riorson in Fourth Wing series

Avan Jogia

Votes: 105

31 years old from Canada. Height 178 cm

Regé-Jean Page

Votes: 105

35 years old from UK. Height 180 cm

Michele Morrone

Votes: 104

33 years old from Italy. Height 190 cm

Charles Melton

Votes: 99

32 years old from USA. Height 185 cm

Alp Navruz- is he the next Xaden Riorson in Fourth Wing series

Alp Navruz

Votes: 37

33 years old from Turkey. Height 183 cm

Diego Tinoco as fan casting for Xaden Riorson

Diego Tinoco

Votes: 36

26 years old from USA. Height 175 cm

Brandon Sklenar

Votes: 17

33 years old from USA. Height 188 cm

Darren Barnet

Votes: 8

32 years old from USA. Height 178 cm

Taylor Lautner

Votes: 8

31 years old from USA. Height 178 cm

Jacob Elordi

Jacob Elordi

Votes: 4

26 years old from Australia. Height 196 cm

Staz Nair

Votes: 4

35 years old from UK. Height 180 cm

Damian Romeo

Votes: 3

29 years old from Canada. Height 193 cm

Michael Evan Behlings

Votes: 3

27 years old from USA. Height 188 cm

Johnathan Bailey

Votes: 3

35 years old from UK. Height 180 cm

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107 responses to “Xaden Riorson Fan Casting for Fourth Wing”

  1. Personally, I see Regé-Jean Page as Xaden

    1. I like him too, but I also like Remington Hoffman

      1. Lourdes Fernández Avatar
        Lourdes Fernández

        Definitivamente de esta lista me quedo con Mateo Darío, sin duda me gusta mucho para papel de Xaden y creo que lo haría muy bien. Como sugerencia, tampoco estaría mal Gabriel Guevara

    2. He doesn’t have black flowing hair…

    3. Don’t get me wrong, I looooove him, but I think we need to toss everyone over 32. They just cannot pass for a 23/24 yo. And based on hair, skin, and eye descriptions in the book, I picture someone of Spanish *or* Middle Eastern descent.

      1. Or even a touch Greek for me. Because of his skin color!

  2. He was described as having dark skin. I think we need to toss some of these and add others.

    1. Tawny-brown skin. I am happy to add any suggestions. These are all fan recommendations.

      1. I just saw this actor in a nee netflix movie and think he would be a great Xaden – Emilio Sakraya.

    2. I agree! Even Yarros said that he was a POC and not to whitewash him.

  3. personally, andrew davila

  4. personally, andrew davila
    i think he matches up just about perfectly

    1. Uhm, not saying he wouldn’t fit the role but he is a youtuber and social media influencer and not an actor.

  5. Idk why i picture Theo James

    1. As Xaden? You are not the only one. My friend sent me a screenshot and asked if he’d make a good Xaden.

      1. Added him to the list 😀

  6. Other fancasts have suggested Taylor Zakhar Perez. I’m not taking credit for it but I wanted to put his name out there!

    1. No worries, I can add him as well! Thank you for letting me know <3

  7. He is not an actor but the looks of Toni Mahfud are perfect. He has an dark aura and sharp features.

    1. Errrr, yeah! I agree! He really is perfect with the dark aura and the sharp features. Mrs Yarros, Mrs Yarros, we’ve found him!

      1. Yeah. I gotta agree. I dont like him, but does match the description very well. So I d vote for

  8. It’s like you have no idea mixed people exist… disappointing. Why are they all white or white passing?

    1. Hi Nicole, thank you for your kind comment. I would love it if you’d read the information written specifically about the colour of Xaden’s skin and how these actors identify themselves. Please also note that ALL these actors are fan castings, which means they have all been suggested by other readers. Also, many of the actors proposed by fans do NOT identify themselves as white. They would be rather disappointed to be called as such. I am always open to your suggestions though, and would love to add your proposed actors that you think would fit Xaden best.

  9. Saw Knights of zodiac recently and I think Diego Tinoco kinda gives dangerous Xaden vibes. What do you think?

    1. Hi Dasha, we had him on the list but virtually nobody was voting so I removed him. But I can totally put him back.

  10. Josh Heuston!!!! Please!

    1. OMg, Molly where did you find this guy? He’s PERFECT! Adding him now!

      1. I saw him in a show called Heartbreak High and of course didn’t forget that face!!

  11. This thread started getting lots of hate comments, which I have now deleted! Please note that I will not tolerate abuse in any way, especially towards other readers.
    To reiterate again and again. All the people you see above, have been added at the request of other readers.
    Most of the actors above do not identity themselves as white. So please be respectful and don’t call them horrible names.
    If you don’t like what others suggested, please suggest your own actors who you honestly think fits the category better.

    We’re all fans of the Empyrean Series here, we are trying to have discussions and find someone who we think it’s suitable. It’s a fan casting! No need to be mean, as that won’t help anyone.

    1. Lize-mari Du plessis Avatar
      Lize-mari Du plessis

      Noah Centineo pleaasseee

  12. michele morrone needs to be one there!

    1. Well, then, let’s add him to the list!

    2. Michael Yerger!!!

      1. He is pretty popular here!

  13. Toni Mahfud, he’s nearly perfect for the role in regards to what I imagine for Xaden.

    1. We have him on the list. Does he not appear on the page for you? I need to check the page in incognito to make sure.

  14. I pictured him as Charles Melton!

    1. I will add him to the list for you!

  15. I pictured Bob Morley 💙

    1. I am very happy to add him. I do need to point out that I’m getting daily hate comments here that our list is too white. Also, I need to point out that I’m aware Bob Morley is half Filipino, thanks to his mother heritage.

  16. I think Quentin Emery would be great as Xaden.

  17. Johnathan Bailey is my vote!

  18. Jenna Ortega has been in my head for Violet since I started reading, and I can think of nothing else. Only other one I have is Zandaya for Rhi.

  19. What about Taylor Lautner? Circa Breaking Dawn part 2. It’s totally how I’ve pictured him through the books.

    1. I can add him. Hear me out. Full circle, from Twilight to Fourth Wing!

  20. I’ve had Darren Barnet as Xaden in my head this whole time! Not sure why besides he’s a babe. (Others have been Anya Taylor Joy for Violet and Leticia Wright for Rhi)!

    1. You know what, Fen? I hadn’t considered Anya Taylor Joy for Violet but I quite fancy her as such!

  21. Please add Brandon Sklenar to the list. He is currently playing Spencer Dutton in the Paramount+ western series 1923 (2023-).

    Hear me out or just watch the 2nd episode of the 1st season of 1923. I’ll send you some money to rent it if you are hesitant to watch it.

    He gives off the same vibes as Xaden, is tanned, rugged, playing a WWI vet who hunts man hunters in Africa in the first few episodes. Just the way he looks at the gal he meets in Africa and the steam coming off of them, along with his silent but commanding presence. The deep, quiet tone of his voice and his performance. Equal strength and vulnerability. Please add him to your list. He has my vote!!

    1. Wait whaaat? He looks so handsome. Happy to add him to the list! Also, thanks for the recommendation, I totally needed a new series! <3
      Ok fun fact, I was just looking through his profile. Apparently, he is cast to play in It Ends With Us. I know it’s a hugely popular book, I haven’t read it because other readers warned me about some trigger warnings which hit home…

      1. Hey Cory!

        Thank you!! I looked up that book… had not heard of it. I stand by my hopes that the author is watching your site and looking at the suggestions on your list. Brandon reeks of Xaden. There is even a storyline that is pretty much an audition for the role in the first season ( episodes 2-6 at least ) of 1923. I hope you give it a watch. 1923 and 1883 are so good!!!

  22. I feel like it is really important for whomever plays Xaden can pull off the moodiness / strength/ presence and vulnerability that Xaden exudes. And he must have incredible, undeniable chemistry with whomever they cast for Violet. A lot of the choices in your poll are model/actors. If they only cast someone based on their looks, the Fourth Wing series will become a huge disappointment.

    1. I agree 100%. I think the acting and the chemistry needs to be there. I got lots of recommendations (all which you can see here on the list) from other fans via comments or contact form. I don’t take sides, I add them all. But I think we need someone who is darked skin, a bit moody in an enchanting and slightly mysterious way, not in an annoying, spoilt way. Which is such a fine balance, right? Ultimately, it will be Yarros’ decision and I have this feeling it will be epic!

      1. Still hoping to see Brandon on your list. Happy New Year!

        1. Been taking a little break for the holidays but promise to add all the recommendations asap! Just lagging with it all 😀

      2. I always pictured Hero Fiennes Tiffin as Xaden.

        1. Super cute, but I reckon too white for what Rebecca has in store for us!

  23. Then there is Star Nair. From GOT and Rebel Moon. I think his body is Xadens but not the vibe. He is darker.

    Pictures of him here: https://m.imdb.com/name/nm7047874/?ref_=nm_mv_close

    1. Paige, btw, did you see the latest Insta stories from RY? Someone was showing an actor who would be perfect as Xaden and the author reposted that photo. I didn’t get the chance to see it but another reader here messaged me and told me about it. Trying to find his name now!

      1. I did not. Sorry. Nothing there now. If you have the photo, post it and someone will recognize who it is or if it is an AI creation

        1. I’m trying to find him again. He was a very real (very hot) man. I believe an actor from Hamilton US. Maybe Jared Dixon. That’s what I remember.

  24. Xolo Maridueña. Some of these guys are too old, and too baby faced. I think Xolo would be a great choice.

  25. Not seeing Jared Dixon as Xaden at all. Too soft. Too quick to smile. No dangerous vibe. Still hoping to see Brendon in n your list so that I can vote for him.

    1. I also see him as too soft and quick too smile. He’s a gorgeous man, don’t get me wrong but I don’t see him as dangerous Xaden either. I think that’s maybe the skin colour RY is going for when casting.

  26. I keep coming out here to see if you have added my pick to your quiz. 9 days later, it seems like that was not in the cards. Seems like the vote totals aren’t changing much either so if this quiz isn’t being maintained, I’m not sure why it’s here.

    1. Hi Paige, I’ve added the missing people. It’s taken me a while because my day job has been very busy, and I’ve barely had time to breathe. This is a fan site ran by me 🙂 just me. Between trying to keeping with writing theories and sharing them as fast, adding some wiki info and responding to all comments, I’ve not had enough time to update and manually count the votes and add the casting people. 🙁
      Hopefully, it will get a little easier moving forward as the manic January work eases.

  27. I think Gabriel Guevara for Xaden!

    1. Gorgeous guy, but a bit too white for Xaden?

  28. How about Michael Evan Behlings

  29. Was my comment about Damien Romeo deleted? Whenever I read Xaden that’s who I picture. He was in Ginny & Georgia and is also active military.

    1. I can see it on the list. Not deleted? Can you double-check? Did you leave another comment?

      1. Thanks Cory. For some reason it never appeared. I may have jumped the gun because I didn’t realize comments needed approval (my bad!!) thanks for putting this together!

        1. Absolutely not a problem! Sadly, I’m getting a lot of spam, which is why I needed to enable approval to keep the community safe and fun for everyone. I apologise in advance for the delay in adding him to the page above and the voting system. It’s on my to-do list for tomorrow!

          1. Did you see a picture yet? Love to know your thoughts.

          2. I did, just now. He’s really handsome!
            Points for me: former military, good age, great hair, fantastic lips, great height, general disposition and mood can be perfect.
            Downside: he identifies himself as white.
            Rebecca Yarros did say that Xaden is very much a person of colour and as an example of whom she’d love to play, she showed Jared Dixon on her insta. Obv he is not the right age and he plays on actual Broadway but still.
            Either way, adding him to the list as per my promise!

        2. Luke Pasqualino!! (Shadow & Bone, Snowpiercer)

  30. If your suggestion is an actor, I will include them, though! Please note that I might take a couple of days to add your recommendations from the comments 🙂 I appreciate your patience with this!

  31. Out of all the actors that have physical resemblance and have the right charismatics to pull off Xaden I think Emilio Sakraya would be the best.

  32. Throwing in another one:
    Ariyan Akaltun

  33. How about Sebastian Amoruso. Don’t know wether he was already mentioned in the comments. His looks and age fit quite well, I think.

    1. I will carve out some time to add him to the list as well! <3

  34. Booboo Stewart!

  35. Ismael Cruz Córdova

  36. Timothee Chalamet

  37. Ibrahim Ali Khan (Saif ali khan son) – 23 years old

  38. sergio carvajal – if not already made it to the list

    1. YESSSS!!! The only draw is that he’s a model that does give off bro vibes… but.. if he can ACT… WINNNEERRRRRR

  39. Definitely Matthew Daddario. I love his intensity and depth which he showed in Shadowhunters. He’s not just attractive he has the character for Xaden too.

  40. Vito Basso! I always imagine xaden with longer hair- about shoulder length. And she says good flex in his eyes and his eyes have a good look to them, he has angular features, and muscular. He kinda depicts what I always imagine in my head

  41. I commented previously about Vito Basso and mentioned that, in the book, Xadon has ‘good flex’ in his eyes when I meant GOLD flex ….. auto correct…. Anyway. I vote Vito Basso. Though I’ve not ever known him before doing a Pinterest search for good candidates for Xaden Riorson lol but he does just about fit everything I imagine.

  42. Hmmm, this is a hard choice, but I’m thinking either Taylor Zakhar Perez or Matthew Daddario

  43. I see Taylor Zakhar Perez or Matthew Daddario playing Xaden.

  44. Either Matthew Daddario or Taylor Zakhar Perez.

  45. Luke Pasqualino!! (Shadow & Bone, Snowpiercer)

  46. I think Nicholas Galitzine would make for a passionate Xaden. He’s gots the looks and the passion that goes with the role.

    1. He is a very handsome man, isn’t he? But too white to be our Xaden. The author said Xaden is a POC.

  47. Wie wäre es mit Nemanja Calic !!!
    Er ist sehr wandelbar und hat diesen eisernen, kühlen Ausdruck!!!

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