How well do you know Fourth Wing?

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Empyrean Riders Quiz - How well do you know Fourth Wing?

Are you ready to put your knowledge of the enthralling Fourth Wing to the ultimate test? I’ve crafted a special quiz just for you, filled with 15 intriguing questions that range from delightfully easy to devilishly tricky. This quiz is designed to challenge even the most dedicated fans, teasing out those sneaky little details you might have missed. Whether you’re a casual reader or a die-hard fan, this quiz promises to be a fun and engaging way to dive deeper into the world of Fourth Wing. So, grab your copy, refresh your memory, and let’s see how well you truly know this captivating part of the Empyrean Series. Good luck, and most importantly, have a blast! (This is to have fun)

You crossed the Parapet. Congrats. What's the first rule from The Codex?

What is Rhiannon's signet?

What language can Dain Aetos read?

What's Tairn's line?

What poison does Violet use against Oren?

What type of dragon did Amber Mavis have?

Where is Mira stationed during Fourth Wing?

Liam's dragon was called Deigh. He was…

What is Tairn's nickname for Violet?

What does Violet steal from Lilith during War Games?

What is the book that Jesinia cannot find in the archives?

Where it the Temple of Amari located?

What were Fen Riorson's last words?

What was the name of the inntinnsic Professor Carr killed?

Who did Ridoc bond?

Share that Venin and Wyvern are real!

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6 responses to “How well do you know Fourth Wing?”

  1. Seren Langer Kragh Avatar
    Seren Langer Kragh

    Naurrrr I forget EVERYTHING after a while, I need to reread fourth wing

  2. Im an elite rider and have bonded

  3. How can I vote on actor choices?

    1. Hey Lyn, I sent you an email with it 😀

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