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Iron Flame Verdict: Are there more signets than what we know?

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Written by: Cory

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Spoiler Warning! Calling all Iron Flame fans – if you haven’t finished the book, this article is chock-full of spoilers!

Exploring the Theory:

Signets are the magical abilities that are the resulting bond of riders and dragons. But here’s the burning question: Are there more signets out there than we initially thought?

The Clues:

  1. Chapter 4, Page 6: Jack dismisses the idea of precognition. But is this just a lack of knowledge?
  2. Chapter 8, Page 97: The belief that no signet can resurrect the dead. But what about other unknown powers?

The Revealing Verdict:

Buckle up, because the truth is a game-changer: there are indeed more signets in the Iron Flame universe than we were initially led to believe! This isn’t just a theory; it’s a fact that’s gradually unveiled throughout the story.

We’re introduced to characters with unique and previously unheard-of signets. Bodhi, for instance, possesses the ability to counter other signets. Then there’s Varrish, who can see weaknesses – a pretty horrible power. And let’s not forget the truth sayers, adding another to the signet spectrum.

But wait, there’s more! The revelation of fliers and their distinct lesser magic and mind work. We learn about characters like Catriona, who can amplify emotions. Not signets tho, but still…powerful enough to hold their own.

Is there more? I think so. If you read my Iron Flame theory that Andarna knows how to kill venin, you will quickly realise that we are circling back to precognition. After all, she was left behind with a reason (to serve in the future). And is there no signet to bring back the dead? Maybe not per se, but given that we need to mend the souls of venin, it might be that such a signet (or combination of signets) exists.

What This Means:

There are more signets indeed! This theory was proven.

The introduction of these new signets also opens up a world of possibilities for future storylines. It hints at a vast, unexplored realm of powers, some of which might have implications far beyond what the characters – and readers – have imagined so far. Precognition? Resurrection? It doesn’t feel as far fetched anymore.

In short, the world of Iron Flame just got a whole lot bigger and more exciting. With the discovery of these new signets, we’re left wondering: what other secrets are waiting to be uncovered in this enchanting and ever-evolving world? Book 3 can’t come fast enough…

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8 responses to “Iron Flame Verdict: Are there more signets than what we know?”

  1. Have we ever been introduced to Garrick’s signet? I don’t think we have. Any ideas there? I’m wondering how many of the rebellion kids have multiple signers or amplified abilities and also if the rebellion relics have anything to do with it?

    1. Nope! Not yet! I’m so excited to find it out. But we know Bodhis now. I will update the wiki as soon as I finish underlining every important bit on my second IF read!

      1. Hi, I just reread Fourth Wing and in Chapter 38 when Xaden is worried about how Violet will choose regarding the war, it says:

        “She’s going zo have to choose.” I look at Garrick, noting the worry in his eyes. He’s already told me he thinks she’ll keep our secret. That worry is for my mental state if she doesn’t forgive me for not telling her sooner.

        Why would it matter what Garrick thinks here, he has had like one minor conversation with Violet. So could it be Xaden turned to him because of his Signet .. precognition? Or something like that..

        1. Interesting, interesting. I didn’t think about it much. I took it at face value “Garrick is worried for Xaden’s mental health” but now that you mention it, nothing RY says is just that. There is always subtext in her text. I so want to know Garrick’s signet.

  2. What is Violet’s second signet? Rebecca Yarros said in an interview that it was revealed in Iron Flame. I’m thinking dream walker.

    1. I’m putting together the theory page for it. And that is one of the guesses. Nobody knows for sure.

      1. I agree that it might be dream related.
        Especially seeing as after the battle at Resson she started having nightmares about the Sage. In these nightmares it seems as if he really is talking to her as if it was real on some level.
        It also makes sense that as soon as Andarna outgrew her feather tail, Violet would get a new signet. It could be argued that Andarna was already channeling into Violet, due to sharing her ability to temporarily stop time.
        Thus it would make sense that when she grew up and the stop time ability ended, Violet’s new signet could manifest.
        Also every time she has the “nightmare” there is something different about it but the key aspects are the same. Tairn far away with his back to her, the ground being drained, Violet trying to reach Tairn, not being fast enough, and getting caught by the Sage. But the Sage does not always say the exact same thing, if I remember it correctly.

        1. The sage doesn’t say the same thing. The sage doesn’t even look the same!

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