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Major Ferris

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NameUlices Ferris (aka “Hawk Nose”)
Political SeatThe Assembly
LocationAretia, Tyrrendor Province
Appears inIron Flame

Physical Description

Older man with an eyepatch and a hawkish nose. Thinning gray hair frames the deep lines in his lightly tanned, weathered skin. His jowls hang like a wildebeest.

About Major Ferris

Major Ferris appears during the Assembly meeting, where Xaden, Brennan, and the assembly members discuss serious concerns about the safety and security of their secret location, Aretia. Ferris criticizes the decision to bring a significant number of riders and dragons to their area, fearing that this move might inadvertently reveal their position to Melgren. “Hawk Nose” explains that he believes that sending the cadets back to Basgiath War College is the only option. He is worried that search patrols will discover Aretia, and they don’t have enough riders to fight them.

He also advocates imprisonment and interrogation of Violet, as he thinks she is too dangerous.

While in Aretia, he takes over physics and teaches other cadets this subject.


“Secure?” Hawk Nose snaps. “You bring a hundred riders and two
hundred dragons here and have the nerve to say that word?” His eyes
narrow on me. “You may as well have handed Melgren a map of our
location. Or was that what she was truly after?”


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