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CharacterGryphon Flier
RankThird year, driftleader
Appears inIron Flame

About Bragen

Bragen is a third-year leader, gryphon flier. He is described as a stocky one with the necklace of scars, he has brown eyes and vertical silver scars down his neck. Violet describes Bragen as the easiest of the fliers to get along with.

Bragen seems to have a thing for Catriona, as he spends a lot of time shooting longing looks at her way, according to Violet.

He is part of the group of gryphon riders who travel to Basgiath with Xaden and the riders to defend against the incoming venin and wyvern.


“What happened?” Maren slides from Daja’s back, her tan leathers
streaked with blood.
Wyvern took his leg.” I glance between them as Bragen and Cat
arrive. “Are you all right?”
“It’s not ours,” Bragen says, crouching on the other side of Sawyer.
“You’re going to be all right,” he assures him. “Just need to get you tothe healers.” He slides his arms under Sawyer, then lifts and carries him
to Daja.


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