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Written by: Cory

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RankGryphon Flier
Appears inIron Flame

About Luella

Luella is a small flier with pale, nearly white hair and freckles, hazel eyes. Her gryphon is called Cibbelair. According to Maren, she bakes really good cakes. Maren also describes her as the “nicest and smallest of us” when talking to Violet during the mounting crossing.

Luella dies while crossing the mountain to Aretia. Cat accused Violet that she saved Visia over Luella, when they were both hanging at the edge of the cliff.


Visia backs up to where we stand, bounces up on her toes, and runs,
pumping her arms and legs, then launches herself across the roped-off
area and lands cleanly on the other side.
“See, if she can do it, we’re fine,” I assure Luella, hoping it’s not a
“She’s six inches taller than us and not nearly as winded.” Luella
swallows. “And no offense, but you look like you’re about to pass out.”


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