Visia Hawelynn

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NameVisia Hawelynn
QuadrantRiders Quadrant
CollegeBasgiath War College
DragonBrown Daggertail
Appears inIron Flame

Physical Appearance

Shoulder-length hair.

About Visia Hawelynn

Visia Hawelynn is a cadet in the Riders Quadrant at Basgiath War College. She is a repeat, as she has not managed to bond a dragon in her first year.

She barely survived after angering an Orange Daggertail at Threshing.

Visia’s family was killed in the Sumerton raid last year.

There is a tragic incident where Luella fell to her death during the crossing of the Cliffs of Dralor. This event created tension and conflict among the characters, with some insinuating that Violet chose to save Visia instead of Luella.


Visia grabs hold of my left hand and Luella grips my right wrist, the
weight of both women nearly taking me to join them. My right shoulder
pops from the socket, and agony rips from my throat with a scream.
Visia fumbles for a handhold along the cliff wall, but Luella has both
hands locked on my wrist, her feet kicking for purchase.


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