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Is the Fourth Wing worth it? My honest, spoiler free review

Here’s my honest, spoiler-free review of Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros. Is Fourth Wing worth it? The quick answer is a resounding yes.

I’m sure you can guess by now that I’m giving this book 5 glorious stars, given that I dedicated a looot of time to creating a fan website for the series. I’ve never been into a book like this before. Not Harry Potter, not Hunger Games, not even GOT. Nothing came close to how I feel about this book.

So, what makes Fourth Wing so worth it? There are several things, actually, and I’m going to touch base on all of them:

1.Fourth Wing is fast paced

One of the standout features of “Fourth Wing” is its approach to world-building. There’s no lengthy, tedious exposition at the beginning that spans a hundred pages. Those kinds of introductions often put me to sleep, and frankly, they test my patience. Instead, “Fourth Wing” dives straight into the action from page one. The world-building is seamlessly integrated into the narrative, unfolding with each page. I absolutely love this approach because it allows me to discover more about the world with every twist and turn of the adventure.

2. Fourth Wing has a realistic protagonist

Our protagonist in “Fourth Wing” is Violet Sorrengail. While her physical beauty is certainly described, author Rebecca Yarros places a greater emphasis on her virtues. We perceive her beauty through the eyes of her love interest, but she’s not just a pretty face. Violet is a fully realized character with feelings, desires, and a sharp intellect.

She has her weaknesses, but she also has her strengths. She’s a well-rounded character, balanced in a way that feels realistic. You find yourself rooting for Violet, and it’s easy to identify with her. She’s brilliant in every sense of the word, and I absolutely adore her.

What I particularly appreciated about Fourth Wing is how it values wit and cunning over physical beauty. To me, intelligence is the most attractive quality, and Violet has it in spades. While some of the male characters are undeniably attractive (seriously, they’re incredibly hot), they’re also portrayed as intelligent. I value brains above all else, and if it comes in an attractive package, well, that’s just a bonus.

3. Language in the book

Some critics have pointed out that the language in “Fourth Wing” is quite modern, with a fair amount of profanity. Personally, I think this modernity gives the book a unique flavour. It makes the story more relatable. I appreciate the moments when Violet swears in her head because, let’s face it, many of us do the same. Is it necessary? Not necessarily, but it does lend the book a certain edge. I find this aspect appealing and I hope that Yarros continues in the same vein with her upcoming Iron Flame.

4. The love intrigue is amazing

There is so much tension, it’s insane. You root for the characters. You become invested in their love story and the romance. Yes, there is romance in Fourth Wing and the best kind, might I add. There is a bit of a love triangle going on, but not enough to feel suffocated by choices. In fact, pretty early on, you realize that we don’t mess around with the feelings. We know who the protagonist wants and why. It’s straightforward from this perspective, and I love it. As readers, we also don’t have to agonise about OMG, who is it going to be, how, but him, no, but him instead. NO, clean cut. Love it.

5. Fourth Wing has spice (the right kind)

And now, let’s talk about the spice. Yes, Fourth Wing has its fair share of spicy scenes. I want to emphasize that all of these scenes are consensual. There’s no unwelcome touching or moments where the protagonist feels uncomfortable in that regard. Even during the tense moments between characters, we’re privy to Violet’s thoughts, and it’s clear that she welcomes the intimacy. This is a crucial point for me, as I have zero tolerance for narratives where men mistreat women.

As for the quality of these scenes, they’re fantastic. They serve as the perfect release for the tension that’s been building throughout the book. Trust me, they’re… satisfying. You’re going to enjoy them (wink).

6. We don’t dwell on stuff, Fourth Wing gets on with things

Fourth Wing gets on with everything. We don’t dwell on stuff at all. Things get resolved pretty fast. If you have any type of attention deficit, this book is great for you. Because it’s fast-paced in every possible way. There is no agony at all. No lengthy chapters, no tedious battles that last for half a book. Things get sorted FAST. And I love the author for it. I couldn’t put the book down. I mostly had it glued to me for a whole day.

7. We have dragons

We have cool dragons. Not just dragons, though. These are different. They have unique features and colours, and they all have something…special about them. It’s so smart, the way characters interact with these dragons. There is even politics involved, and of course, a power play. And there is even intrigue between dragons, which is kinda sweet.

8. There’s academia, but with a twist

If you’re a fan of academic settings in your books, then “Fourth Wing” is a must-read for you. It features a unique twist on the typical school environment with the Basgiath War College. This isn’t your average institution; it’s a place where things can get deadly and ruthless. It’s far more immersive and intense than any other fictional school I’ve encountered, which is part of its charm.

The book features professors, each with a unique role that adds depth to the story. There are classes, and you get a glimpse into the dynamics of these academic settings. But what I particularly enjoyed was the portrayal of friendships within this college environment. It adds a youthful, new adult vibe to the story that I found very appealing.

9. There are twists and turns

Don’t get too comfortable because the next page will bring a new twist and turn. And then another, and then more action and adventure. Keep your eyes peeled because EVERY SINGLE SENTENCE has a meaning behind it. I mean this, read the book slooooooow. Like savour every single word because there is meaning behind everything. This sort of attention to detail is so rare. There are little Easter eggs everywhere for you to discover and get excited about. And once you read the book, come back here to discuss all the Fourth Wing Theories with me.

10. You FEEL everything

I don’t know what type of magic is this, but you really do get to feel everything with this book. Every emotion, you will feel it. You will even hold your breath at some point in anticipation. There will be moments when your heart drops. And then moments when it will swell. You will fall in love, no doubt. And you will feel so much hatred, you won’t know how to destroy your enemies faster.

Oh, and you will have the worst case of book hangover, EVER. The cure? Just pick up the book and read it again. And again. And then some. Then, start counting until November 7, when Iron Flame is due to come out. Welcome to the fan club, nice to have you here with us.

P.S. I would commit my soul to Malek to be able to read this book again, for the first time. Yes, you’ll get the reference, just go read the damn book already. It’s worth it!

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