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HUGE NEWS – Empyrean Riders Social Club

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Written by: Cory

Empyrean Riders social club - social network for book lovers like you

Happy New Year! I’m so excited to share this news with you, I can barely breathe. You asked, I delivered: the new social network for fantasy book lovers is here.

Welcome to the Empyrean Riders Social Club, a social network for fantasy book lovers just like you (and me).

You were so kind to give me all your feedback and I spent the holidays pouring my heart into creating a safe space where we can cosy up with tea, and discuss our favourite books, characters, theories and more.

I heard you! I know there are a lot more features you want and need, and I promise to work on them as I go along. Book recommendations, discussions, fan art, merch, all coming.

Empyrean Riders Social Club is the first social hub dedicated to fantasy book lovers. Here you will find groups and discussions about everything fantasy books related!

Empyrean Riders Social is my passion project with one simple mission:

Help fantasy lovers have a safe space where they can discuss all things fantasy books.

To get started, please click here to join the network. It’s only going to be a handful of us to begin with as this is so new, it’s only just been launched minutes ago!

Begin by setting up your profile. Add a profile picture and a cover photo. Avatars are also welcome – we embrace inclusivity here. Our community is a welcoming space for every fantasy book lover.

I’ve kick-started some groups for you. You can find them here. Join as many as you wish. Each group includes a ‘Feed’ section for general discussions related to the group’s overarching theme.

Each Group hosts specific Discussions to focus the conversation. For example, the Iron Flame Group features a discussion thread on Xaden and Violet’s second signet. You’re welcome to join existing threads or start a new one on a topic close to your heart.

Have a book you want to discuss? A fantasy topic? A group for fan art? You can establish your own Groups! Invite friends and keep them centred on fantasy books. You could even start a group dedicated to a particular fantasy novel.

Please help by spreading the word

I’m new to all of it, and we all know that social networks don’t grow overnight. It’s just me, wanting to create a safe space for book lovers who want to be weird and cool together. If you could invite others and spread the world that this place exists, it would help us all so much! The more members, the more discussions and more of a special fantasy-centric community we’ll have!

Share that Venin and Wyvern are real!

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