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RankCadet, First Year
QuadrantRiders Quadrant
Appears inIron Flame

Physical Appearance

Trysten has floppy hair.

About Trysten

Trysten was a first year student at the Riders Quadrant, an intense training program for cadets as part of the Basgiath War College.

Students like Trysten have to pass tough tests, both physically and mentally. A key challenge is the Gauntlet, a high and scary obstacle course. Completing it allowed them to move to the next step, the Presentation, where they meet dragons for the first time with whom they may bond. This is followed by another hard stage called the Threshing where cadets have the chance to actually bond with dragons.

The training environment is very competitive and risky, and success was not always certain.

Trysten died during a practice session for the Gauntlet which shows how demanding and dangerous the training could be for cadets aiming to become elite dragon riders.

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