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NicknameCadet Quiet
Appears inIron Flame

Physical Appearance

Gwen is a curvy brunette with brown eyes. Violet Sorrengail calls her Cadet Quiet simply because she doesn’t speak much or often.

About Gwen

Gwen, known as Cadet Quiet, is a curvy brunette with brown eyes. Her nickname stems from her tendency to speak infrequently, though she is highly observant. Her brown eyes are constantly scanning her surroundings, reflecting her vigilant nature. This attribute likely contributes to her being among the most observant in her group, a trait that is on par with her colleagues Brisa, Tomas, and Sawyer​​.

A significant event involving Gwen is her encounter with Baide, a dragon. During a tense moment, Baide aggressively lunged at her, snapping its jaws close to her. This attack prompted Calvin to shout out her name in alarm and another squad leader, Tomas, to quickly intervene. Tomas rescued Gwen by catching her and pulling her away from danger, demonstrating the perilous situations she faces in her environment​​.

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