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QuadrantInfantry Quadrant
Appears inIron Flame

Physical Appearance

Calvin is described as about an inch shorter than Rhiannon, indicating that he is not particularly tall.

About Calvin

Calvin is a Cadet in the Infantry Quadrant, known for his assertive personality and a strong inclination to assert his authority. He earns the unflattering nickname “Cadet Asshole” among his peers, indicative of his possibly overbearing and dominant demeanor. In a notable incident during a tactical exercise, Calvin argues with Rhiannon, insisting they are in the Parchille Forest, and demonstrates a characteristic habit of frequently reminding others of his ranking position. This behavior, while underscoring his confidence and potential skill, also suggests a leadership style that may not be well-received by his peers.

According to Aoife, him and Dyre are the best in their years.

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